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Tuesday 15 November 2011

I GET CONFUSED (15/11/11)

I get confused, I'm having a wee bit of a problem with government, or possibly lack of it. As regular readers know I’m a staunch supporter of Dithery Dave. The same Dave that says we are all in this together. Perchance it was only Daves he was referring to. I’m an Adrian and can assure you I’m definitely in it Dave, always have been. Only the depth of it varies. Dithery my friend I’m going to drown in it unless you stuff your thumb back in. Start speaking out of your mouth. Despite what you learned in posh schools bums are purely for excrement. 

I fuelled the camper and the generator this morning. £182.17p He took £109.20.1p in excise duty. The bloody fat thief! Has he ever paid for his own fuel? I doubt it. We do!

I then called in at Sainsbury………….Just as I parked I heard inflation has fallen…….It has, by 0.2%.  Can’t say I noticed the difference but thanks for trying.

I was going to have a real anarchist rant but that requires a beer to lubricate the fingers and I’m still on my second laundry cycle. I don’t want to forget my undies. They’ll be away quick sticks and offered to all on E- Bay.

We have hit the village of Ravenglass……….Wow!…. Welcomed like royalty. Well the dogs were….. I am tolerated so am happy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        The tide was in at fourteen hundred hours and it’s sunny. Four  Pochard, two Blackheaded gulls and an Oystercatcher. So no Eiders. I’ll have a good look at low water tomorrow. Hearing them is a ‘Carry On Up The Birding’ experience!*

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          This is a baby Harts Tongue Fern. I include it because it is one and looks precious little like a mature one. I’m getting my own back on the nature books.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This is an Ivy Flower………..and some leaves. If you want the words and music on the last of the flowers then have a look here………….CABINET OF CURIOSITIES.  Phil’s posts are always worth a look. If only because he doesn’t guess. He is a real, proper botanist and a teacher so I find it well worth while to follow his links………..It’s also a good as way as any to pass time till opening time. The observant will have noticed his flower is different. Of course it is he’s on the east coast and I’m on the west………..Ivy isn’t daft.

* They sound just like Frankie Howard.

Have fun, I’m away to retrieve my washing.



  1. We were missing your rants Adrian, but you are absolutely right. I had the same thought this afternoon when i heard on BBCR4 that oil's prices will go up in January and again in July/August!
    Enjoy the sunshine, it seems to free!

  2. I don't think that Dithery has ever actually had to count the cost of anything......When he said "we are all in this together" he was referring to himself and all the other millionaires sitting around the cabinet table..!!


  3. The only way we are all in this together is that if DD goes down we go down too. Somehow I don't think the reverse is a foregone conclusion.

    Frankie Howerd in the Carry On series? Wel;l I've just read the whole Wiki article. I learn something every day. I couldn't recall him in one until I read the article. Old age cometh not alone.

  4. No other country in the world would tolerate the excessive duty on fuel, that this place has.

    Enjoy Ravenglass; and have a few beers for me.

  5. I like your rantings. Well, the photos, absolutely divine, my dear Adrian. LOL.

  6. Ravenglass looks far better than I imagined Adrian. The only Cumrian coastline I have visited is the northern section Maryport to Silloth and I didn't find it that attractive.

    Thanks for the comments on my little 12 minute video. Editing is not easy lol it took me nearly three weeks (and all of this Saturday) until I was happy enough to share it.. I assume Keith does his voiceover as he does his filming using the cameras microphone...
    Enjoy your stay...I hope the good weather keeps up.

  7. I love the fern - I must have hundreds of Hart's Tongue Fern photos - they all look so beautiful.

    I agree that hearing Eiders is wonderful - I'd put it among my top ten birding experiences, along with Loons moaning. I'd love to add a Bitten booming but I've never been that lucky. Good luck at finding the Eiders tonmorrow.

  8. Your rant matches my mood - election in a week and a bit and I'm not sure I can tolerate any more crap. Looking at the water at Ravenglass did me good!

  9. Lovely photos as always.. that coast image is charming.

  10. DeeBee, the sun is free but only because they can't forecast when it will shine and therefore can't tax it.

    Trevor, thanks for clarifying that. It makes me feel much better.

    Graham, he has got to go but unfortunately there is no one who looks any better waiting in the wings.

    Keith, I wonder how long it will be before an English Autumn. I'll get a beer this lunch time.

    Bob, many thanks.

    Andrew, I enjoy the place in winter.

    John, I suspect they are somewhere else. I'll see.

    Pauline it isn't a dramatic coast but it can be wild and desolate.

    Hilary, thanks. I like it here.

  11. Adrian, we're all definitely 'in it' and it only gets deeper! DD and his gang will happily pile more on top and give it a stir and when it looks like they're about to fall in with us they'll make a quick money making (re: TB) first class exit and pass the shovel onto the next bunch! And us? we'll still be swimming upwards against the ever increasing mire!!

    Ravenglass looks a picture in the sunshine. Good luck with the Eiders...[;o)

  12. Trevor, none about first thing but am just off out again. I like Ravenglass. If all else fails there are the steam trains and an owl sanctuary.

  13. Just in case you one day forget yourself.. I'll be keeping an eye on ebay for the auction of all auctions...

  14. Laura, I wouldn't bother they are Morrisons best. A pound a piece.