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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

BRIGHTER. (09/02/16)

The weather is back to normal with much less rain. I didn't realise that I hadn't posted for a while, there hasn't been much to post about. The following photograph was taken the other morning but it is two images stuck together. One facing east for the sky and the other facing somewhere else.
I ought to have spent a bit more time on the selection but have been busy sorting this and that. 
Blender is still amusing me and I should really get down to it and stick a video together that tells a story. I have been trying to learn some of the basics that I have studiously ignored as they are difficult. My modelling skill needs serious practise but worse still is UV unwrapping. There will be other features that I haven't yet come across that will cause even bigger headaches but I'll see if I can stick with what I know and get a proper bit of video sorted.
I did find some alternative skins in preferences and quite like using this bright one.
Much more decorative than the default skin below.

I found a good half dozen alternatives whilst increasing the available RAM to 8GB, this means that I have almost real time animation whilst editing. I still have to keep a weather eye on the number of vertices in any scene but it is a vast improvement. The other thing I have been playing with is the ocean modifier. Very impressive it is so exciting that I think I will change my Starlings to Seagulls. I am trying to make the waves break on rocks but this is maybe a step too far.
Not a bad little shed, a shame that the texture didn't cover both sides of the doors but you can pretend they are MDF with a veneer on the outside. I don't know what happened to the roof, that is another hiccup.
Have fun with whatever you are up to.