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Saturday 9 March 2019


About once a week I download the latest Blender 2.80 Beta version. It rarely crashes now if you have things set up reasonably.
It's amazing that one very complex piece of free software can do so much. I use bits of it badly.
 I have been using it's video editor for years and the new version for the last month. I was a little perturbed on earlier versions of 2.80 that they were not developing it. It is fine and getting better. Lots of new things that I can muddle up. I prefer it to Adobe. I like messing so non linear editors are my choice, so much to mess with. So much to bugger up.
I hope the video below will explain how to start to go on with it. Make no mistake it is daunting but rewarding when you suss a bit of it.
 Learning how to use stuff is what I find entertaining. Like all complicated software you have to hunt about to find the quickest way to do things. Don't ignore the boxes or sub-menus there can be gold hidden in them. Personally remembering what and where I left/right clicked is the difficult bit.
 This software is Dutch, from the Netherlands. Will it still be available at the end of this month? Of course it will. The world is far bigger than the EU. Imagine the lovely feeling of not being beholden to the Krauts or Frogs. The Dutch aren't perfect but they do make great free stuff. What good is all our enrichment? Please explain how Windrush was necessary when we were paying folk to go to Australia. Politcians...Incapable of running to the toilet in time.

I know I'm not good at HowToing. Please bear with me. They take ages to do. Even longer to do badly.

Have fun making sense of this malarkey.

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