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Monday, 22 September 2014


Tomorrow I am setting off on the drive south to Middlesbrough. It’s a good four hour run but an interesting one hundred and eighty miles down the A68.

I anticipate staying for a couple of weeks or so and will split my time between the North East and York. Then I’ll wander back via the Lake district and the Borders before setting off to the Highlands for winter. I’m hoping for a magical snowy season with plenty of hoar frost. I suspect the reality will be gales and rain but there is nothing wrong with a dream.

I haven’t taken any pictures today but yesterday I found this splendid fungus. _MG_3687

_MG_3688    Fringed Hay-cap. Panaeolus sphinctrinus. I am 80% sure of the ID but have never seen one anything like this size. It was in perfect condition. I ought to have got a spore print but didn’t like to remove it. It may produce some more large ones if left alone.

That’s all for today.