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Tuesday 19 September 2017


It's been a while since I posted. The world is, as ever, a turbulent place. Teresa May is still useless, Mutti Merkel seems committed to the fourth Reich. The little fat boy with the ridiculous haircut is playing with his rockets. Trump is not giving an inch and seems the only western leader with any backbone. His ex sparring partner Hilary is signing books in Costco it's about all she's fit for, I'm surprised she can spell Klintun. I guess she just draws a heart and a smiley face.
I have had a grand couple of weeks looking after a few horses and an extra dog.
Here are a few pictures.
On my return I got an aerial view of my home, not the house but the white van in the foreground. I can fly. Now I have to master walking on water and I'll be perfect.
 My birding is getting better this is a Grey Heron.
The last Swallow. All the others flew away to Africa on the eleventh but this one likes it here. It won't but then it won't last very long.
Loch Leven. I have wandered down half a dozen times looking for the six Osprey but have seen nothing but Swans and Gulls. Nothing at all today. I bet the Osprey have gone to Africa with the Swallows; little tinkers.
This is Rosa. a lovely old lady who tolerates my reprobates. They love her as she has expensive food and not the cheap working dog food mine have to survive on.

There are seven horses but Rambo is my favourite. He's seventeen hands and a half. A loving, gentle giant. Intelligent for a horse but a little clumsy. Poor lad is on box rest at the moment and has to be lunged gently twice a day. I don't get involved as it involves a long whip and other complicated things. The day I arrived he escaped from the indoor arena but was easily caught with a handful of grass. He only wanted to look at a Ducati Monster short shifting along the road outside; as did I. The speed he shot off at makes me wonder if his leg is now better. I pop in and speak to him several times a day as otherwise he gets bored and then trashes his auto drinker. Replacing all the fiddly bits in that is difficult but nigh on impossible with his help. Horses can't manipulate pipe wrenches and snipe nosed pliers but it doesn't stop him trying. He's a horse with ambition and he's not looking at me with adoration but pondering whether the camera is edible.
The summer is almost over. I'll leave you with a Rowan tree. I'll post again soon as I didn't realise how many snaps I had and I'm sure you have had enough by now.


  1. Hi Adrian ! I love your posts !
    I see your van and also a lot others ! you have many neighbors !
    Rambo is a beautiful horse and your dogs are lovely !

    1. Marty, they had a bit of a rally over the weekend. It's all quiet now. I enjoy the horses.

    2. Marty, Rambo is a Skewball. Steeleye Span used to sing about him.

  2. Hi Adrian. You were probably a week too late for the Ospreys. They will virtually all be on their way to West Africa now, or be there already.

    Would love to know how you achieved that aerial view!

    I like what you have done with last last image.

    Best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Richard, the aerial views are not a problem to those of us with an EC135, it also saves sitting in traffic but it is a little awkward landing in Lidl's carpark. I am still awaiting delivery of mine so borrowed a drone for the picture.

  3. Like the aerial shot Adrian...can I see a new purchase coming up?
    Hope the Swallow gets it's arse into gear soon...still lots hanging about in Norfolk last week, and a few Swifts too!....[;o)

    1. Trevor this drone cost five hundred quid on E-Bay camera and gimbals included (it may have been a cherished possession) but you also need an IPhone and the app. I'm a Luddite and can't work swipe screen stuff, nor can I afford an Iphone. The dogs thought it a posh stick. They chased it hither and thither till they could run no more. It comes back when the battery runs low and that's when Molly caught it. I am still awaiting the bill for the damage. Cheapo crap they are; it wouldn't mend with a stick welder, tank tape was not to the owners liking even when I offered a tie wrap to complete it's resurrection.

  4. I really fancy a drone but I suspect that I lack the requisite skills to fly one. I'll have to suggest that Gaz gets one. He's a qualified pilot for undersea ROVs so should ba even better above the surface.

    1. Graham, they fly themselves, they even return to the control pad when the battery gets low. You can line the camera up on the dog and it will follow the dog. Mine think it great fun like a hi-tech stick.