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Thursday, 2 July 2015

DISPARITY PART 2 (02/07/15)

Today I am continuing my highly disciplined approach to blogging by sticking to one subject. As the title suggests the theme is disparity.

Last night or early evening the rain pounded down. The hens went to bed early for once and my other charge the barley grew some more. It’s gruesome barley.

_MG_9260                   Wet Barley

I was going to go out looking for moths last night, I put new batteries in my head torch but it was too wet so I had a play with a selection tool I found in Photoshop. You can select fast with the selection brush then go to refine edge and smart select bits it has missed and you would like it to take another look at. Excellent it is.

_MG_9256          Toyota on Shed.

This morning dawned bright and sunny so I went bugging. Lots of beautiful little picture wing flies but they were too quick for me.

_MG_9323   Clouded Border Moth Larva.

_MG_9324 Crysoclista lathemella.

_MG_9326    Yellow Dung Fly eating what could be a Tachinid Fly.

I found a couple of Brown-lipped Snails so had to get my mirror out again.



That is all for today, plenty of diversity and disparity.