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Wednesday 16 November 2011

WHAT NO FOG! (16/11/11)

Yet another sunny day at the seaside has been enjoyed by all in the camper. The dogs are soaking wet but happy and tired.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Low water just before lunch time today……this is the river Irt.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The promenade at Ravenglass and Alf. He has always liked pebbles. Here he is in his element as there are extensive mussel beds. He picks a mussel up and carries it about sucking it before chomping it up. His version of Black Magic.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A perfect morning. There are Oystercatchers around in good numbers but that’s about all. It is a bit thin on the bird front. I have plenty on the feeders, even a Wren visiting, it is more interested in trashing my wiper blades, Lord knows why!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The view out into the Irish Sea this afternoon. A beautiful sky which I’ll have another go at. Unusually, for me, this understates the reality. the river flowing from the left is the river Esk and from the right the river Irt.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMe being Arty farty. I should have done a bit of judicious, arty farty gardening before taking this. I think just the one dead Hogweed or whatever it is would have done. I have cloned some away but it would be quicker to tale a sickle to all but the tall one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dogs at dusk…………….wet dogs at dusk.

We called at the pub on the way home but I think I’m about to die from a serious dose of Man Flu. I just had an orange juice so I must be really poorly.

I wasn’t going to mention the unmentionable Dithery Dave today but I feel that credit should be given where it’s deserved. Not content with upsetting the majority of this country, the French and the Germans. He has achieved the impossible. He’s managed to disquiet the Aussies. They are impossible to upset so to disquiet them is a fine accomplishment. He was attempting to imitate the rather pronounced Antipodean  enunciation of their esteemed Prime Ministeress Miss Gillard…….. You should be throwing your cloak down in puddles Dave not calling her a Sheila……She’s a Sheila with loads of shillings. The man is an idiot. A quick grope and they would be bosom pals for life and we would be out of the midden.

Have fun, it looks as if it may rain tomorrow.


  1. That place looks like it should be crammed with birds.
    Love the last shot of the dogs Adrian. They look as though they're having a great time.

  2. Lovely light in the last few.. and those wet dogs at dusk are doggone adorable. Hope you're feeling better soon, Adrian.

  3. Hi Adrian, thank you very much -) I like your tirth foto too in this post, it's very nice and remaind me to the group of painter "macchiaioli" very very nice and full of sensibility

  4. Keith, it can be really good, getting close is the problem. I come here to look and listen. There are Curlew, Gulls, Lapwing, Dunlin and Redshank usually...........Plus geese. Not even any geese at the moment. It's too mild. The birds are singing and today I saw Great Tits squabbling over territory and a Sparrow carrying moss for a nest. Weird is this weather.

    Hilary, they are little devils but entertain each other......I'll be fine just a bit of a cold.

  5. Laura, it's good to see you back. The photo is only okay I'll shoot the dead flower head properly and position it where I like in that sky. I shoot and post straight away but to do it properly needs criticism and editors. Thanks and stick around with your impressionist eyes.

  6. No birds and off the beer! Oh dear Adrian, I hope things improve for you soon. Ah well, at least the dogs seem to be enjoying themselves.

    Nice skies though!!...[;o)

  7. B--------------------eautiful photos. They are the best. Sorry about the manflu.

  8. I have given up watching the BBC 24hr Speculation Channel and rarely listen to the news these days so don't have to hear DD and his cronies trying to outdo the weathermen in the number of lies to be fitted in 3 minutes.
    I am a lot more relaxed for it.
    For extra relaxation I can recommend the internet radio station Pumpkin.FM British Comedy channel.

    The dead Hogweed looks fine as it is. A lone one would have looked too artificial

  9. No definitely not - I like the hogweed you were right not to chop it down! Hasn't the weather just been amazing. Your photos have captured the wonderful light

  10. Love these skies...and the wet muddy dogs! They seem to enjoy their seaside promenade!

  11. Horst, many thanks.

    Trevor, I'm in a bad way. There are birds but not the ones I'm looking for. I enjoyed the light yesterday.

    Bob, Thanks......a cold is an awful affliction.

    John, I get radio4 and a paper. I will have a listen to Pumpkin, thanks. It seems i'm in a majority of one as far as the Hogweed is concerned.

    Annie, it certainly is wonderful weather. How long it will last I'm not sure.

    DeeBee, it is beautiful here. The dogs love the sea.

  12. The last photo is so peaceful; with warming dusk lighting on calm water. The dogs emphasize this mood.

    A winner!

  13. Daniel, it was a lovely evening. It's a restful place.

  14. Man Flue - that's serious. Loads of vitamin C and an early night, I reckon.

  15. John, it is an affliction grossly trivialised by half the population.
    I think I'm getting better............Thanks.

  16. Well the fact that I've come from the future and know you've survived the Manflu helps and sympathy would be wasted.

    Actually I think that you have it right with the amount of dead Hogweed. One sticking up in the middle would I think look a bit, well, silly actually.

  17. Graham, Silly?............perhaps you are right.

  18. I love the vastness, emptiness & yet interesting detail of some of these images.

  19. Jay, I love open spaces. I can just sit and dream in them.