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Wednesday, 28 July 2010



We are a half hours walk outside Barnard Castle and a very photogenic town it appeared when we drove through. Many thanks to Phil at CABINET OF CURIOSITIES who has kindly given me enough suggestions to keep me amused for a month.

The site about two miles outside the town is fine, we are parked under a spreading Chestnut tree……………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Alright the Chestnut is an Oak but it should still suck up enough water to allow us out without resort to the tow rope.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Molly and Alfie seem content with their new environment. Now look at this, having inherited a dog I have had to find a means of tethering him……………………Here is the result……………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A shock absorbed dog tether………………………And……………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       It’s anchor. The hardware very kindly supplied by Alfie’s mum. The rope and the splicing by me. One good splice, one bad but not to worry the dog won’t notice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Here he is supervising his new constraints construction…………Lord of all he surveys!

Tomorrow I promise a proper outing and hopefully some good pictures. Today I feel inordinately tired but I am getting back to normal.

All the best.

*To get spliced in the UK is slang for marriage. Not a mistake I intend to make again……..Don’t know though, spotted a nubile lass this morning…….If that’s what it takes!!!…………. To quote Rod Stewart.

‘Next time I’ll find a girl I really hate and give her a house’.



  1. Well, the dogs look very happy with their new lodging place.

    Had to laugh at your last line. I know just what you mean mate. lol

  2. Oh dear - now you've got two pooches to bathe and keep all shipshape and Bristol fashion. I keep meaning to get one of those oversized corkscrews to tether Bobby. Beats standing with one foot on the end of the lead.

  3. Keith happy wherever they are.

    John £2.75 from Pets at Home I believe she said.

  4. You pamper them, but they deserve it.

  5. 'Barney's' a lovely place Adrian. Have a look in at the Castle Cafe. It's not luxurious, but they make the best cheese & onion toasties I've ever had. :) And the service is friendly.

    Spliced by jings... that brings back memories. A boyfriend from days of yore asked me to get spliced. We never did make it because I was too much a handfull for him. :O)

  6. Hope the tether works for you. My goats pull those stakes right out, but your pooch looks a mite smaller.

  7. Bob, they regard the truck as theirs, me merely as a source of food and walks.

    Lesley, nice to see a new face, thank you for the tip. I can see us being here longer than anticipated.
    Happy memories I hope.....Small hands had he?

    Jolynne, in my experience goats would soon learn to unscrew them. Little devils are goats.

  8. Everything looks ship-shape Adrian...even the crew members look relaxed.

  9. Trevor so they should be I feel like a visitor in my own truck. ship shape not quite yet after two months ashore but getting there.

  10. Had to laugh at that comment Adrian. I had a marriage like that first part lol

  11. It's good to have you back and be back myself.

  12. Keith, nothing wrong with marriage it's the ones we choose to marry. In my case I have to say mine was quite well adjusted till she lived with me.

    GB, takes some getting into again. Folk think writing rubbish is easy!