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Wednesday, 4 March 2020


This is another poser of a project I've had on the go for a week or more. I must learn to use the stuff that is already available in Blender. This node is under development and Animation Nodes are still experimental though generally stable as long as I get the correct ones in the right order. Maya already has a Decompose Text node , I'm not sure whether After Effects has but both are expensive. I have a  house build timelapse going on but it will unfortunately have to remain private. It's a long time since I've done timelapses, I'll try and find a suitable subject. 
Decompose Text will not accept the native Blender text but it will accept any of the true type fonts. You can pause the video to see the node tree, it is quick and easy and will do far more than this simple demo. No scripting is required and I'll pop a longer video together when I can get it to work or when Omar can. This is almost impossible to achieve in under a day using key frames and then copying the data from one letter to the next and staggering the curve in the graph editor. Not something I would relish.

This node malarkey takes some getting used to but it produces quick and very good results once one starts to grasp it's foibles and complexity. It is visual programming for idiots. 

In other news it seems that apart from the Corona Virus and Tommy Robinson slapping a paedophile, there isn't much going on. I don't drink Corona and I detest little children.

 I once went to a primary school to explain basic trigonometry empirically. I got them to use a length of chalky string to draw a circle on the floor, we then snapped a radius, then the lad in the middle got bored and wanted to draw the tangent. They all wanted to draw the bloody tangent. I forgot where I was and used my special words. It went awfully quiet then Mrs Tangy the Headperson and Miss Hill the Teacherperson with the lovely legs started laughing. The children thought this approval. They were dancing around tugging at my trousers, shouting "Jim behave you little bastard, this is serious stuff."  We never did get to the sine, cosine, tangent business. I was too traumatised to continue. Like being in a barrel full of rats in the dark without a gun it was. One member of staff did think we could make it into a sort of dance routine, a good idea as it involves all the kids. As long as it didn't involve me I was happy.

In other news Priti Patel is getting some grief from the serpents. She must be over the target as Jeremy and Diane have joined in. Not that anyone with more than a couple of brain cells gives a toss what they think. I do care what Corbyn does and laying wreathes for dead terrorists is a bit naughty. He is old now but it amazes me that nobody thought to give him a good slapping when he was young. Same with that Biden bloke sniffing little children and pawing them. He is another that needed a good clout. 

If anyone is excited by moving letters then you can always let me know. 
Have fun.    


  1. Priti Patel is too clever for them.

  2. Looks a good titling effect, especially with the 3D lettering.

    1. John, it has potential but is very buggy. I see the developer Omar has pulled the decompose text node in the latest build. It will be back when he has sorted it.