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Friday, 18 April 2014

THE LAST STRAW. (18/04/14)

The Swallows have arrived or half a dozen of them have. This morning was dry and clear but by hell it was chilly.

I had just got back to the van and saw a buzzard circling low and getting lower. By the time I got Bertha out four rooks had arrived and started harassing the poor mite; it shot off low and to somewhere miles away. I thought I’d have a go at a Swallow. There I was swinging Bertha this way and that and I’ve not only put my back out again but dislodged a bit of rib.

The sum total of my efforts………………

_V0G8634     A Jackdaw watching my antics with amusement.

Bertha is away to pastures new and I am getting the Canon 100-400mm IS USM lens. It is guaranteed not to rust, bust, pick up dust, buckle or bend for a year. I realised that my lack of strength and fitness were making the 400mm f2.8 at 4kg a trial and not a pleasure to use. I’ll never make a birder anyway so she was wasted in my hands.

It is sad that I have to admit to infirmity, sadder still that I accept incompetence. I'll look on the bright side on a bright and sunny day. Her replacement is a third of her weight.

Have a great weekend.