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Monday 20 June 2011


After our early excursion yesterday morning I went out again insect hunting. We got back just in time to avoid a downpour of biblical proportions.

Now I was undecided whether to walk the couple of miles down the road to Croft Circuit to watch the British Touring Cars…………I decided to go to the local pub and watch them on TV. A wonderful decision, in theory, I would save the twenty pound plus admission charge, get a sandwich, stay dry and save a walk. I saved two pounds. ITV 4 broadcasts the whole meeting…….It was a tired and emotional blogger that returned for supper at six in the afternoon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This is from just now and I don’t know what it is…….there’s a surprise! A pretty fly and better still that it prefers pollen to dung.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I think this is a Flesh Fly………..It’s having a quick wash and brush up. These are both from today………….Alfie has been to the vets for his post operation check up and has been pronounced physically fit. He is still mad as a sack of spiders but I suspect there is little to be done about that.

Back to yesterday…………………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I am almost sure this is a German Wasp……..I can only tell from a head on view and though I have ten shots non show either the three black dots of the German Wasp or the upside down black T of the Common Wasp.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I hope this is a female Sooty Copper…………..It is a first for me whatever it is.



Is this an Orange tailed Bumble Bee? I’ll have to go out with someone who can show me, the Collins cheapo nature guides are good value but don’t show enough different views.….I actually am very pleased with the background in these pictures The unopened flower heads are lovely.

All images today are shot with a monopod and a 500mm telephoto and extension tube……..It’s too windy for a macro lens. With the latter by the time I’ve set up the insect is long gone anyway……….so little point bothering.

I apologise for my lack of ID ability but I find insects fascinating………….all help with identification will be gratefully received.

Have a good week.


  1. Nice photos, I presumed you managed to take them between two downpours...DeeBee

  2. You should be proud of those backgrounds. The wasp is against a great backdrop, too. Sorry I can't help you with the IDs, but for bugs they look very nice.

  3. lovely images Adrian! The butterfly is a male Ringlet and yes, it is the Orange (or Red as I know it) tailed Bumble Bee.

  4. DeeBee, for once I remained dry. The camera Olympus E-5 is waterproof so no worries there.

    JoLynne, I love bugs their colour and variety. I didn't notice the flower heads till I got back. Difference between competent and incompetent.

    Shysongbird, Many thanks, there are six, at least, bumble bees in this country......I find them difficult to tell apart. These are a third the size of the white tailed. The Ringlet...I am sure you are right but it would be good to get a rare migrant......Can't we stretch a point, there are no spots? It took me thick end of an hour trailing it about.......No worries it is what it is.

  5. Thanks for the visit Adrian :) I'm afraid you can't turn my Bombus pratorum into Bombus hortorum though as it had a red tail (although you couldn't see it in the photo) and apart from your Red-tailed it is the only other one we have with said red tail :)

    Sorry about the Ringlet but if you lived here you wouldn't even have seen that... no butterflies in evidence here at all at the moment :(

  6. Jan, no problem. I spent forty years as an engineer/ mathematician...only just learned to spell. I love walks and they are so much better if one looks and identifies stuff. A right barrel of worms it is to me but all help is really appreciated. Keith came round the camper and has only to poke his head out to come back saying there are Chiffchaff or whatever. I'll get there. many thanks.

  7. Beautiful photos. I know how extremely difficult it is to photograph a moving object. Particularly something tiny like a bee. You must be a very patient person.

  8. patient and fearless, I'd say! I find insects intriguing, but I still couldn't tolerate being as close as you get to achieve those fine shots.
    It's pouring here this morning. Guess we need it.

  9. Great close -ups Adrian.My knowledge of the insect world is very limited so I cannot help you on that score. I am sure we are going to see some fabulous macro shots very soon.

  10. I'm not good with insect ID's Adrian, but I agree with Jan on the Ringlet.
    I love the last two of the bee, on the blue flowers.
    I think they're Meadow Crane's-bill.

    Had heavy rain here this evening.

  11. Olga, I used a telephoto and extension tube....it speeds the business up but quality suffers.

    Norma, insects are generally harmless........even the Stag Beetle can't bite....the female can give one a wee nip.

    Horst. thanks still plenty of room for improvement.

    Trevor, I hope to improve. I have a good macro lens but I suspect I'll have to catch bugs and pop them in the fridge for a few staged shots.

    Keith, it is Meadow Cranes Bill. Ringlet it is then.

  12. They are beautiful, that's my ID.

  13. The photo of the wasp gave me the creeps.I have a phobia with wasps,big time.!! Can't fault the photo,just the subject.!!!
    Loved all the other shots,great photos.

  14. Bob, many thanks.......save me lots of time If I just called them Beautiful 1, 2,.........and so on.

    Carolyn, wasps are okay this time of year. Autumn when they are desperate for sugar is when they become nasty. I find them attractive but then I like colour.

  15. Great images of these insects going about their daily business. My workmate is a shrewd customer, she knows a track side Doctor and got free complimentary VIP tickets, shame you had to pay so much in the substitute venue.

  16. Jay, I didn't have to pay.......a couple of pints turned into four........a good afternoon.

  17. I certainly agree with your comment that looking for 'things' and photography make a walk so much more interesting. I've found blogging has made me so much more aware of my surroundings.

  18. Graham, I don't know what I would do without the dogs and a camera. The former get me out at least three times a day and the latter sharpens my powers of observation........now all I have to do is identify what it is I've looked at.