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Saturday, 29 June 2019


There is life after the news.
 I try to get on with what  bits of life I have left. I would like to start proper work again but suspect I'm too feeble, I like to do stuff that requires having had to think about it first.

 On the news the other morning the BMA were wanting to treat all comers for free. I thought how altruistic of them. On further investigation they just wanted to abdicate the responsibility of deciding who was entitled and who isn't but still wanted their monies. Not proper work at all, Typical lefty tossers. One will rarely find a socialist working for nothing no matter how much they earn or how useless they are. It always has to be me, me, me and if all else fails the Union. The NHS is a cash cow for leftards. It needs privatising to be fit for purpose. What other country has one as daft as ours?

I see some brain dead idiot thought it a good idea to swim the Rio Grande with a two year old stuffed up his jumper. I suspect some pervy NGO employee encouraged his reckless behaviour. Never mind it made good Trump bashing copy. The American presidents since Kennedy have been trying to stop the buggers invading but to listen to the news it is all Trump's fault. Obumma was very vocal on the matter, but as always with him it only got to the gobby bit, good speaker, crap golfer but what the heck he was a lefty mixed race twat. Trump is a twat but can hardly be held responsible for the decision of a retard who was a very poor swimmer. What he can be castigated for is not putting a stop to the importation of low IQ dross. He should also attack the perpetrators, the NGOs.There is a reason why some of the most productive  areas of our planet are shit holes. Folk living in them are lazy and most are a bit thick. They wouldn't even be at the border were it not for NGOs.

I have given up with the Honda CBX 1050, I balanced the carbs as best I could with my left ear; my right ear is a bit waxy. I got them sounding the same through a little funnel and a yard of plastic pipe. I re-timed it, new plugs, leads,  points and capacitors and BINGO it revved to 7000 rpm and dropped back to a lumpy tick over at about 800 rpm. That would have done me. Beautiful as they are they don't stop or go round corners. It's away to a proper Honda man. They are worth the money as they sound wonderful. Never got a ride...Miserable bugger.
My primary time filler has been animation nodes in blender. I am getting a feel for what does what but doubt I'll ever be any good at utilising them. The dogs have had a hair cut and look wonderful.
This is Molly sitting in a trefoil that I constructed and applied smoothing to. The wonders of Blender. Who would have thought dialling in a smoothing node would send my beautiful trefoil stupid?
I have loads of animation node stuff to share......some of which works a bit. I wish I could have a go in Maya as it appears hers does. Maya is very expensive and hardly justifiable if my thingy only works now and again. I hate being old.

This is as simple as a 3D curve gets.....I think even spirals and the other ones. Oh aye... Helixi or Helixes take much more typing in and whats more, typing in in the right place. Programming is a bit sniffy if you get it wrong. Pity the buggers don't have spill chucker.
Done it, looks okay to me. Bar the smoothing....Bloody Blender. Nasty little creases. I have sorted them and am halfway to a little demo video. Sad I am.
Have a good week.

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