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Monday, 31 August 2015

HI-TECH. (30/08/15)

I have moved down the road a bit to look after horses. Carole looks after them and I give them a stroke and fill hay nets……sometimes they let me loose wheeling the wheelbarrow full of muck. It never ceases to amaze me how much muck six horses can produce overnight and one horse is only small at fifteen hands and a bit.


Here is Toby the small one. He is wearing his best halter. Very proud he is as he only has it on for coming and going in case he trashes it on a fence.


This is Brav. He is much bigger but a bit of a whimp as he has to wear a rug in summer. I have to be quick taking horse pictures or else they blow snot all over the camera. Worse still they have a nasty habit of sniffing it whilst I have it up to my eye and they aren’t the gentlest of sniffers.


I am still using a bit of film. I have two rolls exposed and am part way into another two. When I have four ready I’ll send them away for processing. I have two rolls of HP5 and two of Velvia reversal film. The latter I am always a bit wary of, it doesn’t always seem to appreciate a cavalier attitude to exposure. HP5 is grand stuff. Anywhere within a stop or so seems to be fine.

I have been experimenting with a bodged up Macro rig to try and eliminate black backgrounds.


It does the job up to a point but I will have another mess around.


Ring flash on it’s own.


With the milk carton….I’ll have to now start watching the background as it shows up a treat.


I’ll leave you with a picture of Candlesnuff Fungus. Xylaria hypoxylon.