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I am an old age traveller of sixty four years who wanders about with a couple of dogs in a motor home. I take pictures of anything I find interesting. All images are shot and posted the same day unless I state otherwise. It is good for discipline if not for quality. I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to express yourself in the comments box. As long as your thoughts are not obscene or racist then they will be published. ALL IMAGES WILL ENLARGE WITH A CLICK

Thursday, 24 April 2014

DARK TO LIGHT. (24/04/14)

I have man flu. I'm dosing it with a good dollop of campanology. The bell ringing is not helping my mastering of time lapse. There are always six ways to achieve something in Photoshop but today I decided on the complicated one……..I’ll not go into detail as many visitors find it boring. Even I found this boring I had to wait while I batched processed 1270 Raw images shot at 3s intervals and then wait while Photoshop synchronised my one slightly surreal image to all the rest and converted them to JPEGs at YouTube size. I am far from mastering this business as you will see. If anyone would like the workflow and the grief then ask. I have a fast laptop but it ran out of hard drive #1 and It couldn’t find hard drive #2. It is showing but I have yet to find a way of letting the computer access it….Help please! I also ran out of Scratch memory… Help would once again be more than welcome…..Mark I do have half a tin of Moffat Toffee. I’m not suggesting you are open to bribery…….BUT.

The surreal is me being Arty Farty I pushed and shoved in camera RAW then forgot to sharpen. I’ll always have Piss in front of artist before my name and never RA after. Sad when I think because I am trying. This is six hours editing and forty minutes shooting. I still managed to do it the same day though. I also forgot to use align frames and Mersad told me to do that before. I forget…silly me, a dumb cluck I am; I wrote down every step I had to follow for this workflow and the wind makes it look silly by shaking the very rigid tripod.

Clouds over Carnbo

I took Little Bertha out this morning. Wonderful she is, a veritable pleasure for an old man to walk with. We saw a………………._MG_4394 Mr Sparrow.


_MG_4387 A Goose….my sister says it comes from China. It is the big boss man here. It is a handsome goose and after a week, only hisses at me a bit. It hisses and runs at the dogs and they are frightened. So was the lens delivery man.

_MG_4396  These two ducks were not inclined to share the pond with the dogs. TREVOR says they are Shellduck. I agree with him. I first thought they were Goosander but they didn’t look quite right. If you click on the image you will see the male is in front as he has a knob……….On his bill…that’s at the front end. Amazing that they roosted on a water splash on a cross country course.

Considering I don’t feel well it’s no such a bad day.