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Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Woke up at the crack of dawn this morning, well about an hour before and it was still raining. I'm trying to decide whether this early awakening is due to a guilty conscience or imminent prostate problems. However it's of no relevance and I'm sure you're not interested, if you are you're reading the wrong Blog.

Dawn slid upon us, no burst of colour just a gradual transformation from dark dirty gray to light dirty gray. Half a gale blowing.

Fetched the paper, had my porridge, did the crossword and noticed that the wind was much less violent, and the sun was starting to appear through the cloud cover so headed out for Padley.

I fancied either some panoramas or maybe a dabble with HDR, neither process is helped by wind and the venue is much better with thin cloud cover. The shadows under the trees are too harsh and the reflections off the stream get blown out in direct sunlight.

Arrived around ten o'clock, much too late as there were already plenty of people about. This is an early morning venue. for those unfamiliar with the area I've done you a little map with help from Google and Snagit.



The dog had a good run around, I had a paddle in the brook and managed about fifteen or twenty exposures before I got sick of waiting for ramblers, children, twitchers et al to clear my view.



Three Stitch Panorama Burbage Brook 

The photograph above shows the problem with sunlight here, I had a polarizing filter but must have twisted it fixing the lens hood. I forgot to check as Molly had taken herself off to play with a couple of children. Must learn to multi task!



Three exposure HDR ev+/-2


The above could have done with another exposure at -3ev, but there was too much going on for me to concentrate so packed up and went a walk up to the Toads mouth. This is,in it's essence, three gritstone boulders and one needs a pretty vivid imagination to determine the toad bit, but more romantic a title than pile of rock!

That's all today, I'll try for a 'How To' on stitching now I can do screen captures. Sorry I'll rephrase that, now I have the software to do screen captures. It's a bit more Snag than IT at present. I'll also publish this to Blogger it looks OK in Live Writer, take about a second to become a right dogs dinner! Hey it worked!!

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