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Sunday 21 August 2011

PARTIED OUT (21/08/11)

I have had a hectic few days…………cooking, furniture moving and last night partying. A grand do it was too. I’m feeling my age today, ninety!

I’ve not been out with the camera so I’ve been playing again. This week I’m having a couple of night just outside Barnard Castle then another two in Kirkby Stephen before repairing to the Tan Hill for a weekend of music beer and lunacy. I shouldn’t have mentioned beer…………..made me feel a touch queasy. Filthy horrible brown liquid it is.

Lomo cameras are cheap plastic Russian film cameras that aficionados load with out of date film and get some very strange cross processed looking images…..they look like these.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASt Patricks church Crooklands.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The Lancaster canal again.

Now I hope you are not eating or feeling delicate………………………………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is as good as I get. I’m polished up and ready to party. It’s obvious that I’ll have to do more than have a haircut, wear new jeans and shirt. The ladies should have been falling over each other to get at me. It’s not that lasses are modest or shy in the North East of England…..difficult to understand maybe but not ‘shrinking violets’. With regret I have concluded that I’ve past my sell by date. If the young lady working the camera had any decency she would have reminded me to suck my tummy in.

We’ll get out for a proper wander tomorrow. Have a good week. Now I have some catching up to do in Blogland.


  1. Well it may not be your photography skills in that last shot, but he's a fine looking specimen. I suspect you still have a long shelf life. ;)

  2. It's not the sell-by date that counts. It's the use by date!

  3. yes, you are a fine specimen! your photos look like paintings to me- stunning!

  4. Hi Adrian...At last we get to see the new jeans lol ; }
    Now that's a good looking fellar you got to model them...,but for goodness sake man unbutton that top button...that's what the ladies like...well here anyway!! show a little skin...lol
    As far a shelf life....you don't expire for 5 minutes after you take your last breath!! : }
    I like scritor senexs comment, that's a good one !!!
    Beer will give you that tummy ..hahaha!!

  5. Hello Adrian :) Good to see you (in new jeans;)) after so long time. I have been almost one month in Turkey and now I want invite you to see new photos :)

  6. Hilary, that's kind. I don't bank on a long shelf life.........I really try to live every day as if it's my last. This morning I wished I could die.

    John, how many times have I wished that I wish I had said that. Thanks.

    Norma, cross processing in film involves developing colour film in transparency solution. It's very hit and miss but now and again works well. Fashion photographers used to use it a lot..............A long time since I've heard fine...........specimen often so thank you.

    Grace........you of little patience they are not yet a week old. Buttons cost money and I wanted to display every last one. Shelf life! Tell that to the forty something Honda Fireblade rider I was trying to charm last night. Beer has done.

    Ula, already had a look and you were not just partying.

  7. I like the shot of the mine Adrian. The Lomo works well on that.
    I like John's comment too lol

    Nice pose. :-)

  8. Beautiful blog. I was upset about the man standing there, he doesn't want something, does he?

  9. The photo results, especially the first, remind me of early Agfacolour, if my remaining grey cell is working properly. Kodak was always very red and I'm sure it was Agfa that emphasised the green.
    Nice to put a face, and torso, to go with the Photoshopping. Brave fella.

  10. Fantastic Adrian... a wonderful post and lovely images...
    You scrub up well my friend... oooh does that sound gay!.....lol Top bloke.

  11. Keith, PS is fun............I rather like the pose....better than the horizontal one I adopted some hours later.

    Bob, don't be upset...........I had a cracking evening.

    John, Yes they reminded me of some film but couldn't recall what it was. I hated Kodachrome and used Fuji Velvia.
    You are the brave ones for looking at me.

    Andrew, no it doesn't sound gay............I need a confidence boost.

  12. Adrian, some stunning images there , with the Lomo effect. The last one (Lancaster canal bridge) is excellent , just like an old master!

    Talking of old masters the Lomo effect on that decrepit old relic in the very last image has worked wonders and made it look quite respectable. lol. [;o)

  13. Nice shots but I just adore this old bridge and its reflection in the water of the canal!
    You should have posted some pics of your party as well :))
    Have a great sunny day today (the rest of the week it's basically going to be pouring...)

  14. Trevor, No amount of processing and cloning will help I fear.

    Dee Bee, it wasn't my party...........though I was one of the prettiest there. I like this effect for a change. Just in from a two hour wander and never took the lens cap off........bother.

  15. You look great, Adrian!
    I'm over the hill too
    but it's rather nice over here.
    I'd have a beer with you anytime!

  16. Laura, you are very kind...........I'd love to but it'll have to wait a day or so as I'm off beer at the moment.

  17. Yes as, I think, you know we have some film camera officianados here on Lewis. Each to his own.

    I see you're in your 'blue' phase. Me too.

  18. Graham, where he gets them developed I can't hazard a guess. I would like to meet him though. Me blue...........not at the moment. I'm up there with the angels.

  19. You look great Adrian, I think those darn ladies are missing out on a great person.

  20. Horst, thanks........they don't.

  21. You're wearing (well !!) a lot more than the females of the north east for a night out !! They are very wearing !!

  22. Jay, I love the Girls round here.....they know how to party.