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Monday 28 November 2011

ODD FOLK! (28/11/11)


We’ve enjoyed another circular wander this morning. This will not be a two post day. It easily could be but the forecast for tomorrow is awful. I’ll keep you in suspenders for my take on Chirk Castle.

I left with the dogs in tow or with me in tow of the dogs would be a more accurate depiction of our strolls.

I’ve taken to setting off around seven thirty as it is just about light enough to see what I’m treading in and walking on. We were around an hour out from the van when I noticed these lights in the forest.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       I followed them………..had to……….couldn’t resist! I must have been a moth in a previous incarnation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        This notice answered the questions rattling around in my head…………the lights are to save birders getting lost.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          An excellent service………..considering The National Trust, who own this woodland, I accused only forty eight hours ago of being a bit careful over their expenditure on gates.

Look what I found at the end of the lights…………………………………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          This is Santa without his clothes off!………….

Disgusting it is!…… He did not want his picture taken but I can’t understand Lapp or whatever language he attempted to communicate in. After I threatened to tread on an Elf he relented and posed.

He is expecting lots of school children so had to dash and get dressed. He suggested I pop back in an hour to see him in his finery. I was tempted………….Where there are school children there are, in my experience, several ‘Pleeese Misses’ and these days ‘Assistant Pleeese Misses’.  It's much cheaper to catch them at work rather than in the pub. I can give them the benefit of my wit and repartee without there being any danger of my having to buy them a drink.

That’s the censored bit over………..almost.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This is a dead sheep but the first I’ve seen that has survived this intact. It looks like those things that they dig up in Irish peat bogs. The skin is as hard as nails. No smell, it’s almost mummified.  It could be a young deer but it tasted of mutton………just jesting! These are usually picked clean within a week or so by foxes, crows and buzzards. So, for me, another odd thing to find.

Odd folk find odd things.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Interesting to imagine you as a moth!! :))That would be a good disguise for Mardi-Gras!!! :))) A bit disappointed you didn't show us Father Christmas though ...I don't know about you up there but we had the first morning frost and it was just beautiful at 7am, took my "champagne-retriever" for a walk and he just adored jumping and playing on the crackling grass!

  2. HI Adrian...You are the one who said it" odd folk find odd things"...I'll remember that lol!!

    Father Christmas huh...I don't know how you can find all these things...your adventures need to be in a book .. "Short Stories Queried by Adrian" !!lol
    This is a great post
    would have been a great one for Halloween to ; } ..."if you go down in the woods today your in for a big surprise"..."you go down in the woods today you better go in disguse".... lol


  3. Maybe Santa should leave the lights off until he's all dressed and ready for business. ;) Hope it wasn't Rudolph's carcass!

  4. Hi Adrian I visited that little cabin just a few months ago...
    It is a bird hide and was paid for by Cadburys.
    There was a paper trail down the path and bat images in the trees... again for a planned trip for kids.
    They do a good job at Chirk.

  5. Well, you have done it, the lights from the undergrowth, pixies? Great pictures anyway.

  6. DeeBee, I have the attention span of a moth. Could and damp up here.
    That is a picture of one of Santa's helpers.

    Grace, I suspect if anyone went wandering around they would find peculiar things. I just write gibberish round the pictures.

    Glo, I'm reliably assured that Rudolph is fine and ready to roll in a week or so.

    Andrew, I think you may be mistaken....the sign says Father Christmas's Cabin.

    Bob, It was a little confusing for a while.

  7. Well, you found some interesting things on this walk! I'd say Santa's costume must have shrunk in the washing or else it must be super elastic... if that is what he is holding in his hand ;)
    I was scared of Santa as a child, he had a terrible face mask. I think he looks better in blue and without the beard!