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Thursday 17 February 2011


I never got round to posting yesterday. I fell among thieves. After four pints it is impossible to edit pictures. The thieves I fell amongst were optimists. Digiscoping birds…………now that is brave.  I know people do it but it must be a nightmare of a job.

We drove up to the Tan Hill Inn, glad I got the new tyres, very slippery were the last five miles, narrow twisty and slidey. I parked up in brilliant sunshine but we were just at the snow line and it doesn’t get much higher round here. Still a gorgeous day, unlike today, it’s foggy………….Back to normal then.

All pictures will enlarge with a click should you so desire.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A couple of stitched panoramas…….the first looking northish the second south west or thereabouts. Shot with a two stop graduated filter and contrast boosted……….virtually the view from the van.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The Tan Hill Inn, this is the highest pub in the UK sitting 1732 feet above sea level.


The important bit……..yes that is my beer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Were it not so remote the landylady and all the staff would have been taken away in straight jackets years ago.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I love this place………….in all weathers but it is better on days like today.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This small Tor lies just in front of the camper and just behind the Inn. It has some interesting graffiti.




As I say, all images will enlarge,  memorials for the most part they suit the place.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        The road to the left goes to the village of Keld in Swaledale. Plenty of snow on the horizon. I’m guessing it’s Round Hill.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        A sprinkling of snow outside our window.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      We walked along the Pennine Way hoping for a sunset to end a smashing day…………it was not to be. Still a day to lift my spirits.

Not much chance of pictures today but time will tell.

All the very best from us.



  1. Magnificent panoramas. I must get myself there sometime.. that looks like a great fire after a walk in that countryside.

  2. Impressive panoramas and of course a blue sky usually helps! :)

  3. You can almost convince me that there are remote parts of England with these photos. Then I realise that with modern transport nowhere in England is remote and even Scotland is much smaller than it used to be.

    Your photos of the Inn completely convince me though that there is no more convivial place in the world to be than in a 'proper' English pub. Wales comes a close second when I think about it!

  4. Ooooo, fantastic pictures Adrian..... all that wide open space. I love it! What is digiscoping?
    Lol at your pint..... I can hardly take photographs after a drink, never mind edit them! I love the warning poster in the inn.... the staff must be a riot. :D

  5. Each of them are photos that you can fall in love with, triumphant !

  6. In top form on top of the world ~ wonderful vistas, and the fireside looks so inviting. I thought 2 pints were your limit ;)

  7. That took a while - I clicked on every one, almost didn't bother with the last one but I think it is the best of the lot having done so. Would love to nick that sign in the pub and put it up at work, that would stir up some of the PC brigade I work with!

  8. Oh what a beautiful landscape, and an enchanting pub. I feel like I've be plunked in the middle of an episode of All Creatures Great and Small.

  9. Jay, it is a wonderful place but difficult to caych in weather that allows appreciation. The pub is fine but not for the faint of heart.

    Monica, it is a panorama place. Blue sky and cloud make it.

    Graham, it's not as remote as it looks, just above the heather in the second picture one can make out a stream of traffic on the A66.
    This pub is unique. It's a serve yourself pub most of the time. Welsh pubs necessitate learning Welsh.

    Leslie thanks. Digi Scoping is attaching a camera to the eyepiece of a telescope. Can see it being a right can of worms. The pub is well worth a visit. You have to be able to tolerate foul language....the Landlady being the prime culprit....And enjoy Folk Music they get some good bands on. You can check out the place on www.tanhillinn.com.

    Bob, it's a place I keep returning to. Thank you.

    Glo, It is a grand if soggy place.....Two pints should be my limit...I'll try harder.

    Pauline, that sign is the polite one. There are many more..........'If Jesus loves you, be aware that the rest of us regard you as a prat.' is one of the more polite if not PC ones.

    Hilary, there are often more animals than humans in the bar, dogs and cats.......sheep, ducks, hens and a goat at one time. More like Noah's Ark.

  10. Adam, sorry missed you, I'm glad you popped by. I'll return the compliment properly later but on a quick look your pictures put mine to shame.

  11. An excellent set Adrian; everyone a cracker. Looks a stunning place to be.

  12. Last time I was up at the Tan Hill Inn it had scaffolding all around it- tended to spoil my photos somewhat....I love yours though Adrian.

  13. Looks as though you have some great views up there. I hope it is warmer than the 3.3C it is here.

  14. These pic's are very beautiful. Love your style!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  15. Keith, I love this place.......so wild but with a warm pub next door. The conversation is stimulating, the preferred language Anglo Saxon. Google the Tan Hill Inn and you will get a polished up version of the place.

    Trevor, been all done for a while. New roof, en suite rooms. Pity they don't have a fog sweeper.

    John, told you it would be clear and sparkling bright. It was but only for about six hours...freezing fog the rest of the time.

    Claudia, thank you, I wish I had a style. Like you I am learning, some bits work and others don't. Your HDR have a unique style and they are good. Your fish were really entertaining.