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My passion is creating images but it is a work in progress.
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Sunday 10 April 2011


We were out at six thirty this morning and though a cool start it was promising to be another beautiful day. No sign of Otters. I’m going to have to bribe them with fish. Salmon is cheap enough…..may even be a three for two offer on. We did see the Dipper but I can’t get any closer than before. He sits on top of a waterfall. If I try and approach from downstream it’s away before my wellies are full. Little devil.

Last evening we had a bit of an Al Fresco party, just me ,the dogs and the couple next door………..he’s a fly fisherman……..not one of the peasants who leave line, weights and hooks all over……..a menace they are, to me, the dogs and wildlife. Pond life they are. That’s an insult to still water creatures.

After the sun went down I was back to smoking. It’s driving me nuts, this is the twentieth attempt be honest it can be better………..Is it worth my carrying on?


The candle is real…………..it’s reflection and the smoke are all Photoshop Elements. KATHERINE posted today with a link to some mind blowing digital art. Go to her post and have a look. This is not play time here.

Have a good week. We, that is the dogs and I, are stopping here for a while.


  1. I'd love to catch up with a Dipper again. The last time I saw one, was at Holmfirth, more years ago than I care to remember.
    The candle looks good to me. 20 attempts? You've more patience than me lol

  2. Keith. Dippers are on tap in the fast flowing rivers and streams up here. getting a picture is another matter.
    Why I bother with digital art I don't know. If I compose in high resolution I run out of filter effect, compose in low and it looks crap. This image was originally 6k pixels wide and 8 pixels tall at 300 dpi. big file. Perhaps where I'm going wrong.

  3. It looks pretty good to me. You are patient.. but then again, like with photography itself, patience is not relevant if you're enjoying what you do. And clearly, you do. Good job. :)

  4. Hilary, it is pretty good. Not perfection though. You asked to see how far I had got. Silly girl you are.
    If anyone is interested in a non clouds filter smoke then just ask. There are far better than me out there. How these paragons do it? If I did know I would tell you. Have perfect smoke as well!

  5. Adrian, so what if others are better? Don't you see yourself making progress?
    I find your candle shot intriguing and creative!

  6. The candle is perfection and the wiffs are, let's say PS.

  7. Experimenting with photos is such fun, and it really is amazing what one can do! Where there's smoke there's fire, and of course, you're playing with it again ;) I think it's quite effective :)

  8. Scrappy Grams, It's two steps forward and one back but it is progress.

    Bob, it's just Tomfoolery.

    Glo, I enjoy it.....I just wish I could remember what I did.

  9. First I saw the image....ha ha...so it is PS!....So perfect, mamma mia!
    My compliments, Adrian!

  10. Dalliana, yes it is PS and not a gehtle wind...Ha Ha!