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Sunday, 12 January 2020


Yesterday was very wet. I was horseing about and got soaked, really wet. I then had to run Bryony down the road as she is too young to drive, she was wet as well and in a hurry as she had a private maths lesson. No wonder teachers are stressed what with flitting between private work and state work. I bet a pound to a shilling he wasn't wet. I sometimes wonder who is the fool.
 The car is nearly as wet inside as out as I only have a one speed fan. I could get a new thermistor for it but the damn thing is hidden in the depths of the car, possibly just above the exhaust. Bloody things cost pennies. Renault have their good points but accessibility and forward thinking aren't among them, I had to strip the grill just to change a 60p sidelight bulb. I did ask the local garage for a price on popping in a new heater thingy. He just laughed and advised me to swap the car for one with a working blower. Cheeky Donald. Nothing wrong with my £100.00p car but I can see that a days labour would quadruple it's value.

I love messing in Blender. Every time I visit YouTube some intelligent git has come up with something else it can do.
This is the tissue modifier. It is now part of Blender but needs enabling and doesn't show unless one presses 'N' to bring up the view panel and from there select EDIT. Do as I say if you require it as I can assure you special words have no effect on computers. 

Here is the Basketball. This would take a week to model using array modifiers and would be no better than this at the end of ones labour. That is labour with a small 'l', not the one with a big 'L'. They are for the most part actors and other very strange folk who have lots of feelings and very few skills.
As usual I have stolen most of this and the credits are under the video. It isn't perfect and looks to have problems with Normals it hasn't, it just doesn't join the tiles perfectly. 
 This what I started with it is a square sphere so a cube with a few sub divisions as opposed to a sphere like the earth with lines of longitude and latitude.

This is the tile for the weave I used. A posh modelling job for something that appears to be easy. I solidified it after to make this.
The yellow line shows where the the tile doesn't meet up. I can increase the angle in modifiers but it then makes a complete bollocks of the rest. I could also go around selecting edges and joining them but I am not quite that anal The red bits look like a Normal problem and are but as the algorithm is this is as good as it gets. You can hardly tell in a movie.
See for yourself.

That's all for today, have a good week and don't weaken.


  1. I have not weakened. No fear of that. Old Citroen, they used to say you had to take the engine out to change the oil. You may remember that back in the 1970s

    1. Rachel, I suspect all French cars have their idiosyncrasies.

  2. Impressive, Adrian, but what hell are you going to use it for? As it doesn't have an opening, you can't even keep the firewood in it - just thought, make a couple of them small enough for Alf and Molly to play with!

    1. Richard, I hope to use the system to get a lichen to grow. The dogs have enough toys.