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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A NEW TOY. (01/10/14)

I am just outside York and have been out for two days trying to get some newt pictures. It’s too warm and they are much too fast for me. I have seen them but they rush down a crack in the ground before I can get a picture.

_V0G7503   Pleated Ink Caps, Little Japanese Umbrellas. Coprinus plicatilis.



_V0G7497       Here it is printing.

_V0G7499      The finished spore print.

20141001112139     The top surface at 250x.

20141001111741      The gills and spores at 250x.

20141001113637      Spores at 500x. the images look satisfactory to me. Depth of field is fine and the four little LED lights are variable in intensity and do a more than adequate job. I would like to compare these with a £400.00p model. They are only a webcam with a lens in front. If you click and Ctrl+ you will see the limitations.

_V0G7508         Here it is. I ordered it from Amazon as a GooseWhite Hooke 5Mpx 10x-500x Pro USB camera. The stand was included so is a tiny bit of ruler as if you calibrate it every time you focus you can measure straight lines point to point, arcs and angles. I haven’t read the 24 pages of instructions but it does lots of other things. It will record up to 11hs of video. I don’t think it will timelapse but with eleven hours to play with I can remove frames to suit. I had a bit of trouble loading the software but as long as your reader will accept 2” CDs then it works fine if you plug the microscope in first. The software is available to download if your CD drive says no. The image size is 2592px x 1944px at 300px/in so impressive. Image quality seems to fall off fast at the edges but that may be my fault. I suspect that at 50x – 100x it may be better.

I’m happy with it, a good buy at £83.00p delivered. It seems very well made. A mixture of metal and quality plastic. USB microscopes start at about an eighth the price of this one but I couldn’t find any good sample images from the cheaper ones.

I’ll try to find something interesting to look at. I did have a frog yesterday, I carried it back to the van from the ditch it lives in and popped it on a bit of front surfaced mirror for some close ups. The kettle boiled and whilst I was making tea it hopped off. Took me two hours to find it, I returned it to it’s ditch. I’d lost interest by then and my tea had gone cold.

Have fun.