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Saturday 7 November 2020


 I'm playing about with Christmas video ideas. The weather is cold and misty...Horrible. See.

It's most unpleasant.

Whilst developing a node tree I was using a sphere and by happenchance made a sun spot.
John at Midmarsh Jottings took a photo of a real one.

Here is todays effort, as usual it is far from perfect but it moves.

This is the node set up I used. I think it is worth pursuing but I may be wrong.

 The bell is a bit rough and ready and I ought to have marked another seam at it's base as the UV map has gone all anyhow. Not to worry, if I decide to use the idea I can sort that out and make a better bell.

PS. This would be funny were it not so serious. The bloke wants locking up.

That's all for today, enjoy next week.


  1. It is quite noticeable on blogs that a lot of the loud mouths who had nothing much to say about Trump except about his hair and his suntan and couldn't thread many other words together other than that about him as they spat out their bile have all now suddenly shut right up and they are butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. And they are liking to ignore that Biden is stirring up hatred in his tweets because of course Democrats don't do they, only Republicans do that.

    1. The things I like about Trump are.
      He's a patriot.
      He doesn't find it necessary to start wars.
      He spends time uniting Arabs and Israelis.
      He doesn't think a dose of flu important.
      He hasn't been bought.
      The Establishment hate him.
      Most importantly for me he isn't a politician.
      Lefties are with few exceptions pretty nasty folk.

    2. And he isn't an academic who has never done a days work in his life. I placed a lot of importance on number 3.

  2. I like the pop art bell and the way it suddenly swings out at the viewer towards the end.