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Friday, 10 July 2020


Over the last few days I have been downloading exercise projects from GRABCAD. It all started when I got the newest version or latest stable version of FreeCAD and found I could not remember either the workflow or shortcut keys. I have run through several test pieces and am slowly getting faster with fewer cuckoos.The drawings in the link above are for a SolidWorks course but that doesn't make them any the less useful. I shall do another half dozen and by then I will be either up to speed or have gone completely crackers.

This swing arm is as far as I've got. The next one I'll do will be basically the same but one of the arms is on the same plane as the keyed boss and the other is cranked. Before I start playing with original stuff this is what I'm aiming for.

When I can do this then I can start on my 2-Stroke engine. FreeCAD is much better than when I last used it for anything other than sheetmetal layout or 2D laser cutting. It is keeping me amused.

This morning I had my weekly run to the shops and thought I would have to wear a mask but fortunately I didn't as the only one I could find was a filthy thing that was last used when I blew the muck out of the combine. When I asked in the shop if I could be served sans mask the lassie said that Wee Nippy had forgotten to put the legislation through so no bother. She assumed that she had been too busy filling her expenses in and arranging for everyone to clap on her birthday. I think clapping is the wise option as a twenty one gun salute would most likely leave her vulnerable to a nasty accident.
Have a good weekend.
Nearly forgot. Something else boring that I eventually got round to fixing.

The Quad hitch that naughty Carole broke. All good as new again.