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Sunday 24 November 2013


I am slowly on the mend. Still sore but mobile best describes my condition.

It has been a dank, dark day but having decided to go out for lunch I spotted just a bit of a picture as the cloud cleared._MG_2354   Topley Pike Quarry, almost in sunshine.

I’ll be away from the internet for a few days as the van is going in for some work and it’s annual test. Fingers crossed the bill is not too horrific.

I’ll catch up later but meanwhile have an excellent week.


  1. Look after yourself, Adrian.

  2. Time for a rest and some recuperation for both you and the van Adrian, take it easy, and I hope you're both fit and well and back on the road in no time? Have a good and relaxing week...[;o)

  3. Enjoy the break from blogging. Something I seem to enjoy often, when I do it.
    Good luck with the van doctor too.

  4. Sure is a nice picture. Looks miles and miles deep. The grass in the foreground helps.

    Good you are mending. Keep it up! :)

    Horrific bills are something I can live with if I have too...just so long as they don't say, "you need a new vehicle."

  5. Hope you continue to recover and that both the van and you are as good as new after the break.

  6. That fall did slow you up a bit. Rest and recuperate before hitting the road again.

  7. You have a great week to Adrian, hope you get better soon. There's nothing worse than sore muscles and back pain from a fall. Take care and stay of the ice.

  8. I hope everything works out with the van and your body. Have a great week end and week.

  9. I love the moody atmosphere in this one. I think it turned out great!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  10. I hope both yourself and the van are OK Adrian... have a good week.

  11. Hi Adrain. Glad you know you are on the mend. hope your van passes with flying colours. Have a good rest. I am off to the I.O.W. and am not looking forward to having the house without Charlie.

  12. I hope you and the van fly through the tests in the next week.


  13. Fingers crossed the "bill" won't be to high for the MOT

  14. I'm glad you're better ADRIAN. Be very careful that we are no longer kids :))
    good scenery, and better if it does not rain!
    Good Tuesdays.
    A Kiss.

  15. Thank you one and all. The van will pass the test but it needs a fair bit of mechanical/ electrical work. It is well over ten years old and I keep investing money on the important bits. Bit's like tyres and brakes and filters, posh oil, top end fuel. It is now time to show that I love it. I reckon three to five days of work. I'm not wanting a respray in posh metallic grey or vinyl wrapping. I just want her to feel appreciated. Come to ponder I would love to have her in deep custom paint with a bit of 3D vinyl saying "Molly-Alfie-Adrian. We live here and do our best here.
    So.....so I'm dreading the bill. I got the van over four years ago. I expected to keep it for two years. I've got to love living in it. It fits most places, She has a few scars to prove when I misjudged her size. The dogs love it and so do I.