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Thursday 9 May 2019


No videos today, I am still trying to produce a clock in Blender and FreeCAD. I have had yet more setbacks. This morning I had a wonderful stroke of luck or fortuitous happenstance.
I found this drawing and it is just what I need. Unfortunately when I tried to use the construction lines FreeCAD kept crashing. I ended up guessing A LOT. and got this far.
I have not tried to animate it in Rigid Body Physics as I really didn't like it. I thought of tracing the drawing image in FreeCAD but was loathe to go to all the work of scaling it in Photoshop first. FreeCAD determines size by pixel count and having tried this before I end up with a really horrible fraction as a converter. Rounding it up doesn't produce anything much better than the above.
I then decide I had nothing to lose so imported the sketch into FreeCAD and what a beauty it is, it is full size so scales perfectly. Not often the Devil looks after his own.
I will start this again but the white lines are my tracing and you can see the 15mm Radius is a perfect match for the radius on the drawing. If this works I will credit Constantin whatever he's called for drawing it at 1:1 and scanning it at the same scale. It is available HERE.
This is much harder than I thought and I haven't got as far as the physics bit.


  1. The bog is suitably mindled, Adrian!

    1. Richard, had I thought for a moment that it would get this involved then I would have stuck to snapping a few landscapes. One problem is diving about in different software programmes as the navigation is always different. I did this yesterday morning and then went off ferrying my sister about. This morning I re-did the clockface which again took a while. The new face will do at a pinch.