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Wednesday 16 January 2019


It is a busy week. A new tractor arrived in the dark yesterday. It's a NEW HOLLAND 3160 all the way from France. It looks great and I'll get some photos as soon as it comes back out of the barn. Barn is a posh word for what we call the shed here. It will replace the gorgeous old Zetor who will be semi-retired and it will manage the fields better than the 3460 which is great for dumper dragging and subsoiling but a little large for ploughing, bailing, tedding in tight uppy and downy hill fields.
I have been having no end of problems with Blender crashes. I put it down to my using the new Beta version. I went onto Blender's development forum and was little wiser, they talk in gobbledegook but they are not working on problems with materials so I surmised that it must be me. I got up to date drivers for my CP and GPU and installed them. I got rid of horrendous quantities of Windows update files, I deleted loads of temp files and %temp% files I now have a primary drive about 50% full. The machine has two drives but I rarely use the second as I forget it's there. I shifted videos and heavy stuff like RAW files to a Transcend external drive. What a clean computer, the result is no more crashes. I'll have to show the same enthusiasm for my oven. The latter has been a bugger to light lately. 
I have a couple of birthday cards to do and soon. I send folk an E-card. Usually....Well from next time...A still shot and with a link to their own birthday video. A video I hope will be perfect. I'll be damned if I'm paying the thick end of a pound for a stamp. The Post Office used to be fine until the grubby money grabbing Krauts, who never paid a penny in reparation for the grief they caused twice, decided that it was a monopoly and against their interests. DHL came in after paying our politicians to destroy the P.O. monopoly. They destroyed the monopoly but then buggered off and left us with stupid plastic slotty things to confuse customers and staff at Post Offices. You don't find DPD messing with a little plastic template. If they can lift it and zoom about without running over folk they will deliver it and our local man Joe, barring a traffic accident is perfect. Always on time. He is better than Postman Pat. We have Postman Steve. He is good, arrives everyday but doesn't have stamps on his van so can't take unstamped mail to post. Fair enough he gets to pop round his round but could supplement his income by selling stamps to folk that were desperate.
This video is me trying to find my way around Blender. I can't find the video non linear editor in it but since BlackMagic the posh Aussie camera folk bought Fusion and made Fusion free I guess it may be shoved down Blenders list of priorities. Fusion is not to be confused with Fusion 360 the cloud based 3D programme or App as we hip folk call software. Hip folk makes me sound like a sodding vegan or transvestite they are much the same in my experience.
Here is the video despite fine tuning in Audacity I still sound a bit croaky. I had ManFlu over Christmas, was off the drink but managed the odd roll-up, couldn't lift a horses head collar. I felt like death but if you can have a roll-up you know all is not yet lost.
All the best.


  1. I've found most courier drives to be great. With one heavy parcel I told the driver to leave it by the front gate as I would fetch my trolley. His reply was he had a few minutes to spare and took it round to the back door for me. On the other hand I can't fault our local posties either. Always helpful.

    Blender is looking really professional and more user friendly with the new version.

    1. John, courier services are very good, Royal Mail is okay and the staff are fine but the cost and faff of using them is a pain.
      I'll try video editing in 2.8 as I have another update now. It is very good. The stable version is out in June I think but it seems to have stopped crashing too much now.

  2. Courier services seem to be so much better these days than they used to be. Gone are the days when they couldn't be arsed to drag your parcel out of the van so, instead of ringing the doorbell, they just dropped a card through the letter box to say you could pick it up from the depot, and then drove off again. These days, most of them seem to be able to give you a one or two hours delivery time slot, and with some you can track their position on line.

    I agree, Royal Mail is so expensive that many people are coming away from it. This, of course, means that the system will collapse as they are forced to put the price up even further to cover the cost of providing the service to fewer customers.

    Still not forgiven Royal Mail for last year delivering a package of leaf tea while we were out, leaving it behind the dustbins, and not putting a card through the door. By the time I found the package when I put the bin out three days later, we'd had plenty of rain, and the ecologically sound packaging (no plastics) was soggy through and through, and infested with woodlice! The stupid thing is the package was clearly marked as being from The Brew Tea Company!

    Still resisting looking at blender!

    Best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Richard DPD seem to be far away the best. Royal Mail staff are great here but they are far too expensive. FedEx are good but also very dear.
      Blender giving me alsorts of grief yesterday you are as well leaving it alone.