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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


A depressing day, I usually enjoy stormy weather but not today. The sun has shown itself but we have been out twice and both times got a good soaking. I can’t get a signal on Radio 4. The only book I have is a James Patterson and it is rubbish. So I’m afraid I’ve been playing in Photoshop again.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   It’s horrible see…………………………

_8106189_90_91_92_93_tonemapped_edited-1   And no better in HDR. I had to hide the tripod behind a wall to save it from being blown away. I couldn’t keep the lens rain free and the images don’t warrant cloning all the spots out so they can stay.

I then thought I’ll take advantage of all the movement…………A good while since I’ve reproduced the Harris Shutter Effect. Here we go.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       You can see the separate RGB channels on the tree branches or anything that moves between exposures. You may have to click to go large but only if you are as damp and desperate as I am. I will have another look at the white cottage. It appears to have a rare lean. I straightened it in the first image but left this one as the barn to it’s left is near enough plumb.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This is a closer view of the effect, not the same trees but closer ones.

Now I have only heard a little of the goings on in the domestic news. The barmpots in our capital seem to have had a night off………..the powers in charge shifted police in from the provinces to make sure of that. The problem appears to be that last night the wee thugs had free rein to ignite the rest of the country. Now that was not foreseeable. Was it?

I’m not a religious man but I thought I’d light a candle for peace.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I rather enjoyed that…………………………………..so…………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         lit another. The background is from Mondays Daily Telegraph and is credited to Lewis Whyld. A week or so  ago a bottomist, today an arsonist…………I’ll leave further conjecture to you.

Tomorrow we are on our way back east. I’ll call at Tan Hill on the way as they have a band on at the end of the month whom I would like to shoot. If I’m honest it’s the lead singer I’d like to shoot, being franker still taking her photograph was not the first thing that sprang to mind when I met her last year.

Stay safe and dry.


  1. Hi Adrian... I do hope you get some good weather soon...lol ; ]
    I did like your post though ...strange, comical, sad and honest....but mostly I laughed!!
    I don't know why my published posts are not showing up on followers reading list for up to 12 hour ..maybe that's something you could do in your spare time?? lol

  2. Grace I suspect that we are in for a few more days of this........we'll see.
    Check the time on your computer then go into dashboard and make sure you haven't a time set to post posts. Blogger has a mind of it's own from time to time. Good luck. I have used their help forum in the past......with mixed success!

  3. Looks like you have made the best out of a miserable old weather day. I have the Keswick webcam bookmarked and I often look to see what the weather's like. I've seen the Saturday market being set up and also seen Little Dodd's garden truck come by in the mornings to water the hanging plant. I know ... I need to get a life ;)


  4. That looks pretty grim up there; but I do like that second shot.
    Best of luck with the singer.

    As for the thugs roaming our cities at the moment, I think DEFRA should propose a cull. Something they seem good at, and one I'd agree with for a change.

  5. A lovely post Adrian.. It chucked it down in Manchester today.... a pity it didn't last night it might have quelled the mindless idiots shoplifting spree...

  6. So sorry to hear about the trouble in the UK. Hope it calms down and people can rebuild.

    I kinda like that first image. It looks exactly like what it is.

  7. Glo, the web cam will be drowned this morning. The hanging baskets will not nee watering.

    Keith, it is vile. Much like the wee hoodies. I agree forget the Badgers hunt a hoodie.

    Bob, thanks.

    JoLynne. The rain will stop them........It's difficult to riot and pillage when soaking wet and cold.
    I did lighten and brighten the foreground in the first image. Reality was too depressing.

  8. I like the rainspots. It is what it is! Same with the white cottage - why mess with it, the tilt is part of its charm. Really like your first Candle for Peace image, the second is just too scarey. Even the News from your part of the world is too scarey for me at the moment. Hope you successfully 'capture' the singer!

  9. Pauline, this isn't rain, it's inundation!
    The cottage is plumb, it's the lens so it should be messed with.
    I prefer the second.....it took twice as long.
    End of the month is net....sorry, camera day for the singer.

  10. Some great effects there Adrian. Even though its sometimes not nice to be out in the rain can give a different feel to an image. (I know, wet and bloody cold!...sorry)
    Lets hope it does some good though, and washes the rioting and thieving lowlife down into the sewers where they belong!

  11. Adrian, you should have come south of England...we had a gorgeous day yesterday, full sunshine -i was not wearing a jumper...which is very adventurous and eccentric for me :D
    Then i think that your little cottage could be renamed "Pisa Cottage".
    Finally, well done for the candle, we need peace in this world!!!!
    Keep well and dry (oh by the way, it's raining down here today :(((

  12. Adrian, the images with the candles are so beautiful. They are a prayer in themselves. Where is that white cottage? That's my ideal location!

  13. Trevor, the turmoil, though predictable I find profoundly depressing. Weather I enjoy and appreciate it's ups and downs. The rain will put the fires out.

    Dee Bee, thanks.....I could do with popping my mankini on. That would frighten the strongest looter.

    Lesley, thanks I like the second one......chronologically it was the first. I screwed the paper up to increase texture. Win Some lose sum.
    The cottage is at Bowber Head, next to the buses. a Couple of miles from Kirkby Stephen. Almost on your doorstep.

  14. I like the crumpled up one better. :D I think the texture adds something special to it.

    Yeah, Kirkby Stephen's not too far. We ended up near there on our motorbikes a few years back when heading for Haworth in West Yorkshire! Hubby was navigating. :O)

  15. Lesley, in future you go first. Not too far! next door bar a hill and the A66. You a Hells Angel...Know Zee?

  16. I'm no kind of angel, Adrian! :O) Our bikes were primarily for getting to and from work. The name Zee didn't ring a bell with hubby, but he used to know Jungle and Mouse from the Darlington chapter.