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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

NAVIGATORS (03/02/10)

A week  ago yesterday my computer refused to function, a total failure even refusing to boot up in safe mode. After three hours of trying all I knew, with the depth of my IT knowledge I’m a little confused that it could have taken that long. I eventually came to the conclusion that the primary hard drive had failed. I now have a much better machine running Windows 7 complete with two new 350GB drives.

Got out a few times last week, mist rain, light snow and a couple of bright, cold, sunny days. We had a walk up the Doe Valley to Ribblehead. Ribblehead is dominated by the twenty four arches of the railway viaduct built to carry the Settle to Carlisle railway over Blea Moor. This line was the last line to be constructed by Navvies or Navigators so called as originally they constructed the canals or navigations. Six thousand of them took seven years to build the seventy two miles of track, tunnels and viaducts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Ribblehead Viaduct, one hundred and four feet high and four hundred and forty yards long.



This magnificent structure was finished in 1875 and cost one hundred and twenty lives, lost through a combination of disease and accident.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The tiny church of St Leonard’s at Chapel the Dale. This church is some four miles down the valley from the railway. The railway Company paid to have the church yard extended to accommodate the labourers killed. Generous, up to a point, they are all interred in unmarked graves!


This is the memorial to these poor souls, odd it took a hundred and twenty four years to appear but it’s good it’s here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I really liked the atmosphere a very restful little church and really who needs a headstone when the viaduct still stands.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Still a wee bit chilly.

Back to programme installation, laundry and other similar scintillating tasks.


  1. I've travelled on the train from Skipton to Carlisle on this rail route - it is certainly a very pretty area.

    The line was in danger of being closed but it seems to have been spared the axe - for now !!!

    Oh yes PC problems can be so frustrating !!!!

  2. Petrus, a beautiful and unique landscape. No danger of closure immediately as millions have been spent on the infrastructure.

  3. Great shots here Adrian! The viaducts are so incredibly beautiful, and that last photo is intriguing. I looked at it for about five minutes before I started my comment... and keep looking back up at it.

    Hope you get your computer all tweaked soon. I know all too well the frustrations caused by fried hard drives! You have my sympathy!

  4. Ta Penny,last pic is just a frozen puddle. The computer has just about sent me insane but even in my dotage I've learned a lot from the crash. The big bonus.....No more Vista! Oh! The last image has a wee bit of windblown muck.

  5. Takes me back Adrian. The Viaduct is very impressive and I believe they sold tickets for a walk along the track last year ..I think they were £15-00 per head and there was a good turn out. I saw this info on the *The Weaver of Grass* blog and I hope I have recalled correctly.
    The Church of St Leonard’s at Chapel the Dale is truly peaceful and I have a picture up somewhere on one of my blogs.I love the Dales and wish I was up there also.
    Sedburgh on the border of the Lakes and Dales is a nice Book Town with a lovely School and Church.

  6. Trevor, the lines still open, I've heard but not seen diesels on it and they run steam excursions from time to time. Yes it is a great area, in many ways at it's best in the winter.

  7. I think it was during a repair job and also a way to raise some money...but it most certainly happened because I remember her saying her husband (the farmer) bought her a ticket.