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Wednesday 15 June 2011

I AM AN ODD PERSON (15/06/11)

I know this as a fact. I am . Not certifiably insane, just odd. I listen to our Prime Minister………jumping this way, jumping the other and feel sympathy for him………..what his poor wife suffers I dread to think. He scrapped the Harriers and their carrier, he has virtually given the former to the USA. No problem there but paying Italians to launch strikes from airbases on their country does niggle a little, we liberated it, or my dad helped. I love Italy, I’ve only seen the shoe bit, it is fantastic………..How did I miss out on Bunga Bunga Parties. Thick I am.

On to todays topic bridges over the river Tees. This is not the best but as a river it has more than it’s fair share.

Untitled_Panorama1   The Abbey Bridge at Egglestone Abbey.  Seventy feet wide and almost as tall. A wee belter of a bridge and so well designed that it is the heavy goods vehicle route into Barnard Castle…….two hundred and fifty years after it was constructed! This is a perfect arch. I did not do it justice as this image is stitched from fifteen frames………And… ‘’ and eld’’

Thank David Cameron for image stabilisation. He deserves a bit of a fillip…Like hell he does. he deserves the sack.

To think a panoramic head was almost 1k four years ago……….now obsolete.

_6154447_48_49_50_51_tonemapped_edited-1        The same or almost the same shot. A one hit wonder. Meter off green bits and knock the camera down a stop, on speed in this case but you could use ISO or aperture…………doubt there would be a difference.


Egglestone Abbey.. I will visit in winter, I dislike people in shots of ruins.


The former exposure blended……………..the later okay but lacking.

Now for regular watchers of this blog I’ll have to mention Alfie. He had a major operation on Monday……….his naughty bits removed. He is fine………………..here he is…………….twenty four hours later.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat a beauty. He has trodden on a dead wasp today which stung him…………….took his mind off more serious matters! Stung me as well removing it same effect.

Have fun.



  1. I'm the same...hate people in shots of ruins...it seems to ruin the atmosphere.

    As for Alfie - what a little belter he looks..!!


  2. Alfie looks really perky for such a recent surgery!
    I have to agree-seeing a car next to a ruin, so out of place!

  3. I love that first shot of the bridge Adrian; 'and 'eld, and stitched, I'm well impressed.

    Alfie looks like he's made a good recovery from his operation.

  4. Trevor, I only look after him......he is a wee devil. I love him or it as it is now.
    I enjoy the sun but it is a pain as are the folk it attracts.

    Norma, they are the same as us a quick cuddle is worth more than an aspirin.
    I like winter photos I can make them into summer ones but never visa versa.

    Keith, I'm pleased with the first shot..........no worry to me that it is processed.
    I enjoy the processing...........Yet to suss the video mind.
    He had a claw removed and his nuts.......he was pushing his luck from time to time with me. He is fine.........if thick....most dogs can tell a fly from a wasp.

  5. Maybe a better description might be eccentric. The world would be a such a dull place without us eccentrics.

    A very photogenic bridge - great result from the 'and 'elds.

    It's time Cameron used some of his stashed wealth to buy a jacket to go with the trousers - he looks such a plonker in shirt sleeves.

    Amazing how quickly most animals recover from surgery though I think Alfie is still working off the anaesthetic.

  6. Great pictures of a lovely spot, Adrian - did you walk along the footpath upstream to the Meeting of the Waters?

  7. Impressive bridge and abbey ruins. Tricky part that everyone would like to be the only visitor (at least with the camera) ;)

  8. The bridges are superb, the writing is really brilliant and poor old Alfie, hum, that is bad luck.

  9. I like all of your bridge photos. I also love your little dogies, they are so cute. Have a great day and stay on the bright side of life.

  10. I feel a bit of a ruin myself today, got bitten by a spider so I can sympathise with Alfie. Mind you, he looks a lot brighter than I feel. I agree, people do not belong near old ruins. Love the bridge!

  11. Interesting history ~ I've googled the Abbey (12th Century) and the bridge which was built in 1773. Amazing photos, Adrian ~

  12. Hi Adrian glad to see Alfie is no worse for wear for his op! Thanks for nice comment on my blog, it will be good to get back into work.

  13. John, the new camera I.S. is much better than the old one, I did lean on a tree. Alf is fine, the wasp caused him and me more grief.

    Phil, no I cheated, there is a layby just down the road from the bridge I used that and walked through the woods for a few hundred yards. I have been here before I walked from Thorpe farm on the A66 and visited the suspension bridge, this one andpassed the meeting of the waters. It was an awfully wet day. The tees has many wonderful bridges.

    Monica, it is a beautiful place. Winter these old ruins are usually quiet, problem is they are often shut till ten o'clock.

    Bob, thanks, Alf is fine today. It is a wonderful bridge.

    Horst, thank you. it is difficult to completely mess up such a smashing bridge.

    Pauline, thanks, get better soon. I thought Australia was the place for nasty spiders.

    Glo, it was built as you say in 1773 and is still going strong.

    Kevin, the daft dog is fine. Don't work too hard. It sounds a really interesting job...Need an assistant?

  14. Lovely photos as always, Adrian. Those cars do seem wrong though.

    Alfie.. what an adorable face. Glad to know he's on the mend he won't miss them a bit. Benny still likes to air-hump when he sniffs a pretty pup. He's still instinct-driven but has no idea what to do with it. ;)

  15. I suspect we are all a bit odd in our own way Adrian.

    Striking and rather haunting images!

    Poor Alfie, he has been through it this week. We had Louis done (not stung!) thinking it might make him calmer... it didn't.

    Lovely arty shots on the previous post!

  16. Hilary, they are not always lovely but this is a good subject. Cars and in this country signs everywhere.

    Shysongbird, I like to think the world needs odd folk........it is a good place to visit. Alf is fine.

  17. I see you're into portraits now ..... what a smasher, hope he's getting better by the day.
    I once did a walk with some ex work colleagues that started from Egglestone Abbey. They were more interested in walking and talking rather than what was around them. It's a shame that it was 10 years ago & I haven't given myself the opportunity of returning here. I must try to remember this, the next time I visit Barney.

  18. Teuvon, it's good to see you here.....I admire your macro work......very good.

    Jay, It's worth walking from here to The meeting of the waters and then to Whorlton suspension bridge. The walk back is not very exciting so two cars would be a good idea.

  19. Glad your a little odd Adrian. I'd be feeling lonely otherwise. Mind you it all depends where you are coming from. As Robert Owen (as a Telegraph reader you'll not have heard of him, of course) said "All the world is queer save thee and me, and even thou art a little queer". Mind you today one would have to substitute 'odd' for 'queer' or one might get into trouble.

    Loved Alfie's little posing pouch!

  20. Graham, the reason that It Ain't half Hot Mum is never repeated only occurred to me the other day. dubbing Gay in several times an episode would be a little expensive.