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Friday, 22 July 2016

ONE MONTH ON. (22/07/16)

I am amazed to still be here. The world didn’t end, I wasn’t gobbled up or even nibbled by man eating frogs; despite the best endeavours of the BBC the pound is worth much the same and the value of companies has collapsed upwards. The lying bloater Cameron has hopefully told us his last lie, I expect he will be offered a healthy stipend somewhere by someone with more money than sense who requires a rather slow, stupid and very flexible unprincipled mouthpiece.
I am collecting pictures much faster than I can post them so this morning I’ll show a few images from a soggy walk.
_MG_5968The first Sulphur Tuft I’ve seen this year.
_MG_5974I’m not sure I’ll have to wait for them to grow a bit.
_MG_5986Harvest time is fast approaching.
Lots of excitement this morning as the council have come to repair the road. They have left a Tardis toilet and a Bomag.
_MG_6009Alf and I thought this a good idea, should you find it silly or stupid then Moll will agree with you.
This is the road, it goes all the way to Perth but is only tarmac for another mile.
_MG_6014 A couple of views  from this ancient highway.
That’s all for today enjoy the weekend.