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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A WING AND A PRAYER. (23/07/14)

It is roasting here and has been for a couple of days. Yesterday there was barely a breath of wind so I sat about feeling hot. Today is much better but breezy so I went out looking for insects. I didn’t manage many in focus but some are just about acceptable. I also have to admit to an act of cowardice. I was sitting in the undergrowth when a Cleg landed on my wrist. I rarely see them till I’ve been bitten but would love a picture of one as they have incredibly beautiful eyes. I hadn’t the nerve to let it bite so swatted it, it’s on such occasions that an assistant would be indispensible.

I hope I have identified these correctly but it is a hit and miss job with me.endamfly      This is a 99% ID. Lestes sponsa. The Emerald Damselfly. It’s green and as far as I know it’s the only Damsel fly that leaves it’s wings open when it is perched.

eristalix      This is 80%. It is a new one for me. I can’t find anything else quite like it in the hoverfly section of my book but there are a few dozen different Hoverflies. This one is feeding on a small White Clover.

marmalade      I’m 75% sure. I have half a dozen pictures of this from different angles. Five are blurry but it does seem to tick most of the boxes.

scaeva       When I took this I was a hundred percent certain. Now when I look at previous ones I’ve taken and had a good look on the internet I think it is something else. The Frons, the bit between it’s eyes, is a tan to grey colour on both Scaeva pyrasti and Scaeva selenitica and this one is almost white. I’ll have another look on the internet.

It was a good morning. I was joined by a German chap with an MP-E 65mm on a 7D. I was in a good mood, I usually object when photographers intrude on my patch of weeds when there are several acres of the stuff to sit in. He was chatty and wanted advice  He got some good pictures from what I could see but he had only just bought the lens. He was trying to use a macro rail in a stiff breeze. I explained that I only use mine indoors and use the 100mm Canon macro with a 36mm extension tube outside. Once I showed him I was on manual focus and just rock the camera he tried it and put me to shame. Beginners luck, winning the world cup, winning the Grand Prix, just being alround smartarses, who knows, but I was happy for him……Twat.

That’s all for today