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Monday 5 September 2011



image  We moved this morning from Barnard Castle to the Fox and Rabbit Farm which fortuitously lies a few hundred yards east of the pub of the same name.  Dalby Forest is a mile or two to the east and the North Yorkshire Moors Steam Railway a similar distance to the west.

I have mixed feelings coming here as my brother and I lunched in this pub on several occasions. He used to love the blast over the moor from Whitby. The food is good and far from expensive for the quality of it. It is sad returning but also time to remember the good times and build new experiences onto the old. It’s fifteen months since he died. It has got easier so the time is right……………I hope!

Hopefully during the next few days I’ll have some pleasant wanders and see some amazing sights, I don’t take much amazing or confusing. Yesterdays horse will take some beating though. I spent ten minutes this morning prior to departure trying to make him sit again. I took some apple, four pieces, whispered sit, piece of apple………Shouted sit, piece of apple, all to no avail……….it ate the apple. I’m a wimp I gave in he was knocking me about all over the place trying to get in my pocket for apple! Pity I didn’t realize what a hit he would be. Earlier on Sunday he was lying on his back with all four legs in the air, not rolling, perfectly still he was. It belongs to the daughter of the farmer so I will see if she can make him perform his whole repertoire. I suspect though she does her best to dissuade him from such foolishness.

I will go back to Pecknell Farm as I’m awake half the night there listening to Owls. There are several, definitely Tawny Owl………I suspect a couple of Barn Owls and one or two making a peculiar noise. I’ve been on the RSPB Site twice and clicked on the icon that makes them whistle, sing or call but it sounds nothing like anything they have recorded. There’s a daft horse so maybe a daft Owl. Keith will know but he’s got his Captain Ahab hat on…He’s Walesing. Fat lot of good he is when one wants him. Come back Ahab, Ishmael needs help!

The weather is cool and very damp. Extremely damp in patches. I’m on my second shower of the day. I had a problem with the grey water discharge valve. I solved it…..it discharged all over me. I could do with a Girl Friday for such revolting jobs………… it could have been worse it could have been black water. Were I not the proud possessor of a beer belly I could have wriggled out quicker, my corporation delayed my escape. I suspect only plumber or plumberess with the physique of a racing snake would have escaped that deluge. How dish wash and shower water can smell so revolting is a mystery.

I bet you are thinking…. He’s not got any pictures!…………I Have! I stopped on the way over the moor.

_9057043_4_5_6_7_tonemapped_edited-1  Blooming Heather.

_9057048_49_50_51_52_tonemapped_edited-1  Blooming Heather and a little watery sunshine. The village to the right is Goathland…………Heartbeat Country. That programme was never the same when Greengrass left.

goatland1  Finally a big panorama in HDR and stitched . As always this will enlarge with a click but will be humungous so either get a bigger monitor, scroll about or press CTRL- a few times till it fits.

Have fun, I’ll see what tomorrow brings my way.


  1. It's a great area you're now in Adrian, I know it well! Spent my honeymoon in Ruswarp (nr. Whitby) and also a couple of holidays!

    I hope your memories are all happy ones.

    Excellent walks in Dalby Forest and there's an interesting viaduct (Larpool) between Ruswarp and Whitby.

    It's a shame the horse wouldn't perform for you I was looking forward to some more images! Next time maybe.

    It's time to forget the black and grey water and try some of falling down variety!

    Excellent panorama btw. ...[;o)

  2. Hi Adrian....Sorry about the mixed feeling , but it sounds like you had some times with your brother, and that is nice to have!!
    What a laugh to have seen you with that horse might have been worth a air line ticket...no not really,but darn funny your anyway!!

    You do need to write a a book of short stories of your crazy life encounters...the shower story ...dear heavens, you are always my laugh of the day LOL

    I'm not sure I could live like you do I am such a home body and I like my space. I afraid I would be claustrophobic (big word of my day)!!

    You sure see some wonderful sites living as you do...your country is beautiful ....I loved the Heather and the countryside photo's !!

    I miss Keith to darn him..he owed me a email then went of on his own without a word...guess I'm not that important...maybe I should have been a bird LOL
    Try no to give a HOOT about that Owl!!

    Enjoy your day(well what's left of your's) and your stay !!

  3. wonderful shot of the heather...
    after my brother died, I still kept thinking, "I've got to remember this so I can share it with Charlie when I see him." He left a big hole in all our lives, including his in-laws!

  4. Lovely colours in those landscapes Adrian. I hope you get some sunny days to help create new memories as well as preserve the best of the 'good old days'.

  5. Hope you'll post more pics of this horse, that was a cool one, lol...
    Heather are still superb at the moment as they are changing from purple to rusty.

  6. The whole world is full of heather, well, I'd like it to be. Sorry about your brother.

  7. A wonderful post Adrian... Warm memories of forgotten moments can be triggered by revisting old haunts...
    I didn't have you down as being a Horse Whisperer... maybe given time!

    Beautiful images it's a lovely part of England.
    Re: Beeston Castle not sure if it can be seen from the East Lancs but it can from Shutlinsloe next to the Cat and Fiddle..

  8. Trevor, Thanks, I know the Whitby area reasonably well. The forecast isn't looking too good. I'll see.

    Grace, Thanks. Horses can be obstinate beasts. Claustrophobic? The camper is small and on wet days can be a bit limiting. I usually have wonderful wide open space to look at and can walk pretty much where I like.
    I guess Hairy just needs a break. He will be back.

    Norma, I shouldn't have too many problems. Thank you.

    Monica, it will soon be time to head to the Lakes again for the frosts, mists and autumn golds. A grand time of year.

    Dee Bee, I'll do my best. i'll get introduced properly.

    Bob, thank you, It is a wondrous sight. Could do with some sun to set it off perfectly. Wee'll see.

    Andrew, the horse whispering I'll practise. It's always best to speak quietly to animals first. I don't last long in this mode and seen end up cursing and swearing.
    It is beautiful.
    I know where you are with Beeston castle now..Thanks.

  9. A long time since I visited that area. Love Goathland, Dalby forest, etc.. I bet Mallyan Spout is running well with all the rain.

  10. John, Goathland is fine in winter, mid week in winter. One of my favourite walks is Beck hole to Mallyan Spout and back to Goathland church. Too much foliage at the moment to be worth going.

  11. Adrian, I've just been looking on google earth,(it's pouring outside and nothing better to do!!), is that a shed on stilts behind the Fox and Rabbit?....[;o)

  12. Trevor, it was there for years but no longer is......I believe it was a large Dove cote. It must have blown away. The pub used to be a farm and pub but the farm is now a separate business.

  13. Nice shots of the heather. It's strange that i've just come back from a mix of moors walking and Whitby earlier in the week. I tried some heather shots on friday & it looks like you had the same kind of weather as me. I stayed on for another day to have a friends free camera day ! ... but cut it short as I didn't feel too great with the change in weather. I love this area & will be there again soon for a nym railway event.

  14. Jay, I parked just after the Goathland turn and waited in vain for a gap in the drizzle. I boosted the saturation of the heather.