Sunday, 26 April 2015

MIXED. (26/04/15)

The forecast for this weekend was abysmal but due to the combined efforts of the North Atlantic Drift, Ed Militant, Dithery Dave, the Queen and incompetent forecasters it has turned out quite nice with some cold rain and plenty of sunshine.

 26-04-2015 12-42-05     This place is ideal for wandering in April showers as the dotted lines represent short cuts home. This wood was not planned by a politician or a planning officer, it has just evolved and is perfect. This morning we did the whole perimeter in glorious sunshine. I don’t have to walk on the road as there is a path runs alongside it a few yards into the wood.



_MG_3322_3_4_tonemapped   It is not my usual sort of place but is a wonderful change.

_MG_3296    The Larch is needling or whatever it does.

_MG_3315     Blossom is blooming.

_MG_3325    Cones are basking under a cloudless sky.

I decided to sit down for a rest…………No not rest, a bit of birding.

_MG_3300      It started off fine with this Great Tit. I was soon joined on my log by an angel from heaven in the form of a nubile young lady and a West Highland Terrier called Bert who had brought her out for an airing. She asked what I was doing and I said waiting for a Jay. She quite rightly observed that there was not sight nor sound of one. She then said.  “My husband has left me”. I must confess to being all ears but could think of nothing to say. Happen he had gone to fetch the papers or was working a Sunday shift. I decided she was a nutter. I often get loonies on buses but never before on a log in a wood. Fortunately Albert her dog, bored with the conversation, decided it was time to carry on with his walk and with a cheery goodbye she joined him.

_MG_3330     I knew I’d heard a jay and there it is and there it stayed.

_MG_3331     This Blackbird was the opposite it was so close I nearly fell off my perch to get her in focus.    

I have a load of macros but I think you have suffered enough for one day. Enjoy the coming week; it has the makings of a cool one here.

_V0G8105       This is a teaser for the botanists. It’s a very common flower that is found both cultivated and growing wild. I’ll show you it tomorrow meanwhile try not to forget me.