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Monday 11 July 2011

LORD OF THE FLIES (11/07/11)

The title is borrowed from William Golding………..thank you. The post has nothing to do with a group of boys behaving despicably on an island…………. it has nothing to do with political satire either. The more I consider it the dafter the title is, though I took these images I haven’t a clue what half of them are so it can’t apply to me either. One should know ones subject or ought that to be subjects.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is a black Fly but it isn’t on closer inspection it has red eyes and a grand blue sheen on it’s bum. This one is also covered in pollen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     A Hoverfly of one sort or another.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     I hope this is a Flying Ant……All these images are shot on Cow Parsley so the flower heads are only a few millimetres across. There is a tiny bit of spider web……….I did have a good look but couldn’t locate the spider Just as well………it would just have added more confusion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This is a Hoverfly…………a rapid little mite, Syrphus ribestii. Now if I’m not mistaken it also proves I’m not totally ignorant.

I took many shots today…………..It’s very hit and miss as they move so fast. Good fun though. All images will enlarge….they are not cropped.

An unusual thing happened this morning. A Grey Squirrel was making one hell of a racket. it was a muted Rook sound. Nothing obviously wrong with it as it was scampering about in a tree. Never heard them make any noise before…………it kept it up for five minutes or more odd!

Tomorrow all being well I'm off to see an old burial chamber……..thousands of years old.

Enjoy the weather it’s a grand day here in Derbyshire.


  1. The Cow Parsley is in demand I see. Beautiful images. The squirrel makes that noise when its hungry for love, I think.

  2. I like the fly with the blue bum. Never noticed one like that before.
    The squirrels here make that strange sound. I often think it's a Jay, or something.

  3. Lovely macros
    The grey squirrel chattering is in the mood for love... it really is a surprise the first time you hear them.

  4. Love that last shot. Hated Golding's book.

  5. Many thanks for the squirrel info. I am a bit dumb.

    Bob, it is a good plant to set up in front of.

    Horst, DOF could be better shot at f11 will try to shut down a bit next time.

    Keith, I suspect that it was just the way the light caught it.

    Andrew, I'll keep trying macro from time to time. Ring flash would help but I don't do enough to warrant the £300.00p.

    JoLynne, the last is the best. I can hardly remember reading it. I don't have very positive memories so will give it another read.

  6. Photographing insects is, as you know, one of my photographic joys. I was reasonably satisfied with my efforts. You've set a new standard in my Blogworld. I'm truly impressed. Mind you when it comes to your photography it's not the first time I've said that.

  7. Graham, I as usual am half way to satisfied. The sigma 150mm macro is a fine bit of kit. I wish they would put an extra stop at the narrow end f29 would be good. Then I'd have to get a ring flash and they are mega bucks.

  8. Great stuff Adrian. You're getting good at the macro malarkey.

  9. Batesian mimicry. The last hoverfly. (It's imitating a wasp so it is less likely to be taken by birds). How pleased I am to have this opportunity to share that, because I just learnt it yesterday! It's a lovely shot.

  10. John, better not good. It's hard work, harder than working. Whatever the perceived wisdom. Good gear certainly helps. I look at images in National Geographic and know I'm a rank amateur.

    Katherine, correct........moths and butterflies also do it. What they haven't learnt to do is buzz.

  11. John, I am still learning, f16, f22, and pray they are in the right plane. Live view, I'm undecided I focussed these through the view finder. Some of the best shots are from compacts but they won't print at A3+.