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Monday, 26 January 2015

SOAKED. (26/01/15)

The dogs and I were not all singing and dancing this morning. Yesterday lunch time a monster of a man called David poled up at the van. He is Alex’s partner; she of the unruly hair and lovely bum. He didn’t look aggressive but he did look wet. I invited him in and popped the kettle on. He said thanks for feeding Alex and lending her your Manic Street Preachers CDs.

I said she left me with the washing up… sounds par, he said.

She has sent me down to ask if you and the dogs would like to join us for Burns Night. I said that would be great but I only have Grouse to bring. He was happy with that and said there would be more than enough Malt to go round.

It was a grand evening, I stayed soberish as a guilty conscience takes no prisoners with the drink. Her sister addressed the Haggis and I borrowed her Penny Whistle to pipe it in. I played Mull of Kintyre as it was the only song I knew that was vaguely Scottish, I do know it’s a Scouse tune. At around eleven thirty I said that was wonderful but we ought to be on our way. It was lashing down, what the locals call showers.

Alex said I need a word. We’ll drop you back……… Oh Shit. I thought I’d rather get wet.

She said the pictures are great but we need a better female Siskin and we also need a male Dunnock. She said David's brother was impressed but as I’d done male and female for everything but the Great Tits, Blue Tits and Gold Finches, why hadn’t I got a male Dunnock? I felt like a little boy…..Is there a big difference? Yes, she hissed, the male has big grey bits round his eyes. I didn’t like to admit that I thought the Dunnock was a Sparrow when I took it’s picture.

David gave me a wink. I guess I’m taking some pressure off him.

I’ve been half a day trying to please her…..Much longer than I’m accustomed to spending. I also got very wet.

_MG_2492    I think this is a much better Mrs Siskin.

DunnockFBlog     Mrs Dunnock.

DunnockMblg    Mr Dunnock. I hope she is just pulling my leg.  I think the locals are taking the Sassenach a bit. I suspect it is more to do with how the light hits them.

No worries I've little else to do. I do have to get my Manics CDs back but there is no rush. I do have to dry out a camera and lens but what the hell.

Have fun. I’m going out to a badger set early tomorrow with David's brother.