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Monday 15 October 2018


Not much to report I'm afraid.
I have been thinking of going on one of those attention seeking diets. A lass I met is a vegan. I decided to adopt an Iron Age diet of berries, nuts and other stuff lying about; being ecologically sound I have had to pop the Pally whatever she said it's called on hold as despite diligent searching I can't for the life of me find a Woolly Mammoth or even a Sabre Toothed Tiger to tide me through the winter. Air freighting berries seems a bit counter productive. 
Last week one of the hens died peacefully in it's sleep. Here it is alive and well.

It's a shame but both hens are very old and it had a good life here.
I am still in Blender mode and got distracted as usual.
I was messing with ambient lighting and found that if I used a plane emitter with a picture on, it did this. 
You don't have to show the light source as you can simply deselect it from the camera. I've popped a yellow scribble round the bit you uncheck. I can't for the life of me think of a use for it but I found it interesting.
I've got a bit further with the castle gate. Really sharp points on my portcullis, which should impale any slow invaders. Boiling oil should deal with any the spikes don't get.
It wants texturing properly but I'm saving that bit as I enjoy colouring in.
Have a good week.


  1. i think it's nice to find some new things to do with photoshop but that needs so much time !!
    I had the same black Labrador ! such a kind dog !
    wish you a nice week too Adrian

    1. Marty it is. Better than working in the rain.

  2. Sounds like that lass is trying to find your inner cave man Adrian? You'll have to don your loin cloth and start beating your chest!

    I like the look of that reflection trick...can't think of a use for it at the moment though.

    I like the spikey portcullis (and the boiling oil!) but I can detect a flaw in the plan...any attacket with a bit of nouse would simply walk around the side!....[;o)

    1. Trevor, it's far too cold for loin cloths and I'm not quite the right shape.
      It's a French castle, good in parts like the Maginot line.

  3. I could see a plane emitter with picture being used to show reflected sky which is out of 'shot' in water.
    That's a grand entrance design. Now how do we fix it to the House of Commons (or Lords) and remote control it?

    1. John, Yes it would but then so would an HDRO sky world texture. I struggle with HDRIs but will settle down and master them.
      The politicians need piano wire and lamposts. No need for anything hightech to concentrate their minds.

  4. Now that's a proper shed door, Adrian!

    1. Richard, it's not too shabby. That portcullis took ages to do. More accurately it took ages to find a way to do it quickly.