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I am an old age traveller of sixty four years who wanders about with a couple of dogs in a motor home. I take pictures of anything I find interesting. All images are shot and posted the same day unless I state otherwise. It is good for discipline if not for quality. I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to express yourself in the comments box. As long as your thoughts are not obscene or racist then they will be published. ALL IMAGES WILL ENLARGE WITH A CLICK

Friday, 28 November 2014

I’VE SEEN THE SUN. (28/11/14)

Out this morning for a wander up the hill. No rain, no mist and it was light._MG_0943  I couldn’t quite see the sun but it was the closest I’ve got to it for ages.

_MG_0947   The Old Trig Point.

Tomorrow the dogs are going for a haircut.

_MG_0948     Molly.

_MG_0945       Alfie.

They are not really ready for a trim but I thought I’d get them done before the weather turns cold. It will give it chance to grow a bit.

Have as good weekend.