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Tuesday 12 January 2021


 I am playing in Blender again and trying to produce a few video cards for folks birthdays. I did recall seeing a movie title that started as an object and swept across the screen in bits and turned into text. It's not at all easy in fact so far it has proved illusive to say the least.

This is a torus on it's way to some writing, just what I'm looking for but unfortunately when it arrives it looks a right mess when I do it. I have a day or two so will carry on playing.

This morning I set off for Cupar. I got flagged down by the haircutter on my way through Muchty. She wanted to know where I was going. Nosey cow but as she's a fit nosey cow. I told her I was just off to see some proper, nice, posh totty. She said and I saw pigs flying earlier. I owned up and told her I was going to Aldi. I had my dogs in the back of the car so we banged her two in with them and I threatened mine with a red hot rusty barbed wire flogging if I heard so much as a squeak from them. She phoned her husband to say he could drop the kids off at her mums and get some work done as she was away on an assignation in Aldi. 

I struck lucky in Aldi. A pound of rump beef with fat, aged twenty odd days and all for £4.35p. I ought to have diced it for a stew but couldn't resist salting it for a quick pan fry. Probably be poorly but what the hell my little brother lived on steaks and he was fine until he died at the ripe old age of fifty six. Good job it was ten years ago and not today. The buggers would have had him down as a Covid death. 

Not too shabby and the salt doesn't seem to be drawing too much wet out so a good buy. I like rosemary with steak but haven't got any. Not to worry it will be fine. Usually with rump I pull the meat from the gristle but I'll wait till its cooked and leave the chewy bits for the dogs. I suspect my eyes are bigger than my tummy, hard to believe when I try and find my willy under the latter.

We got pulled by the Bizzies on the way back. I was doing nearish the limit and he said he just wanted to check my details. I said what details? The car is MOT'd  and insured you know that. He wanted my driving licence so I passed that over, silly of me as my licence has a solicitors address. Should just have offered to produce it at a bizzie station within seven days had I committed a road traffic offence. I saw this coming years ago and went off grid.
 Who is this in the car? The dogs had joined forces after an hour of grumbling and obviously didn't want a bizzie stuffed in with them. It was already getting noisy, crowded, not a bit nice.
Smarmy bastard made the mistake of telling the haircutter it would go no further if she said I wasn't family. Dead right it won't she said. One more word from you and I'm out of this car and next thing you know you'll be down, dead and recorded as road kill Covid. I felt sorry for the poor sod as he went back to his Beema muttering bloody women. I'm in love with her but how her husband copes I'll never know. I guess his racing fast bikes gives some sort of perspective. 

Have fun.


  1. I'm still trying to type through the laughter.

  2. I'm resolving to try to see life with your attitude, I swear it would be 10 times more fun.

    1. Pauline, I find life fun but one has to be prepared for trouble.

  3. Sounds pretty normal to me. I had to re-read after reading Graham's comment but it still seemed normal to me. Yes Pauline, you should try it too.

    1. Rachel, I am lucky here as things are pretty relaxed. The police don't get any real hassle so are okay.