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Thursday, 26 May 2016


I got really excited when the EU referendum was announced. I foolishly thought it would reduce the number of sponging, troughing, autocrats, bureaucrats and other overpaid useless busybodies. It’s not going to happen. I think people are just too frightened of the dire consequences. The UK drifting helplessly out into mid Atlantic with no food and nothing to drink but Jaffa Juice produced in Palestine. The MEPs coming back here, The Royal family going back there. Terrorists garbed in explosives sharing a glass of orange in the pubs, Dithery Dave and Lizard Eyed Osborne telling the truth. The Northern Irish having to chisel off the six counties so they can follow us. They won’t have EU money to keep them in drink so will start blowing everybody up and shouting “Feck” again. Nostalgia is wonderful, bring back the old days.
The good news is that very soon we smokers will have really interesting tobacco packets. I’ve seen a few samples. There’s a man with green teeth, someone else with funny eyes (I think that is George Osborne), a lady with only four and a bit toes, a bloke with wrinkly hands, a few damaged sperm, a baby with three eyes and five arms. Sounds great, it will be like the old days ……I’ll swap you two green toothed ones for a dead sperm and a wrinkly forehead. I think when you have the set you can send Jeremy Hunt a fiver and he will post you an album to pop them in. Government can’t work out the simplest of things. The NHS is billions in the red and the tax on tobacco pays for most of it. Tesco know if they want to sell more stuff they have to reduce the price. It’s a win win. Folk die earlier and don’t clutter up hospitals, hence hospitals can be smaller and cost less to run, where is the problem?
If we manage to leave the EU we could have our own offshore banks  so that our MPs don’t have to keep flying to the Caribbean to use an ATM. Good for them, good for the environment.
There isn’t much about to snap, it’s dry but cold. Not insect weather.

I think most of them are there, some are round the corner out of sight and had they got into the Barley then I’m pretty sure someone would have been here moaning. Scots are really good at moaning, nothing they like more.
Have fun.