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Sunday 27 February 2011

I’M a STAR BAR (27/02 /11)

Now I have to start this post by saying there are thousands of pictures………..mucky as I am they are all off birds…..I’ve come of age! Movies age….We are in the Twenty fist century.

As most regular viewers will know I post and shoot the same day. I do it because I love journalism………the pressure and the immediacy of it. it also cover a multitude of other sins…………syntax being one.

I’ve had a video capable camera for a couple of months, had the software for longer but being a numb nut couldn't’ work either.

As my blog is more a diary and a venture into the visual You will have to tolerate or click out………before you do ……………I know, I myself wince at this. It needs voice over………sorry narrative………I am no dumb cluck. It has taken so long to produce this…..even I can differentiate between time and scene line,and I hope sound track and and narrative.  It will have to wait Yesterday I sussed that bit!. …Another horrendous bag of worms……………It’s beyond me! I have the software but not the ability to work it.

Welcome to the Muppet show…….

birds various

…………….there are some lovely birds. This takes hours to do. Believe me I have chopped twenty two minutes to eight minutes and still am far from a happy Muppet. Video is a nightmare. Mine is HD start at the top and work down. Many thanks to Keith at Holding Moments for giving me the courage to exploit the technology and to John at Midmarsh Jottings for his guidance and total understanding. John you did say it’s a steep curve uphill………….bloody vertical would be more apposite.

I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully normal. have a good week and sorry the picture is long.



  1. I enjoyed that Adrian, a grand video for your first excursion. They certainly are messy buggers, with that seed; chucking it everywhere, especially that Nuthatch.

    Curious to know what software you used. I'm toying with the idea of a new camera; Fuji FinePix HS20; out in March. Looks the dogs wotsits. Maybe one day the Canon XL2. :)

  2. Keith, I used Photoshop Premier Elements. Been arsing about for a month. Horrendous it is Powerful software as always from Adobe but C'anard to learn as Del boy said to Rodney. I'm thinking of doing a movie a week. It's a challenge. Camera Olympus E-5 with a 50mm-200mm Zuiko. But I can chuck any lens on it I, purist that I am believe if you can't swap lenses or mount filters they are toys...............better a ten year old Cannon at half a grand than modern user friendly at twice the price. I will have to voice over as the focus motor drowns everything. I know this video is rubbish. Nice birds but crap. Take me a couple of years to sharpen frames, adjust zoom and everything else I paid thirty quid for from Adobe.....What do you use for software?
    PS Ta I knew every bird thanks for your patience.......Siskin was my favourite but only cos it's rare up here. hope it was a Siskin!

  3. That is one of favourites, amazing. Holding or tripod seems to make them better.

  4. You're right, Adrian, the birds are lovely--and messy enough to leave a meal for their larger friends on the ground. It's very pretty video.

    I'll weigh in on video with my limited experience, which consists mostly of reading up on professional blogs and talking to guys who know a lot more than I do. They're all partial to Cannon, which seems to be the accepted leader in DSLR video. (I wrote that for HM.) Having said that, I've gotta say your video is just as pretty as the Cannon stuff I've seen online. As for editing, I know you're a pc man but Apple's imovie is slick. I've never done it on photoshop so I don't know how it compares.

  5. I enjoyed watching that Adrian. Brilliantly sharp pictures, lots of vibrant colour. Pity the internal microphone picks up the zoom motor noise. Maybe use a simple mp3 recorder like the Sony ICD-UX70 to record ambient sounds and add that on to the video. Works OK as long as isn't handled while recording, unless you use an external mic with it. Internal mics in anything end up being a pain.

  6. Bob, tripod......It's a bad habit of mine. Lugging it around is a pain.

    JoLynne, thanks for that, I agree that from what I've read that Cannon appear to be king. I find trimming and cutting mind numbing. I'll get there in the end though it's not a medium I particularly enjoy working in. that will probably change as I speed up and start using all the wonderful filters that are available in Photoshop.

    John, if i settle into it then I will either get a recorder or an external mic for the camera. Probably get the mic anyway. I'm full of admiration for you and Keith. It took hours to produce this and it would benefit from at least the same time being spent again.

  7. Nothing to be ashamed of there. If that's your first attempt, it's a really good one.

  8. Ah. I didn't realise the camera could take an external mic. That is what I need to get for the XL2 as the mounting provided transmits every tiny movement to the mic and the lead is too short to move it.

    It used to take me ages to produce a short video at first. It does get easier as you get into a routine.

    Forgot to say thanks for the link. Thanks for the link.

  9. Yea, it was a Siskin. Lovely little birds Adrian.

    As for software; well my little camera doesn't manage HD, so I used Windows Movie Maker, and then got Serif Movie Plus X3. Cheap, cheerful and dead easy to use.

  10. Jay, it is probably the twentieth attempt.....it's a nightmare of a job. No wonder Tarrantino is barking mad.
    It is the first I've got to this stage.

    John, I daren't think how much Olympus would want for the mike. They are not a cheap supplier. Their's will probably work under the ice cap.

    Keith Ta thought it was........they are wonderful. Mine does SD as well and Photoshop has never been intuitive. I'll get into it. Just takes me a while.