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Friday 15 June 2018


It's been a busy morning. The recent gale fetched a large branch from a Beech tree. We got that shifted as it was blocking the track through the wood. Then it was away we went to collect some railway sleepers a chap wanted shifting. Whilst on the latter job he mentioned that he had a pair of iron gates. They are beautiful, blacksmith made though I suspect not of wrought iron. They will have to be fetched with the Tele-Loader. I'll get some snaps when that job is completed. 
Tomorrow I am taking pictures of folk vaulting on horses. I have got my anti-perv certificate so should have no problems clicking away at the mummies. Somewhere I have a real police pervy certificate but I can't find it so I have to get a few mums to confirm that I don't dribble and tremble too much in their presence. Never having been a priest or a teacher helps in this regard. Heaven forbid If I had worked for Save the Children or Oxfam.
It was coolish so off I trundled looking for sleepy Dragonflies. A waste of time it was too cold and windy. I carried on with the other camera.
I have passed this flowering water weed a few times and it looked impressive. Not as stunning as those flowers in a pond painted by the Frenchman. I think he may have cut his ear off or perhaps that was a different French chap. It's not bad for Muchty or Monet.
It was getting worse, dull, cool and spitting rain. I was out so stayed out.
I called at Newburgh's new CO-OP and noticed the Tay was half full. Newburgh is on the left and Perth is miles away but in this general direction.
Balinbreich Castle. It was built in the 14th century by the Leslie Clan. It's showing it's age. I don't know what Balin means but I think breich is Gaelic for trout. 
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I would wager that you already know that the Frenchman who painted those flowers in a pond was Claude Monet and the non-French chap who cut his ear off was Vincent Van Gogh.

    1. Bob, I guess you win the bet. Just trying to make a ruined castle interesting.

  2. Balin - place of, so place of trout?