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Monday, 9 July 2018


Today there is not much to report from sunny Scotland, The weather is cooler this morning so I'm hoping for a pleasant day. I'm still playing in both FreeCAD and Blender. I am making a title sequence in Blender and it is coming on a treat. I am trying to use a font called Ravi but it is difficult to get the mesh clean enough. I will sort it and soon I hope.
Politicians are still acting like five year olds both here and abroad. Their saving grace being that without them there would be little to laugh at. President Trump is popping over from the old colony this week so that should shake them up a bit. The queer folk had a march but I've only heard reports, no pictures this year as I suspect public decency laws made them impossible to publish. I did read that there was a bit of a spat about who should lead the show. There must be a hierarchy developing, we will no doubt have to get a funny buggers arbitrator in before they start eating each other.
 It was reasonably clear yesterday morning so I went up to the masts on East Lomond, here is the panorama.
You can see for miles. The little pimple on the horizon just left of centre is Bass Rock at the entrance to the Firth of Forth.
Have a great week.