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Wednesday 19 August 2020


 This morning I had a run into Cupar; I was a little late leaving as I was trying to understand an email regarding a clunk on a tractor. I enjoy getting paid for advice but hate to commit myself to serious graft. Trouble is with tractors they are always owned by farmers and farmers are noted for being loath to pay for anything that doesn't involve blood and sweat. Advice is assumed to be free and the chance of a consultancy fee is zilch. I'm going to have a look and with a bit of luck fix it tomorrow. How do folk get paid for call out and then doing bugger all? The easy and obvious answer is to work for the state or big conglomerates. I suspect that is where we are heading. 

I passed the bus stop at the back of eight and all the children were waiting for the bus, all social distancing....Like hell they were, all crowded in groups maskless, pushing and shoving round someone with a mobile who had found a scintillating video explaining some mathematical obscurity like two minuses make a plus. More likely porn or hopefully music. Horrified I was.

 If children know the Batflu is bollocks then for once they may be right. I suspect the whole world knows and it's just another scare tactic by those in favour of the New World Order and state employees who assume they will get paid whatever. I believe that folk ought to consider their own ignorance. Burst pipes and wiring are easy. Over complicated technology based consumer items should be repairable and are for the most part but you have to keep on top of all the latest shenanigans of big business.  

On a brighter note I did get six thickish pork chops in Lidl for £3.46p and their thick cut marmalade is now only £0.49p a jar. Now six pork chops are far too many for one. I've done four and will pop them in a soured cream and mushroom sauce. Had to buy the mushrooms as on our first walk the puffballs were too small and despite my liking their peppery taste they give me the runs and stomach cramps. Ceps are just starting but the blasted slugs always beat me to them, they are solid but have little taste. This will do me a couple of days and the dogs can have the other two chops should they start stinking.

I don't bother voting for anybody. Anyone who wants power via a ballot is very suspect and until proven otherwise crooked. Be interesting to see statistics on elected members who have been found to be felons viz a viz the norm. 

I hope I am sorting Freecad, I can now make the spline do things in 3D in the Draft Workbench. Start in top view then when you want the other axis press Shift 'Z'. It will take me a while for me to make it do what I want or anything remotely sensible. It is a mind blowing minefield. Blender and OneShape can do certain bits better and I may end up exporting/importing files. That would be cheating. I will keep plugging away. I do think that most folk would want a start and endpoint and the ability to construct stuff betwixt the two. Perhaps it can, there is loads of stuff I haven't clicked on.

Have fun with whatever rocks your boat.


  1. Praise be to the children of Fife. They have their heads screwed on. The richest blokes I know are the self-employed agricultural engineers. They sure know how to make money about here.

    1. Rachel, the children are fine. Normal they are. This lunacy has to stop what's the point of segregating them on the buses and in classrooms when they are crawling all over each other in the street? Fife Tractors are open 24/7 both for spares and repairs so it must be expensive to run.