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Thursday 2 February 2012


I felt on top form yesterday. Cut down on the falling down water as I’d fallen in lust.

The dogs and I were up early rucksack packed with a flask, a handful of dried hound meal and a cheese and onion sandwich.  The dogs love the bag coming out. I forgot my phone…..accidently on purpose……If I have a cuckoo then so be it.

_2011294_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1       The sun poked it’s head up.  On we wandered. It was freezing……my sort of weather…..I love it.

_2011403_4_5_6_7_tonemapped       Slag heaps are a factor of life in the north of England. A bit of snow and sun  just brightens things up..

_2011373_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1           A picture of nothing. I love nothing.

_2011388_89_90_91_92_tonemapped_edited-1  Even more nothing. It is fantastic sitting and watching the light play games.

GH!         Goats Tarn………I came up here for a mirrored image of Dows Crag. Blowing a ripple so no chance. Knock me down with a feather, crush me with a grape but no worries. The new crampons are now used.

I love this weather and now have internet so will catch up as quick as I can. Have fun.


  1. Hi Adrian, hope are well with you, the fotos are beautifull, great place

  2. "A picture of nothing. I love nothing."
    now that is a great quote - can I use it someday?

  3. you sound as if you are having a good time. Your photos are lovely - full of nothing!

  4. 'Nothing' looks pretty good to me Adrian.
    A fine sunrise too.
    Good to see you back.

  5. I like the "contre-jour" picture of nothing Adrian.

  6. Great weather for a spot of hill walking Adrian.....


  7. Wonderful images Adrian..
    It's a wonderful place to see.. keep walking over the Walna Scar road and there is a pub with camping... a long drive though.
    Take care.

  8. So bright and beautiful - one could make a song about that... You may not be able to do that walk in a day or two - blizzard on the way (allegedly).

  9. "A picture of nothing. I love nothing." That expresses my views on scenery so perfectly - it's why I love Lewis and New Zealand: oodles of nothing, beautiful scenic nothing.

  10. HI Adrian...Nice to hear somebody not complaining about the snow and cold for a change ; }
    Absolutely great looking place and your photo show it!!
    I just can't get over the slag ...not much growing there then!
    Be careful out there

  11. I envy your ability to make--nothing and even more nothing -- so interesting,even the slag heap is a great photo.
    Glad to see you back.

  12. Beautiful shots, this "nothing" is pretty spectacular. Thanks Adrain for taking us along,

  13. Great winter images. Goats tarn, wow, you HAVE been out for a walk. The tiresome Walna scar (rocky) road was worth it, as I love your pictures of nothing and what seems to be the distant reaches of Coniston water. Under normal conditions I had to wait until I was half way up Dow Crag to get some foreground !!

  14. Absolutely stunning photos.

  15. You're made of hardier stuff than me Adrian. I put on extra layers just to take Bobby round the block and still feel frozen and I get very tetchy when I feel cold.I'll just enjoy seeing through your eyes on the Winter world.

  16. Laura, all is fine. get yourself over here and paint.

    Dale, catching a bit of light on nothing is my forte. I like sitting down.

    Annie, I am. I love winter.

    Keith, many thanks and get your bum up here whilst it lasts.

    George, I love taking them and thanks. They are all multiple exposures and blended.

    Trevor, it is at long last brilliant.

    Andrew, I can't find the pub. What's it called and where is it?

    John, so I hear. If they forecast it won't happen here.

    Graham, I used to say, if my time comes, I now say when my time comes. I want to be looking at nothing. There is nothing like this nothing.

    Horst, glad you liked them.

    Grace, I love proper winter. I'm not young enough to cast care to the winds and too old to bother over much.

    Carolyn, shooting and posting the same day. One has to do what one has to do. All I got was nothing.

    Gillian, I'm happy tou enjoyed the trip.

    Jay, yes Coniston, I turn off before Walna Scar. Come in winter it is far better. First light till noon and the fells are yours.

    Patherka, thank you.

    John, I doubt I am. I have a winter rucksack to dump clothes in. I set off rugged up, sweat like a pig and keep discarding layers. I love walking at first light. Gives me a chance to stop and look about. Light a fag and admire the world. Marlboro always taste better in fresh air.

  17. Its amazing how you wake up before sunlight every morning in winter!! The nothings are absolutely wonderful.