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Sunday, 14 August 2016

JESUS WOZ HERE. (14/08/16)

Far too many years ago when I was about three and a half feet tall we used to be dispatched to Sunday school. The curate used to tell us stories, he also had less desirable traits but solved the problem to everyone's satisfaction by gassing himself in the Parish Rooms. I can remember him recounting how the Donkey got the cross on it’s back………Jesus sat on it, he must have spun the yarn out a bit but that was the gist of it. Jesus was obviously here as well. Why he would want to ride on a spider I don't know._V0G0349
Garden Cross Spider; Araneus diadematus.
This morning as it was slightly cooler and windless I decided to take the MP-E 65mm for a walk.
Stilt Legged Fly?
Whilst looking under leaves I found this tiny spider. It’s about 3mm long.
Erigone dentipalpis?
It is a little beauty whatever it is. I mislaid the next few insects I came across, they either fell from their perch or flew away which is a regular occurrence whilst I’m trying to get them in focus.

This one flew away after one shot but I noticed it had only flown from a Tansy flower head to a leaf a foot away. It’s a Mirid bug. I am reasonably sure it’s a Tarnished Plant Bug; Lugus rugulipennis.
Ichneumon Wasp?
That is all for today, enjoy the coming week. I’m hoping to get some video of a grand old diesel powered generator running tomorrow as a new injector arrived for it on Friday evening.