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Monday 9 March 2020


According to spill chucker the title ought to read SPIKY. Doesn't look or sound right to me but I have always been a bit Special Needs. Anorexic, Muzziephobic, a Gretard denier or something similar. I'll stick with spikey. 

I have to pop over to the stables tomorrow and will get some snaps of the Hedgehog Hotel and it's guests. 

This situation started with a juvenile hedgehog being found wandering about last September in daylight hours. Three more were found, fed and watered with a wee dropper thing I got out of the bottle that I do my earwax with. I washed it before. I washed it after as I didn't fancy Hedgehog dribble or flees in my ear. The inexpert experts then took them to a Hedgehog lady in Perth who told them how to go about Hedgehog husbandry. Came back newly educated experts. For the Townies out there they are nothing like a horse. Horses aren't spikey, horses are bigger. Much, much bigger though amazingly the dogs don't seem to consider the Hedgehogs size.

The Perth lady took the first one and it will come back as soon as winter is over to be released. She was full so the others went to a Hedgehog lady down near the new Forth bridge. She was almost full so the stables built a hedgehog facility. Apparently they are not very sociable so have to have a little run of their own. I haven't had much to do with the job but have given them a look. They are cleaned, fed and watered every day and then weighed, flees counted other technical matters noted and new posh cat food popped in Hedgehog sized bowls etc. etc. It's all entered in a ledger so that if and when some government tosser takes credit they can spout nonsense. I'm surprised government funding isn't available. The SNP here are barking mad. Like Labour south of the border. I doubt Hedgehog preservation would appeal but one can never tell. Fox preservation did until one of the lefties admitted to killing one whilst wearing women's clothing. To be fair he was so proud. Proud to bursting. The idiot told the world of his dastardly deed. Is he related to Somerset Maugham, I very much doubt it. I hazard a guess that Jolyon is a bit tinged with the Irish branch of the Mooroms. 

I ought to know how many there are but being Special Needs don't always pay attention. It's a self preservation thing. I don't need to spend two hours making horses happy to then start on bloody Hedgehogs. Prickly wee mites they are and to be honest not very entertaining.

This is a teaser. I'll get some snaps tomorrow. They are all slightly different but all now have spikes. One is blind but fat as an Abbot so it could have a future rearing a rock ape Dindu.

I don't want to raise your hopes. Unless you are a connoisseur of spikey things they all look much the same. 

Have fun.


  1. I really miss the Summer visits from our local spikeys.

    1. John, I didn't have time to get any photos this morning but will try again later in the week. I think they have about half a dozen but room for double that. Most have come as overflow from the Hedgehog sanctuary.

  2. When I first came to NZ the lady on the farm next door was collecting live hedgehogs for research into whether they carried bovine tuberculosis. Turns out, in this country they do. And I've seen one attack a chicken. I kid you not! Anyway, they are not my favourite little creature. Still, I think its great that there are people who take in and care for little animals. Although, I must admit, I taught my kids that if it's wild and it's sick it is nature's way to let it die. Hard hearted Aussie that I am.

    1. Pauline, nasty things they are in NZ. Here they just eat slugs and other creepy crawlies.
      I'll get some pictures this morning, thanks for reminding me.