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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

BLUE. (02/09/14)

_MG_3422    Dawn looking east up Loch Ness.

_MG_3447    I think this is a Violet….It’s leaves don't look the right shape. Whatever it is a pretty violet flower and near enough blue.

_MG_3448     Scabious…..I’m not going to hazard a guess as to which particular Scabious it is. It is blue, that will do.

poprainb       The full spectrum. Please don’t look too closely at this. It wasn’t a very good rainbow and I haven’t improved it. I was just trying to compete with the iPad Splash Apps.

_MG_3444       Back to blue. I did ask this German girl to pose but she ran away. I win some and I lose some. I saw them in the shop later and her partner said she wanted to pose for a picture. I said too late I’m afraid but I used their camera for one of them together. He was an ugly sod. I judge folks visual appeal from the reflection I see whilst brushing my teeth. Why I look in the mirror to clean my teeth I don’t know. It’s not a pretty sight. I hope Andy Murray doesn’t have to use a mirror. Poor lad, more teeth than a Point-to-Point field he has.

_MG_3438        Just a bit of a blue tint.

I have had a real monkey on my back this last week. I’m coming round again now.

I have a bit of time lapse of clouds and a tiny bit of Ursa Major tracking across the sky. I am trying to work it up into a four minute video with some other bits I’ve taken. It may be sometime as I’ve stopped using LightWorks and am using the sequential editor in Blender. I’ll correct that: I’m trying to use the sequential editor in Blender. When I can remember what I’m doing it is fine and supports many more Codecs and formats than Lightworks. I always have to complicate things. I end up with five or six video tracks and three audio. The beauty of Blender is that I can save out as MPEG in an H264 box with sound as AAC which is near enough what YouTube uses. I can also import PNG so I can still edit as I go along. CS6 is easier for editing individual tracks but it is easy to do that bit there and then just import them.

I do get in a muddle though as I name things with names that seem sensible at the time but then the following day I think what the hell did I call it? I also have three hard drives. Now were I sensible I’d create a new folder in any drive that didn’t have programme files in and pop the project in there. The trouble is that Windows puts any downloads into my ‘C’ Drive which is where my software lurks. I use music downloads and the odd image from NASA. It also puts photographs there and that is where Bridge looks. I’m going to have to give it a good talking to. I could, if I could remember how, shift the downloads to another drive.

I am confused. I plug a card reader in so the laptop calls that drive ‘F’ then I plug my Kindle in and it is drive ‘summat’. Fair enough but a few weeks ago I had an old Western Digital drive that died. It’s the second one to do it. I managed to recover the pictures on it as the drive fits in the old Toshiba laptop that Alf jumped on and half a dozen letters flew out of the keyboard bit. There was nothing wrong with the drive itself. I’ll stop rambling but what I can’t understand is why the new Transcend drive has got to the letter ‘K’. I have never had a computer yet with an ‘A’ or ‘B’ drive.

This is two of the first run back to back. I wanted a white background and though it has big bits because of a fifty sample render it has no really nasty artefacts.


This is case in point. I called it revdiss. Took me ages to find it. Revdiss stands for reverse dissolve. I would have saved myself a good half hour had I just called it that. I have re-done this so many times and now have banding like big moiré patterns on the white bit. I have rendered ever higher but if it won’t behave at 500 samples something is wrong. I have something silly in the floor bit and world materials. I hope I have the determination and wit to find out what.

I’m getting back to normal insanity now so will have another go. I’m well over halfway with the spinning globe title so this could well be redundant before it is perfected.

I’ll be back again before the weekend.

Have fun.