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Wednesday 5 February 2020


Rebarbative is a little used adjective but a wonderful word. Jeremy Corbyn; Iran's, the IRA's. and Hamas's man in London as I think of him doesn't meet the criteria nor does the Greata Thunderbumtitless. Mildly annoying the pair of them and both will be destined for the cesspit of history.

 Rebarative folk are the snowflakes that think the police should shoot to maim. The police ought to go in and destroy his Imam and the sodding Mosque. I notice that since the election the police are coping much better. A double tap to the body to drop them and one in the head to make sure. Saves a fortune on legal costs and rehabilitation. 

 What really annoys me are folk far more intelligent than me who cause me sleepless nights by working out how to make computers sing and dance. I can see what they are doing but have endless bother making my machine do it. I have a similar problem with animals. Horses, sheep, cattle and even my own dogs seem to have an agenda at odds with mine. Rebarbative the lot of them.
I was a bit disruptive at school. They made a couple of us take Mensa tests, like a spot the odd one out sort of thing it was. The result was that I was quite bright but a pain in the arse and was bored to tears most of the time. They got me teaching Algebra to the year below or two years below. Great it was I fell in love with a dinky lass and I loved her for six months; easy peasy was teaching, my group got seventy percent pass rates in their O-levels. Then I had to give it up because the Oxford and Cambridge pure mathematics A-Level syllabus was doing my head in. Very difficult it was but not a patch on Blender and trying to recreate Mandelbrots without volumetrics, I don't think those were thought of then. Nor were they thinking of nubile fourteen year old young ladies and oral sex. I wish I had thought such things desirable and possible. Late developer I was.

I love this stuff and Blender being a free thing lets me play at no expense, that and a powerful laptop at quite a lot of shillings. I still use Adobe for picture editing but now I can work it I tend to use it for just that. I do use it for creating masks and gradients now and again but Blender can do that quite easily for free. It just takes longer and a bit more time learning it's foibles.
The following video is really odd. I tried and tried to get my head around the workflow in Houdini. I gave up after a month or two as though I liked the interface I just couldn't work it. Houdini is a non-destructive 3D programme that tends to or does start with primitives. That's computer programmer language for boxes, circles, tubes and spheres the latter and the former are derived from a flat plane. The buggers try to make it easy but make it harder. as you will see.
I downloaded a thing called Socar. It is in development so does crash but it is like the Tissue Add-On. It loads easily unlike some, I won't mention Animation Nodes; a real pain they can be. I doubt anyone here will want them but if you do just say and I'll tell you how to do it. I think Maya can do all this but I can't afford it and the lass from Cairns just used to import stuff into it anyway. Typical school teacher.

For anyone who has watched the above twice I thank you. It is very silly complecated stuff.

Never heard a socialist use rebarbative. A pound to a penny they will when they grow up and learn words longer than four letters.
Have fun.


  1. I have the greatest admiration for people who can write complex computer programs and routines like those. Many, many years ago I wrote some simple programs for ZX81 and AtariST computers. Days to weeks in the writing but sometimes months testing them to try to make them 'idiot' proof so they didn't crash when someone performed a series of operations I wasn't expecting in normal use.

    On the subject of maths at school. I found pure maths was very logical and easy once mastered. Mainly as a result of having an excellent teacher. When introducing a new concept or topic he would check that each of us understood it. If anyone didn't he would gradually work back to the point last understood and then progress forwards again slowly making sure each point had been understood. Doubt I would understand much of it now after 60 yrs of not using the stuff.

    Applied Maths was my bug bear. Completely unintelligible. The teacher for that was useless as he often didn't understand the subject he was supposed to be teaching and had to ask others how to solve the problems he set.

    The new 'thing' looks very interesting. Look forward to the next bout of Adrian Creativity.

    1. John, programming is still beyond me. This is still in development but there are rumours it will be perfect for Blender 2.83. 2.82 is in Beta now so another month or so should see it.

  2. I didn't understand most of that but I do love a new word that has so many possible uses. Now I wonder if I can remember it tomorrow and manage to use it?

    1. Pauline, it's a grand word. This Add-On could be a great addition to Blender. I'll try and grasp it.