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Monday, 28 July 2014

GETTING THERE. (28/07/14)

Yesterday I shot four hours of time lapse of the tide flooding. I think I’m slowly getting the hang of the job. Hopefully in about ninety minutes I’ll set up and shoot the same of it ebbing. It’s a bit misty as I write this but the barometer is rising so hopefully all will be well. I was editing until one o’clock this morning and it looks okay. There are Plug-Ins for After Effects but I can’t find any for CS6 or Lightworks. I want the one that equalises exposure as the light changes. I have sorted the flickering or I have till Youtube get hold of it. I could do with having the camera tethered locking aperture and shutter and adjusting for changing light by fiddling with ISO. I’ll work on this little conundrum.

Here are Few Birds from Saturday.

_MG_3257     Greater Blackbacked Gull.

_MG_3258   Juvenile Blackheaded Gull

_MG_3262   Herring Gull.

And a couple from this morning.

_MG_3277    Eider Duck and duckling.

_MG_3283    A montage of the Dipper.

Have a good week.