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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A MIXED BAG (25/01/10)

Went out around nine o'clock this morning. The forecast was for things to brighten later so decided to have a look at a stream that on the map was full of springs, a water fall and a few pot holes. It was dry! The cloud ceiling being higher than of late we backtracked and went for another look at Ingleborough. This, as I have said before, is grand walking country. Varied with lots of interest to take my mind off the arctic temperatures, exacerbated by the loss of a glove, more expense! We wander through limestone pasture, the rocky limestone pavement,  acidic bogs, eventually reaching the snow line.

Today's snaps are not of the best, the light was all but non existent and at one stage I was actually clearing snow from the filter, for once the smudges aren't rain! So a eclectic mix follows.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Should this moss be red? Or is it a dead green one?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I met a farmer and let him know I had passed a dead Sheep. They have the bulk of their flocks off the hill but are bound to miss a few. This poor mite had failed to survive and it's no longer possible to leave cadavers lying around. Pity, they help foxes and numerous birds from buzzard to magpie survive the winter. Whilst chatting, he said. ' Watch yourself in the Grikes!'... Grikes?......Grikes are the gaps or fissures in the pavement illustrated above and the blocks of stone are Clints. Took to these two nouns. Great words. Grike must be the expletive used when one falls in one. Should you stub a toe on a stone......Well, I could have misheard!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA No marks for quality here but I include it as it's a pre-glacial sink hole draining water into a cave system. The bonus is its name...........Braithwaite Wife Hole. I'll leave further elaboration and conjecture to you!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This duck boarding is erosion control on the acid bog. As is the following..........

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These are gritstone flags and deadly when covered in ice. As a conservation measure it's the best of a bad job but a de-icer would have been appreciated.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Ingleborough.....We made it to the snow line. It was too much for me. Going up was, just about, possible but descending was lethal without crampons, so no pictures of freezing mist from the summit. I, ever the optimist, had lugged a load of filters, spare batteries, tripod and a stack of stuff I have never used and barely know how to deploy.........Muppet should be my middle name!!


Molly doing her seal impression. Actually removing bits of bog. Good stuff is snow for a quick clean and polish...........If a jobs worth doing..........

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ...........It's worth doing properly.....That's her.....

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.......Sparkling bright!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                          To finish.......A happy rock....Probably laughing at me!

That's all.


  1. Nice shots Adrian, can we see any more, or does it mean that you are going to work?

  2. Bob, had a hard drive failure, will take another day to get back to full operation then service should be as normal. Whatever that is.

  3. Doesn't look the sort of place for taking wonky ankles, Adrian. Molly looks as though she was enjoying the outing.

  4. Great post Adrian; good to see you back. I was wondering if anything was amiss.
    Lovely shots of the great outdoors, and the 'snow line' does look a little chilly!
    Molly looks to be having the time of her life too.

  5. John, ankle pretty well back to normal so no worries there. still a lot of ice about with more snow on the way. I'm still reloading the reconditioned computer but hope to get out tomorrow.
    Keith, Molly doesn't mind where she goes as long as she goes somewhere. When the machine crashed I was driven to a few words---Bless my soul featured.

  6. Great shots Adrian! Molly is such a lady, isn't she? LOL - love it!

    That last shot of the rock is spectacular - great detail and texture!

  7. Penny, it's a grand area especially for weathered limestone. Will get around to catching up with your posts as we are almost back to normal. Just the printer drivers and profiles to reinstall. Glad I upgraded to Windows 7 during repairs. It's a vast improvement.

  8. Next time - how about Molly taking pictures of you rolling in the snow?

  9. John, the way she thinks she rules the place I wouldn't be at all surprised if she could.