Wednesday, 4 March 2015

BACK IN FOYERS. (04/03/15)

I arrived back in Foyers on Sunday. After two days of wettish snowfall today dawned bright and sunny.

I was wondering whether to keep blogging and have decided to but with a bit more discipline. I’ll start saving images and posting them in rough categories rather than in the hotchpotch of disparate subject matter that has been my want. I am leaving comments enabled but have almost decided to see if e-mails are a better way of answering queries or receiving clarification on the things I have seen.

YELLOW BRAIN FUNGUS.   Tremella mesenterica.


_MG_2806   It is a parasitic fungus and is usually found growing on Peniophora but in this instance it appears to be growing on a small lichen, possibly Cladonia fimbriata.

_MG_2804      I don’t know whether the translucent globules are just old age or the result of frost damage. It isn’t slimy. This is by far the biggest colony of it I've seen and looks to be growing on a broken Silver Birch sapling. The black stuff in the background of the last shot does look like one of the Penoiphoras. Whatever; it is beautiful stuff.

LUNGWORT, Lobaria pulmonaria.



_MG_2812  I was like a dog with two tails when I came across this. It is a massive lichen and has colonised what I think is a fallen Alder. The individual specimens are between 80mm and 200mm across. What the dark brown stuff is I don’t know. It’s possibly just dead ones.

All todays images were shot with a 100mm Canon macro lens though few are better than close ups.