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Tuesday, 2 June 2020


I spent yesterday sorting out the macro gear. I have decided to go insect hunting again. I won't have far to go as the Harridan of Holyrood is limiting everyone's travel to within five miles of home. It won't apply to me as I'm of no fixed abode. I doubt it will apply to the majority of the rest of the population either as many in Scotland have much further than that to travel to school, work, shops etc.
With the above in mind (Not the Harridan of Holyrood or wee Nippy as she is usually referred to) I have decided to start a new blog. I have done a rough draft of the header and registered the title. I notice that several bloggers seem to struggle when sorting their templates I'll record the whole process and make a short video. I suppose I better use the new UI* as from the end of the month there will be no choice.
* UI stands for User Interface. Could have saved doing an asterisk and in a different colour had I not been a smart arse. 
Not this rough, This is a Png. file and has an Alpha channel. It may look fine against my Blogger template but if you hang on a second I'll run it through Photoshop and pop it on a black background just in case..... Here we are. Could have saved doing this as well had I just published and had a look. 100% black never looks very nice, A proper graphic artist told me that and for once I agree with her.  She also ate horrible stuff like tofu, like soggy lard without the taste it is...Horrid.
I don't like the text so will have a look what a wire frame and bevel looks like, I like the font and downloaded it specially. It looks cool innit and makes me appear like all the twenty something and younger space cadets I wish to emulate in the 3D world. No Chance but SciFi text is a start.

This is funny. On Saturday morning young Lauren has a Zoom, OBS or some such session with her maths teacher. She dutifully logged on stuck a bit of tape over the camera and bribed her brother to sit out the lesson. The teacher isn't daft, he said Kyle go and fetch your sister. Kyle tried his best replying in a squeaky voice it's Lauren here. The daft buggers had covered the wrong camera. They may make excellent farmers but never in a BatFlu lock down will they make 3D modellers or maths graduates.
That's all for today, I'm away to try and get messages for folk in the glen. Bloody Co-Op shuts and opens on a whim. It's annoying when one has a six mile round trip to find them shut. Still it could be worse, we wouldn't starve as there are plenty of rabbits but I really don't like the taste of lactating rabbit nor the thought of little rabbits starving. There are plenty of sheep and pigs but I find as I get older I don't like slaughtering and butchering big animals. I expect I would manage were I hungry enough.


  1. I didn't know there was a choice. I just woke one day the the UI had changed. Change always has the potential for irritation and they had moved one or two things into inconvenient places but so far I've not come across any problems.

    1. Graham, I think they have just done it out of either devilment or boredom.

  2. PS It'll be good to get insects and stuff that I can understand back on the agends.

    1. Graham the insects were never very popular either. I quite enjoy this slimmed down Blogging.

  3. I don't like creepy crawlies and avoid looking at pictures of them at all costs. I haven't seen any new interface yet, I will just wait until it comes along and deal with it. Why do you need a new blog, why not just change this one?

    1. Rachel, they are beautiful little things, so intricate. I admit there are odd gruesome ones but that applies to any species.
      I thought it would be better to keep the 3D stuff along with the videos separate and just have photos and ramblings here.