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Friday, 10 January 2020


Life is a bit hectic at the moment. I am trying to learn to write Python. It's very hard as though I pick languages up quickly I struggle to write in them. I struggle putting my native tongue to paper so I ought not to be surprised. I bet I could have letters after my name.
 I am starting to use procedural stuff in Blender, Shader nodes are fine but Animation nodes are so much better as they never pixelate. Blender cannot get it's render engines to accept and render stuff created with animation nodes, I guess that is why they don't incorporate it, the posh coders can't either. I get around this by rendering the viewport. I did think I could render to a file destination by scripting it. I'm almost there. As I pinch the code thingies that Blender chucks up it almost works I guess I'm a close/open bracket away. What sort of bracket is the poser, I have choices (), {}, []. These mean next to nothing to me and that's why I gave up last January.
I have now found a new add-on and enabled it. It's called Tissue. What it does is tessellate a mesh. Nothing complicated as tessellation is just like laying floor tiles....Geometric shapes that don't overlap but fit together perfectly. What it means in practice is that I can create a little bit of say lichen and grow it on any mesh. I love this stuff, does my head in but it is entertaining. I haven't got an example to show you as I keep buggering it up. Next week I promise a simple one. After I sukseeds yu will be bored by dozens, maybe half a dozen as once I know how to do stuff I lose interest.
My internet here was piggy backed from the farm router, it is hit and miss and slow. A camper came before Christmas and had a magic box called a Wi-Fi 4GEE mini. As I use the internet to stay relatively sane and my mobile phone doesn't really work. I didn't think I needed NHS counselling from some twat with a mobile vibrating in it's pocket for lack of mobile communication I took myself off to Halbeath and PCWorld. I purchased this magic machine, only took an hour and a half as the assistant was tinged. Lovely lass but I could see why she wasn't working in McDonald's. I had to use a tablet to enter personal security details. I invented them. If the government/PCWorld let a lovely Syrian near security they are completely barking mad, never mind her typing which wasn't helped by 25mm nail extensions.....Even I know not to work a tablet with my nails on. 
Here is the machine.
 It seems fine, on 4G and with a following wind it will give 600Mb/s it gets a signal here come rain or snow. I get about 10Mb/s download and will still have to use HandBrake to compress video really tiny for upload, no one can tell after YouTube have compressed again. 
Tomorrow I have a grand job, seven horses to muck out and as it is going to be pissing down I can't put them out. Little tinkers will try and intimidate me whilst I wield my fork and barrow but I have special words and must remember to be very careful with the muck fork no matter how naughty they are.
Have fun.


  1. Adrian, I see what you mean about putting your native language to paper, I didn't understand 90% of it! However, I did manage to catch up at the end when you got to the horses and muck bit....[;o)

    1. Trevor and neither do I but after much perseverance I now have an idea of what to do.

  2. Not even going to attempt to try to understand what you're trying to do with your Python, Adrian! However, your talk of the 4GE WiFi mini has got me thinking. Although the wifi is very good at home, I'm thinking of how useful it might be when I'm on my travels as it seems 4G coverage is pretty good these days, whereas the wifi facility in many establishments is pitiful and/or not secure. It might even be useful to have a wifi hotspot in my car.

    1. Richard I got this as I said from PCWorld. £14.99p and then £35.0p/month for 50Gb of data. It seems to do the job and I get over a day out of the battery. Mobile signal here is awful so in a better place it would be stunning and much cheaper than satellite.