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Thursday 16 June 2011


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast night there was a lunar eclipse except there wasn’t. Well there was but I couldn’t see it for clouds. This is a photograph of the last one just before Christmas.

We went a walk this morning, set off in superb weather then got soaked on the way home. I have been pursuing a Jay on and off all week and have had no success with that either………worse and more wary than Woodpeckers are Jays. I have also mislaid my phone……….I’ll find it if it rings. I have another phone to call myself on but have forgotten it’s number so can’t top it up. Still if that is all I have to worry about I should be grateful and am.


_6154442_3_4_5_6_tonemapped_edited-1A couple of out takes from yesterday. as regulars will have realised I’m short of copy today.

This is todays effort.


This is a Rook………..Corvus Frugilegous…….Latin for fruit collecting crow…daft name, they eat anything….I was trimming some fresh lambs kidney a week ago and the dogs were outside lying in the sun, I threw the cores out of the door, he was quicker than the dogs. I move about the site as it’s busy but it now finds the van. Yesterday it was on the roof pecking on the skylight, today more brazen still, perched on the wing mirror pecking on the glass. I like this bird, sad as I am I’ve named him Robert. No idea what sex it is but it’s getting very close to being hand fed. It will come within a foot of my hand……..no pun intended. It is a beauty and will enlarge with a click.

I know what I am doing is irresponsible………..wild birds and mammals should be left alone but even the dogs only whine when it comes calling for food…. Every couple of hours!…………..We are all a bit daft. Should it decide to join us then it would be welcome. They are very intelligent, my favourite story is of the Rook proof bins at South Mimms Services. Took them less than twenty four hours to sort them out.

Have fun.


  1. Hi Adrian, your Crows look different than ours, our don't have such a large powerful bill.

  2. I'm envious of your Rook Adrian. I'd love a friend like that. Excellent shots of him too.

  3. Crows in the USA are scavengers who sort out trash to get what they want. I like your photos, but crows are not a bird with whom I'd want to be friends.

  4. I like the shot of the Rook, it seems to be a persistent beast.

  5. He/she's a real beauty. Obviously smart, knows a good thing!

  6. Horst, we have around ten different members of the crow family. rooks have a powerful bill but the ravens is bigger still.

    Keith, it's not been round yet today, ungrateful bird.

    Norma, Rooks are very intelligent. They are tool users and good problem solvers.

    Jay, I seem to ollect friendly birds from crows through to geese and swans.

    Pauline, they are clever birds, slightly daunting but sociable.

  7. I like your new friend. I hope that's not irresponsible.

  8. Jolynne, it never appeared today so I suspect it's found a camper living on steak not mince and chicken.

  9. Strange isn't it how we get attached to wild birds and animals. I think it may be the curiosity factor but I'm sure that some would say it is something far more complex.

  10. Graham, for me it is the feeling I get from their trust.......a warm feeling.