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Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Five weeks ago I received an early Christmas present from my sister. It is a vaporising thingy to stop me smoking roll-ups. It is working but with a few teething problems. Getting sufficient nicotine is a major one as the strongest liquid I have found is 1.8% nicotine and as I can't inhale the vapour I have to sit for ages sucking, holding it in my mouth and breathing through my nose.
I used to smoke about 10gms of tobacco a day. I have smoked 30gms in thirty five days and the longest period without a roll-up is fifteen days. I had a major problem a couple of nights ago and my auto breathing response failed to function. I was mildly frightened until I recalled my para-medic training. I exhaled and inhaled into a paper bag and after a few repetitions everything returned to normal. This still happens and I think an inhaler full of nicotine would solve the problem, possibly more paper bags, they get all soggy with spit and gunge. Assuming such inhalers are available it would require a trip to a doctor and the last thing I want is to get on that merry-go-round. Too many of my peers have had their lives extended but the quality of life ruined by opting for medical assistance for old age. Doctors are fine if one is lying in a mangled heap under a motorbike or horse not so good when things start wearing out.
The upside of vaporising is the beauty of the atomiser heads. I now have two as I purchased a top fill one. Bottom fill are a bugger to use as the bloody liquid goes all over. Explains why they only sell it in tiny pots.
This is the original bottom fill unit. It's sitting on a bottle of Dry Tickly Cough medicine, another down side.
 This is the new one, they are beautifully made in aluminium and Pyrex. They aren't cheap but I'm hoping to get my money and more back by suing the government for stress caused by the posed pictures they pop on tobacco packaging. The lass in the CO-OP does try to find me the one showing the damage done to my unborn baby but these being popular sometimes I had to have the picture of a man with a rotten tongue or a hole in his neck. If that doesn't work I'll try the discrimination angle. All the pictures are of hideously white folk. Don't black or brown folk get cancer? Of course they do but to show suffering black people would be racist. We just have to tolerate whites suffering and the stress caused by seeing pictures of it.
Here is the vaper vaping. Grand it is, much better than the revolting e-cigarettes, not as good as a roll-up but better for me, I hope.
Have fun.