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Friday 13 May 2011

NOTHING TO POST (13/05/11)

I have nothing to post today……….Except I would like to thank all the blogger staff for sorting the problem. Despite what folk are posting of a negative nature. That must have been one hell of a crash…………Thanks for getting things back to normal or near normal. It’s a great and free service so thank you one and all. I wish you all every success in the future.

I have trouble doing this………………………………………………..

kalied1           Or this…………………………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         As you can see

Sorry for these …………..it’s been diabolical has the weather.

I hope readers will raise their glasses in a toast to Blogger.

Have a grand weekend.


  1. I do wish you would stop hogging all the rain. I've had to top up the pond twice this year already. ;)

  2. No need to apologize, they are stupendous. And, I agree with you, it must be hard work for the blogger.

  3. These are great and your comments on blogger I can only agree hoe many things are free in the modern world

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  5. I made a big goof! So I tossed it.
    Here's to you, Adrian, for your salute to Blogger! Later in the evening, I'll raise my glass of Oliver's Soft Red wine to both you and Blogger.
    BTW, Oliver's is an Indiana wine grown and bottled in Bloomington, IN.

  6. I'm sure it was a bad day at blogger yesterday. I'm married to an engineer who sometimes has to suspend normal life to fix a problem, so I sympathize!

  7. Your comments on Blogger were well said....!


  8. Quite lovely :) Yes, I'm also in agreement with your sentiments about Blogger. Many people feel pressure in their jobs, but imagine how much pressure one would feel when the whole world is watching, wondering and waiting! It would be enough to make one's eyeballs spin into kaleidoscopes!

  9. John, the rain doesn't stop for more than ten minutes at a time.

    Bob, for blogger to be down that long it must have been serious.

    Norma, they deserve a bit of encouragement....it must have been a nightmare for them.

    JoLynne, It's nice to see such positive feedback after reading so many silly comments on the blogger problems page.

    Trevor, ta!

    Glo, Thanks

    Graham I'm just not getting any pictures this past few days.

  10. You're quite right Adrian. It was a nuisance but must have been a nightmare at their end! I have always thought how fortunate we are to be able to access so much free stuff on the internet, Blogger definitely being one of them.

    So glad the hen got two of her chicks back but such a shame about the others.

    Very nice kaleidoscopic images again and thanks for your kind offer but I don't have PS Elements in fact I don't have Photo Shop at all.

  11. Shysongbird, Horrendous I bet........the suits swearing at the IT people.........been great to be a fly on the wall.

    I've been here three days and the hen is a nasty bit of work....I have two bits of arm missing. Evil bird! her chicks are lovely though.
    I don't have posh Photoshop but PS Elements does the job.

  12. You inspire me to go further.... the first one looks like it's from that classic car.

  13. Jay it is, it's a bit of it's radiator grill.