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Thursday, 14 May 2009

A quiet couple of days since my last dissertation. Tuesday morning went out armed with the camera, back Down to Water-Cum-Jolly. Getting a bit of a habit is this place.
The sun was constantly cloud dodging, far from
 ideal for HDRs but here are the results. This view from under the weir I've never tried before. There's usually too much water and the vantage point is somewhat damp not to mention potentially expensive I suspect that there's a limit to Olympus and their splash proofing technology.
Went out motorhome viewing again yesterday. Slowly getting there I think. I am pretty sure of the basic specification I require.
Dedicated berth
Separate freezer
It's just a matter of dropping on the right vehicle and one which is within my budget, always a pain are financial constraints. Ideally I would also like change from the purchase to invest in Photoshop CS4. I'll need something to pass the cold winter nights stuck in the back of beyond.
In my experience and with my innate ineptitude with all things Adobe, this acquisition should fit the bill nicely.
Still no cygnets hatched, that swan must have the patience of a saint, or possibly little else to do but sit on a pile of sticks and eggs.

However all was not doom and gloom for I came across these Coot chicks are but a few hours old and this brave soul is already ready for a swim. Spent an hour or more watching them. Unfortunately I didn't have a long enough lens, truth is I don't own a longer lens.
I do have a teleconverter but as is often the case it was sitting at home.
Anyone know how to get rid of this underscoring?

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