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Thursday 16 May 2019


At about silly o'clock I decide to have another look at the clock. I found that importing Stl. files into Blender has limitations. Stl. files are triangulated and not quads. they even have NGONS what they oughtened to do. See this is one of the very end of thirty teeth. Okay I removed double vertices but Shirley she can't be responsible. Should remove this but not for thirty teeth. Can't be arsed, let Shirley do it.

It causes a massive problem for rigid body physics. If I generate a perfect gear profile which this tooth is then moving the vertex down to triangulate the mesh doesn't solve the problem. I wish I understood the maths better. Rigid body physics in Blender does not like blank spaces. It wants loads of horizontal lines and then it performs. It also seems to require  sensible thickness to diameter ratio. Pain in the arse it is. It is sortable but no point in worrying till the basics are sorted.

Not a massive headache Just loads of things to sort. I prefer getting the basic thing done in FreeCad and then the rest in Blender. Does anyone know how to find the centre of a hole in Blender? Better still align two or three body holes to an axis.
I could start reading FreeCad forums but then I would be special needs or at least close to the spectrumius. I probably am but no worries. Just realized that clock teeth are  Cycloid and not involute. Makes no difference to the computer.
Have fun Vote Brexit. Farage is a bit of a tosser but the alternatives in England seem far worse. If you are a globalist then feel free to ignore my recommendation. I just like being English.


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    1. Richard, I will have one more go. It is fascinating me.

  2. The physics problems are all above my pay grade. All I remember is fulcrums and levers from the first week, and something about ergs and ohms. The subject didn't pique my interest, don't you know.

    I wonder whether the English like your being English. I thought you were Scottish. Not the same thing. Not the same thing at all.

    1. Bob, I'm English. I live in Scotland and the natives tolerate me....Most of them.

  3. Yeah....what you said!....[;o(