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Sunday, 1 September 2019

0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21...........BACK TO BASICS.

My thoughts and actions are getting far too boring for Blogger hence posts tend to get few comments; that's fine with me, the posts also get a bit spread out as I bamboozle myself  by taking ideas from the internet. Too much knowledge is available for me to learn or understand. It's doing my head in. I decided about this time last year, maybe a little later, to learn Python computer scripting. I never got that far as I found animation nodes, drivers in Blender and then discovered Houdini..........What a sack of spiders the latter is.
Not to worry the fungus I found was demolished by a Fox, Deer or Badger, I carried one home.
I am 90% sure it's a Parasol. It's a new one here, for me.

Back to Blender, you are able to write script into it and then transfer the script to animation nodes. It makes things easy if you understand a bit of basic programming. I found out that I don't comprehend the basic maths or the basic programming so thought I would go for something simple like the Fibonacci sequence in the title. Bollocks to complex numbers and trying to convert and then all the integrating of them into a script language I don't speak. I thought a simple bit of adding up would be easypeasy. How wrong can a special needs man be? It should work................
I just write under the blue writing these few lines and it ought to be recognised by the node above. The blue bit just pops an Icosphere into the 3D viewer. One doesn't need to write all that stuff it's a two click job. Blender is just saying how it did it.
I suspect my understanding is incomplete. I may be in the wrong window.
I use Wolfram for relearning stuff. Here is their Sunflower Head. They call them something posh but it is a Fibonacci spiral.
Not too shabby but they ought to have deleted their control sphere. Sunflowers never overlap their bits. Wolfram are an excellent source for formula and if one so desires you can download their free player. If you look at the image above you will see a little plus sign. Click it and it will run an animated sequence in Wolfram software.
All is good we have a Prime Minister who is half competent and there looks to be a brighter future. Have a good week unless you are a democrat who only believes democracy applies when you get the result you want. In which case you are a Marxist and can rot in hell.


  1. well I must say that I understand nothing lol ! but the mushroom seems to be a big one !
    happy september Adrian

    1. Thanks Marty. I may get competed flummoxed.

  2. About the only thing I understand here is the fungus, Adrian, and I don't know much about that either! Did you ever mange the spoor print?

    1. Richard I did try for a print but the spores were white and I used white paper. I'm doing nothing right at the moment. Such is life.

  3. I don't comment because I am rarely able to understand all the words you you and the order they are in completely floors me. However I was thinking of Molly the other day when I was walking a friends dog because she (friend not dog) had broken her toe. The dog was a collie called Ruby so I have no idea why I thought of Molly. She must be coming on for 13 now.

  4. I can even get the comment right. "you you" should, of course, read "you use"

    1. Graham, comments or lack of them don't matter though I would like to find a numptie with a similar interest in all this image software.
      Molly limps and has done since she was run over as a puppy. She is still active and both dogs love the freedom that this area offers.