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Sunday, 5 April 2020


Yesterday was grand, I got out to get animal feed and visited the supermarket. The animal feed place was shut. Sainsbury's was open but I had to queue to get in. As the bloke at the line on the tarmac in front of me said.

"It's a good job it's not pishing snow down, we'd all be dead from hypothermia before we got in."

I thought how astute, he must be an academic until he added.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Have you seen the tits on that?"

He was referring to the lassy supervising the line. Not an academic then but a vicar. I'm not unwilling to admit mistakes.

My first stop was the tobacco counter. Had to wake the chap up as he had nodded off. I know now why he wasn't outside working the barrier. I decided to bulk buy and went for a couple of hundred grams of rolly tobacco. All but one packet had graphic pictures of diseased lungs on....Horrible and traumatic at a time like this. The other packet had a dead baby on with a warning not to smoke when pregnant. I asked him to find three similar. He found two and one with a chap with one leg. I decided I could live or maybe die with this selection.

The rest of the shop went well. I fancied a fish pasta. I usually use a Smokey and prawns with sour cream. No Smokies but they did have smoked haddock and not the vile orange stuff. It's basically the same thing but a bit bland, a Smokey is a Haddock smoked whole and much better tasting than the filleted version. I thought to get a steak for Sunday but they were from Poland. I try not to buy stuff from the EU as they have been both useless, greedy and obstreperous. I'll wait for my beef and get some from the butchers next week.

I have got one birthday video done. Here it is, far from perfect but for a look at on a smart phone it will be fine.

Have a good week and feel free to give a nurse the clap. I find I can limit virtue signalling to thanking folk working in shops but do whatever rocks your boat in these straightened times.