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Friday, 29 April 2016

MYSTIC MOLLY. (29/04/16)

Molly pondering the meaning of life. We had a really pleasant but non productive walk yesterday morning. The dogs met two Newfoundlands, a Bearded Collie, a massive Heinz and Magnus who had escaped again.
We got back to the van and I spent an hour cryptic crosswording. I spent another half hour first thing today but can’t finish it.
Here it is for all you masters of English as she is wrote. It will enlarge with a click and pressing Ctrl+ will enlarge it further. Pressing Home will wiz everything back to normal.
It then started to hail and sleet so I settled down to try and convert a title vision into virtual reality in Blender.
This is a version one of about six. As you can’t see I am using a sphere to blast through the text to deform it and spray sparkles. You can’t see the sphere as I have made it not to render. What you can see is the spikey bit. This is a bit of scruffy mesh........ I converted from a text object to a mesh, got rid of thousands of duplicate vertices and recalculated the normals. I then went a hunting through the modifiers and found something called remesh. It works but took me ages to work it. It does clean up the mesh but uses something called Octrees. I hadn’t a clue either so looked them up. Wickipedia was some help but then I got sidetracked and found more information than I needed or wanted about something that an hour before I never knew existed. Blendering is wonderful for this time wasting and much more interesting than FreeCell.
After a few hours playing this was as far as I got. A clean mesh that deforms and reforms without spikey bits These are single frames from the video.
This is what an Octree is.
This morning dawned cold, wet and snowy.

Views from the van at dawn.
The dogs sniffing and snuffling, They do enjoy snow and to be honest so do I.
Have a good weekend.