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Thursday, 16 January 2020


The video today is a birthday video for Jen as it's her birthday next. I probably won't send her this as it is lacking something, possibly lacking something to the point of being bloody awful. I can easily or reasonably easily animate the 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' bit to move with the sound but I can't make it rotate all jumpy...must be missing a cunning trick. I can make it get bigger or smaller but that does my head in so I have just gone for a slow rotate. The sound may be a bit loud as I have to use full volume to animate the 'JEN' bit and it needs a re-edit and re-render to drop the volume and fade it out. This is made the old fashioned way but it would be nice to use procedural whatsits and text. I have little doubt it can be done but working out the nodes and scripting to get it done is beyond me at the moment. I also have to consider that some folk have names that won't shorten to three characters. I am working with a frequency spectrum from 0 to 10K; (another thing I can't do is remember the Alt code for '4' or '3' in superscript. I only know '²' and '°' I can't recall everything or much of anything come to think.) I suspect the frequency is split logrythmically by the number of letters. I used the guesstimate method. 'J' is 0-250, 'E' is 250-600 and 'N' is 600-10000. A bad to middling guess but it does the job.

Any artistic or technical criticism would be appreciated as I don't have an artistic bone in my body. If you think it crap then say so as I have another two birthday videos to make this quarter and prefer not to look a Muppet in front of friends.

YouTube has got much better with it's compression but I now have to say whether my videos are for children or grown ups. I will never make videos for the clergy, politicians or the Royals so felt a little discombobulated by this. If I check the box for... It's made for Children then YouTube disables comments and I can't work out how to get them reinstated, it seems even they are confused by all this PC nonsense, I know I am. I suspect next week I'll be a black vegan tiger.

I have another channel or account with YouTube but that is mainly for machines. This video has over twenty seven thousand views. It's an old tractor struggling with a four board Krone plough. This machine is still here and a couple of years ago we split it and popped in a new clutch and PTO drive gears. Easypeasy a two day job once one has ignored all the safety elves, mastered the special words and persuaded farmers to wash their hands and damp the shed floor down before they help.

I never bother with click bait stuff but had I titled this video 'Vegan Tractor' or better still 'The Greta Climate Change Vegan Tractor'. I bet I would be in the millions of hits.

It's probably best not to show vegans the rabbit carnage after a crop is combined. Bet they have never investigated a stubble field or the grain or bean bin on a combine my dogs go doolally for the chance to. Be too messy for a snowflake but there must be macho vegans somewhere, Shirley they can't all be poofy. It would be tealight lighting upsetting for the ones I've seen. Don't worry vegans a chorus of Kumbaya will help the little bunnies to a heavenly future, whilst you gobble their food and profit from their sacrifice.

That is all for today.


  1. No point in asking me because I thought the 'card' was great. Loved the happy honkytonk piano. The rest was vintage Adrian.

  2. Grahamm I could do with an artist with draughting ability to do layouts for me. The music is free from YouTube, they have a good range of stuff all royalty free. I enjoy doing these things but will never achieve professional results.

  3. Looks good to me. Simple (in looks) and very effective.

    Lovely video of the old tractor at work.

    1. John, I'll just give it a polish up and maybe shorten it a bit.
      I will try and get some more machinery videos this year.
      I still can't make head nor tale of the new YouTube interface.

  4. I think that the birthday viseo is great, Adrian, and love the piano.

    Super video of the tractor ploughing - interested to see the steering technique to keep the ensemble 'on track'. Alf and Molly seem impressed by it too!

    FYI ³ is alt 0179, for superscript 4 'alt 8308' works in Word, but not on here!

    1. Thanks Richard.
      The steering is the old way of doing it, new machines have an offset plough which makes life easier but it also means one has to watch that you don't wander off track. It's a skilled job and one I have yet to master, I can just about work a tedder for rowing up hay or straw.
      Alt codes seem to have gone a little anyhow. I suspect I will have to start using HTML code which will be a pain.

  5. I'd be chuffed with that if I were Jen. Love the perky music. I like the sound of the tractor, too. I like the sound of trains and planes, too. I find the sound of a powerful engine very comforting. Must be something wrong with me.

    1. Pauline, I'll just clean up the fade at the end and send it.
      The Zetor is unsilenced as if it has one the silencer box is too close to the screen and cracks the glass. I think it sounds superb. I'll get some video of it cold starting and post to all the CO² moaners.