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Saturday, 4 November 2017


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Komrade Korbyn and his ilk are Socialists. Socialism has never worked and doesn't work today. Look at Venezuela they have the largest maybe second largest oil reserves in the world and folk are starving. Not the leaders, they have become Capitalists and demagogues. Hitler was a Socialist as was Stalin and his one time mentor Lenin. That worked out well for all the tribes in Germany and the USSR. Socialism works for a while but for it to keep on working the human spirit has to be crushed and those that fail re-education exterminated. It's a blame game and too horrible to contemplate. Jeremy is not a bad man, he is a wealthy opportunist who will swear allegiance to Britain whilst doing his best to ruin it by imposing his beliefs. His riposte is that he would impose socialism differently. Pol Pot, Che Guevara and most of the rest including Mao thought the same, they were wrong and for the most part wealthy. Forget envy you of a sinister persuasion. Look at what you can do and not at the wealth of others. Folk can be led whilst hungry but as soon as they have food, are warm, can read and write they will start thinking for themselves. It is human nature. Why do the followers of the Corbyn cult think the result would be different. It wouldn't. He's mad but amusing with it. I used to vote and spent many an entertaining hour at the hustings evaluating the candidates, a floating voter I was. I stopped voting when I found that without exception they would promise the world and deliver nowt. To be honest my selections rarely got the chance.

Locally in Kinross they are building hundreds of nice new houses. They are also building a new middle school. It isn't finished and neither are many of the houses but it is already too small. Who did the planning? Who are they accountable to? The quick fix is to double shift the school, that's what a business would do. It is shut for a third of the year and only works nine till three for five days out of seven when it's open. Imagine a private enterprise trying to finance a factory on that basis. One would be laughed at and ridiculed. Rightly so.

Brexit is unlikely to happen; there are far too many establishment noses in the trough for them to honour a democratic vote. Germany will be ruined again if it does. Where is the logic in having the EU? We have an elected advisory council and the unelected fat cats who actually make the law. 
No, no entiendo, ne comprends pas, verstehe nicht. It is way beyond my comprehension as well. I know we would be better off messing things up as a sovereign state. I do feel sorry for many inhabitants of sub Saharan Africa. Not sorry enough for them to come here and commit murder on a grand scale. They can either behave or be sent back to starve. It's global warming that is causing the exodus from Africa. Germany still generates over 40% of it's electricity with coal. Dirty polluting Germans. This is where our power comes from on a Saturday afternoon.
If anyone is interested then go to British Grid. It is a great big page which is self explanatory. Much easier to understand than the machinations of the EU. For the Greens CCGT is a natural gas powered station. They first use the compressed gas to power a generator then burn the gas to provide super heated steam to drive another very complicated turbine to drive another generator. Pretty nifty bit of kit. Wind is doing well today but is a real eyesore, it only works with wind speeds of between 10 and 50mph. Often it sits being a big rotary wishing wheel, costs a fortune but what the hell it's green.

Why are the Green Party not involved in the sordid sexual scandals whizzing round the other parties? I am reliably informed that they did investigate the matter but without there being a subsidy for rent boys or girls nor even for shagging each other....... They decided it wasn't for them.

Have fun. Work hard. We all have to work to provide a safety net for those less competent or industrious.

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  1. Hi Adrian, I loved your post. Hope you are doing good. The problem is whatever form of government exists in a country, power corrupts and it is very rare that a honest person wants to lead and is also given a chance. It is same in all parts of the world. I don't know much about Brexit but I felt Britain did the right thing in voting yes especially given that they had to follow EU laws. It doesn't sound right. There are several ways to promote united front even in the absence of EU. But unfortunately, your politicians sound like ours, no vision or a plan.