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Friday 17 May 2019


Well I can turn back time but have yet to work out how to make the gears run clockwise. I have spent an inordinate amount of time getting the job cracked to this stage. On the plus side I can now model involute gears in a few minutes. Any pedants who suggest that clock teeth are cycloidal can bugger right off. I also get distracted by images of Cher popping into my mind. I used to fancy Uma Thurman and still do but Cher's curly black tresses give her the edge in the fantasy stakes. Proper totty they are.
I love mastering something new. I tried everything to get these gears to work and what it came down to was me being thick. The virtual drive needed more oomph and the axis of the two gears sets had to be calculated and aligned accurately. The next step is to get rid of the virtual drive and replace it with a weight driven escapement and pendulum. The running backwards will be a minor setting I've got arse about face. I hope.
Here is where the power is, never noticed this little tinker before but not to worry I've learn't lots of stuff through missing it. This is a proper job or almost.

Have a great weekend. I'm horsing tomorrow lots of young folk doing gymnastic things on horses so if I can get my anti-perv ticket renewed then I'll post some images. If I don't then dream on.
Have fun.


  1. Looks good. Coming along well Adrian. I'm sure I would have given up ages ago. I don't know how you get things to rotate in Blender but would have expected a simple choice of clockwise or anti-clockwise. Is it a choice of degrees / second with a +ve or -ve value?

    1. John, I would have thought you just popped a negative number into the angular rotation speed. It will only do positive numbers. This is a beta version but I don't want to go back to the old Blender as 2.80 is so much easier to use. I haven't updated for several weeks so will try the latest version then get onto the chap responsible.
      I think I've learnt all I can from this project so will think of something else to do.

  2. I don't understand a word except the sentence "I love mastering something new." There I agree with you! (I like learning; just different things...)

  3. About the running backwards, instead of "flipping it upside-down" as you say, is it possible to flip it horizontally, that is, left to right? By which I mean put the slow gear on the left and the faster one on the right. Wouldn't that make things go in the direction you want? I'm just guessing here. Or maybe George Orwell's world has finally arrived:

    War is Peace
    Ignorance is Knowledge
    Backwards Is Forwards

    1. Bob, no because as it looks like four gears two are fixed together as a compound gear. The problem is a software one as this is still in Beta. Today's version seems to be worse.

  4. Mightily impressive, Adrian! I'm looking forward to seeing how you manage to control the speed when you add the escapement mechanism!

    1. Richard, I'll fake it. The pendulum and escapement will not be connected to this movement. A clock running in real time would be tedious even by my standards. A pendulum running fast would just be silly.
      Blender has thrown a real wobbly, I got the latest version and nothing in curves seems to be as it should. I have reported the lack of reverse.