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Monday, 17 September 2018


It's been a funny old weekend. I have been looking at DaVinci Resolve. It is virtually free and a very powerful video editor, it does VFX or after effects and has a colour grader. I downloaded it and installed it perfectly as far as I can tell but it won't open any further than the splash screen. I suspect that my NVIDIA GTX 660 GPU is a CUDA or two short of a full picnic. As I don't really understand what all the abbreviations mean I'm not in a position to be sure. What I am sure about is the fact that my task manager is a lying devil....It says the programme is running like clockwork. Little tinker.

I have made another video on colour popping in Blender. I really hope you like it and flood the post with comments saying so. If you don't then I'll just keep posting links to this post until you do. I write in jest, unlike a fellow blogger I'm used to rejection.
Here is Mondays offering, Click Bait totty included.

This will have to be watched on YouTube for it to be even remotely entertaining but it's up to you just as long as comments reflect the positive side of life. Remember I'll sqweem and sqweem and throw all my toys out of the pram if I you don't cooperate.