Wednesday, 27 May 2015

BRAIN FADE. (27/05/15)

This insecting job is harder than it looks. I have to take two dogs, a big plastic tub, several small tubs to put things in and a camera; I now have a shopping bag to keep all but the dogs in. Yesterday I had a bit of an upset, I only collect about four insects a day as the time spent trying to identify them doesn’t allow for more. Yesterday I was after planthoppers, I  sweep the big plastic tub through the ground cover and it usually comes up with a couple of Delphacidae, that's the buggers posh name for planthopper. Also in the box are numerous midge size flies and the occasional spider. I must have left a spider in with one of the planthoppers as when I got round to getting a picture there was very little left of it. It was a pretty one with orange and black stripes. I’ll have to be more careful.
Today is overcast and cold but the hawthorn is starting to bloom.

     Hawthorn leaves and blossom.

      This is a member of the Delphacidae family. I thought after much searching that it was Conomelus anceps but have now decided it is a female Eurysa lineata. It’s also brackypterous which is bugger speak for short winged. Long winged are called macropterous.

      I think this is a male Javesella possibly Javesella forcipata. The things that look like pincers on it’s bum are, amazingly, it’s wedding tackle. I have a system for photographing these as they can hop a surprisingly long way. I have a big tupperware box and pop a piece of paper in the bottom I can then snap away without them escaping. I lost this one but found it sitting on the front element of the lens. To move these about I use a tiny bit of thick paper and most are good and crawl onto it. I am wary of touching them in case bits fall off. Some, like plant bugs, can bite but they can’t do any damage.
This morning was a bit miserable but I cheered up when I found this little cracker.

      I can’t identify it yet but it is really stunning. Just have it's a Tiger Crane Fly; Nephrotoma flavescens. Maybe I haven't as it has spotted wings.  
I think I've cracked it now. It's a Sorpion Fly; Panorpa communis. It's like setting my own quiz is this job. No it doesn't like honey it's flown out of the window.

It was reasonably cooperative, it strolled about and flew a bit then flew away but landed on Molly. I have caught it again and will see if a bit of honey will keep it occupied whilst I try and get enough shots of it’s head for a stack. It looks as if it’s mouth is for sucking up sap or something. It doesn’t bite as it is happy sitting on my hand.

Now to try and find out what it is. Have fun I will as Blogger isn't talking to Windows so I can't compose in Livewriter. I hate using this damn desktop compiler.