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Friday 11 January 2013

DIRTY OLD MAN. (10/01/13)

I am ashamed to admit that I’m a really dirty old man.

Today was my big sisters birthday…it’s fine to ask how old she is now because she is three hundred and sixty two years old, a year and a bit younger than me….once our parents worked the job out they were not backward coming forward….. I have a littler sister but I was brought up proper. If one has nothing good to say then shut up and hold ones counsel.

No pictures today, I could have got some of boring things like fog. Bloody Hell! I’ve just noticed it’s tomorrow….It is today I started this post yesterday. Silly me.

We went into Edinburgh to watch a musical…..’Dirty Dancing’….It is years since I have seen live theatre. Apart from getting desperate cramp from sitting in seats Ryan Air would be proud of, I had a wonderful night.

My critique of Dirty Dancing……………

The plot is vague to predictable, the dialogue is crap…..think Cinderella… think Grease. Neither have dancing like this. I was exhausted just watching. I wish I'd had a big Mac on and a wee bit of privacy and a Kleenex or two. Never have I seen such fit totty, can’t recall being that excited in years. I am an expert on fit ladies, I watched a bit of the Olympics! These poor mites are hopping about like choreographed dervishes being grabbed by male adonises and hurled about with scant regard for their delicate bits or their heads….. BRILLIANT IT WAS!

I’m a born again theatre goer. It got a little slow after half time but things were enlivened by a serious altercation in the row in front. A bouncer had to be summoned and a lady was ejected. Took a few minutes before the ejectee decided that discretion was the better part of valour. The bounceress was what I can only describe as a human hand grenade. That much metal stuck in the bits that were visible, I suspect another pound or two in in bits not obvious….I dread to think what would have happened had she gone off. Certainly I would not have been writing this. Death on legs she was!

It all ended happily ever after. Males accounted for only four or five percent of the audience. The other species obviously knew the play as well as the cast…..clapping….laughing….cheering…booing …whooping….whistling and Aarghing.

A great night out, I can recommend this musical. I suggest you travel north of Newcastle to get audience participation. Edinburgh is genteel. I can imagine it being a life changing experience should it appear in Glasgow.

The row of girls behind who had partaken of a relaxing drink or two before the show came back to their seats after half time with pints of wine. One, obviously more refined than her friends expressed the opinion that the barman was an ignorant fucker! That He Is! (The Scots love doubling the infinitive. Wee Small etc)….Who drinks pints of wine?

She seemed to cope and clap. Roughly in time to the music.

What a show!

Today is haircut day for the dogs….I’ll post a before and after.


  1. In my opinion none of us go to live performances enough. I volunteered at the local theater for front of house and saw most performances...some twice.

    1. I go to folk nights in pubs and always enjoy myself. This would have been dire without the audiences enthusiasm..

  2. An evening of highbrow entertainment then Adrian? It's good to know that you behaved yourself in front of all those females!! You must be losing your touch though, I would have thought that your suave and debonair aura, not to mention your raw magnetism, would have attracted Mrs. Bouncer instantly towards you!! And have you got no appreciation of class?...drinking wine from a pint glass is much more refined than drinking it straight from the bottle!

    Glad you had a good evening out...[;o)

    1. Magical it was Trevor. Terrifying are ladies out on the town en masse. They wanted a bottle but he decanted it into a plastic glass. Very wise of him.

  3. Live music and live theater; two of my favourite things.
    I prefer my wine, or whisky, straight from the bottle. Saves on the washing up.

  4. It was an odd show but it made for a grand night out.
    They don't allow glass containers there so you would have to take an airline bottle....it would match the seats a treat.

  5. They must have been classy girls, as most of the scots girls i have seen , have been in the gutter at that time of night.Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Edinburgh is a very classy place.....I'llhave you know that I don't go slumming.
    I generally avoid crowds but wish I'd had my camera with me.

  7. If it was the Playhouse Theatre then nearby there is a little pub where, when my (female) companion went to the ladies I was propositioned by a rather attractive man. Which explained why we got such strange looks when we went in and why my companion was the only female in the bar. You have to be careful with your choices in Edinburgh Adrian but there's something (or someone) for everyone.

    1. Graham, I wish I'd e-mailed you for a guide to the seedy side of town. It would have doubled the fun.