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Thursday 21 April 2011

WE ARE ALL ANY HOW (21/04 /11)

Suddenly noticed that I writes my dates back to front for our colonial cousins in America. No worries your ancestors ditched our tea in Boston.

I usually post every day. I usually post and write about what ‘as took my fancy that day………………I’ve got that far backward and behind hand so everything has gone higgledy piggledy. Don’t worry, I don’t. Remember it is free. I did promise you this so here it is. I am hopeless at video editing. Not ashamed but rubbish and I’ll keep trying. Here are proper lambs between a day old and a week old.

Park Foot Lambs

Park Foot Lambs

Brilliant lambs they are and given a six month they’ll taste good.

See you tomorrow.


  1. So much better than watching tv. A treat to see them enjoying life so much; however short it might be.
    And let's have some more commentary too. ;)

    I think the date thing is correct. It's them wots got it wrong :)

  2. These lambs and kid goats are so much fun to watch when they are young. Great video, mom and pop are very protective also.

  3. Brilliant video, not the man who isn't vegetarian.

  4. It's not often I roar with laughter when looking at the monitor but the dog barking did it. I'd already had a giggle at the little ram lamb with real king of the heap tendancies. And what fun they had with that bale of hay.
    Thank you so much for that, I loved it!

  5. Great Spring video for the start of the Easter weekend....
    Enjoy your Easter Adrian...


  6. Love the lambs! They're delightful. Can't bear to think of their having such a short life.
    About the date- what I find odd about us in USA, we say "the 21st of April," but we write it the way we do. I have no idea why we do it that way.

  7. At least you didn't serve them up with mint sauce ;)

    Delightful display of gamboling lambs seemingly without a care in the world. Certainly seeing their antics brought a smile. And as previously mentioned in a comment, your 'suggestion to the dog to be quiet' was funny.

    Sounds like Keith and you had a great time ~ lovely photos on your previous post as well. How nice that that boat was reconditioned and given a new life. It must have been a joy for you to see, knowing its history.

    Good luck with righting your higgledy piggledy ;)

  8. Keith, There was a bit more commentary I cut it out as it wasn't fit for ladies ears.

    Horst, I can watch them for hours.

    Bob, it's not brilliant but I can see it gets better.

    Pauline, the dog is a noisy little devil. They are fun.

    Trevor, You too and don't peddle too far.

    Norma, it is sad, you have a wonderful easter as well.

    Glo, We are about back to normal. It was a good week.

  9. Reminds me of days of my my childhood holidays spent in Wales. Lots of sheep and lambs there were there. The ones on Lewis are much more serious! I don't live in sheep country here despite the fact that it's a sheep Country.

  10. Graham, it is a superb time of the year.

  11. Nice to see something inspiring that I don't give a lot of time to when I visit the countryside. The "warts and all" video was enjoyable as you battle to suppress outside influences !!

  12. I am just favouring my feminine side.