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Friday 31 January 2020


This morning I delivered an excavator to a site the other side of the forest. Came back and was informed that the partying was to be held in Aviemore. I'm too old for Aviemore. They will have sore heeds and I will laugh and laugh on Sunday.

I tend to use Autodesk as a CAD programme but FreeCAD is on my laptop. Look at Autodesk prices and you will see why. FreeCAD is coming on in leaps and bounds but they don't have the developers that Blender have so everything is very hit and miss. It's fine for home use but not for commercial purposes. They have a new fastener add-on but it loads into a separate file. It is probably me as I am a bit dozy when it comes to checking file paths. Once one has got it into the right spot it lets you select screw sizes for metric fasteners of any head configuration but when I plonk them in it pops countersinks right through the part. Easily remedied by going back and doing the job by hand but not really what I have come to expect of a CAD programme. It will draw the threads but again who wants or needs to see them? I do they look pretty coloured in. I also noticed that they have a printer friendly option in one of the drop down menus. I'll investigate this matter further.

I have so many projects on the go so tried to simplify stuff to suit the limit of 16GB of RAM my computer has. I really want to make a virtual time lapse video of Coral or Lichen growing. It's all maths and a real pain. Coral and Lichen don't find it at all troublesome, makes me wonder who is special needs.
Here is a very silly video of me trying to avoid codeing but before I get to that I will give you the node tree I popped together for my playing. I am getting au fait with all this animation nodes malarkey. Hardly have to think what to call up and connect what to what. My nose is growing so I will shut up. In truth it is a real bugger.
The bit highlighted was beyond my computers ability so the following video only has little tubes and not proper ones with wall thickness. I did make a thick tube for it to use but when the computer says no it means it.

Have fun and if you are devastated by us leaving the EU and the Fourth Reich then take consolation in the fact that we proles will never have any effect on government. Democracy is just a myth peddled by our betters. Best to just get on with life and punch gobby leftist retards if they annoy one.
Have fun.


  1. With all I have read about bells at midnight on January 31st, do you think the anniversary of Brexit will become a recurring celebration like our own Fourth of July fireworks? Or will it be a ho-hum memory that is soon forgotten?

    1. Bob, I would welcome a UK Independence Day. I expect it will happen.