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Friday, 30 July 2010


There seems to be a misconception lurking out there in cyber space. HDR doesn’t have to be anything other than reflecting the truth. Cameras don’t reflect the world as our eyes see it. I swap a lens, put on a filter, or digitally process. At the end of the day what is on the wall is what counts. Relax it is not real life anymore than a flag flapping on the moon was. Yes I do believe they went but our ex colonial brethren do have a tendency to ‘Gild the Lilly’. Quite right too………Most of the time.

Here are a series of shots taken today in Deepdale Wood.


P7305468_7_6_5_4_tonemapped_edited-1    HDR a natural look.

P7305468_7_6_5_4_tonemapped3_edited-1   Less natural.

P7305468_7_6_5_4_tonemapped2_edited-1   Surreal… Horses for courses. You can if you want play with colour channels in Photoshop to boost contrast even higher. Relax they are images.

First thing this morning the roles were reversed the sheep took us for a walk………………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sheep dogs are sheep dogs and Terriers are……………..Well. Ratters. Horses for courses yet again.

You can probably see where this is leading…….Blowed if I can!…..We are next door to an Equestrian centre. Posh word. didn’t have to look it up as I sussed it has something to do with horses…………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Fields full of them gave me a clue……………………..Now, even though we walked for a couple of hours, I have nothing to share. I’ll finish on an Arrgh! picture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Mother and child. Love the mum. She has the look of complete fulfilment.

See you tomorrow. Every success with whatever takes your fancy.



  1. The Eques.....(I can't tell) Horses Centre was a great treat, and mum and child was extra great. The sheep are sending you (and doggies) to the horses. I wonder, do they know something that no ones thought about?

  2. Bob they probably do, animals are peaceful and relaxing things to be around.

  3. The foal does have that Awwwww factor lol

    Enjoy your weekend Adrian.

  4. Horses for courses as far as HDR goes. You could say it is the artistic side of digital photography. There are times when the software in the camera doesn't do justice to the subject. I find the 50D results are sometimes slightly on the dull side so a tweak in PaintShop Pro brings them up to scratch.

    Who can say which is the correct result. I discovered some time ago that my eyes see slight differences in colour intensity. Added to all that will be the differences in they way various monitors show the colours. I guess reality is hard to find these days.

  5. Your very first pic I like the most!...and the last! Both so natural:) Don't understand the hype about HDR, but then I don't like things unnaturally glossy or saturated. Have a great weekend!

  6. Well, Adrian, you know my views on HDR. It can be good for tweaking and produce very pleasing art. Providing photos are photos are photos and art is art. If you see what I mean.

  7. Adrian, I've never commented on your work before, because I wasn't sure I could, but I wanted to tell you that I think your photos are great. I also love Molly and Alfie -- they are adorable! I also wanted to say how sorry we were to hear about your brother. Take care, and enjoy your dogs -- and travels.
    Canadian Chickadee

  8. Keith, always when struggling for content drop in a young animal.

    John, I like playing. Oly is the same as 50D regarding saturation I used to set white balance to cloudy on sunny days shade on cloudy days. Now I shoot in RAW and give the vibrance and clarity sliders a good shove to the right. Nothing to be done about our eyes. Monitors, if one spends enough can be calibrated and printer papers can be colour profiled. On it goes.

    Jeanette, very good to see a new contributor. Welcome to my somewhat crazy world. If you compare the first and second images then in the first both shadows and highlights are clipped. In the second there is a vast improvement. Digital sensors along with transparency film don't have the range our eyes have. So I'm endeavouring to increase reality. Really I just like mucking about!!

    GB, good to see you back, gardening was forsaken for blogging I see. I can see my offerings have little to contribute to good art. Then I am not an artist....Maybe I am....I have piss in front of artist the real ones have RA after theirs.

    Canadian Chickadee, Many thanks for your comment. Keep them coming. You weren't sure you could? Well this is fine but feel free to reflect on either the good or the bad. It's only fun. Negative or positive, comments are always welcome, even abusive if they are amusing!

  9. Every time you take a photograph you try and compose it in such a way as to be pleasing to the eye. Using soft-boxes, fish-eye lenses, polarisers, moving a subject so that it's in the optimum position for the shot. All these are forms of image manipulation that detract from it's "natural" state. But all necessary in order to produce photographs that are pleasing to the eye.

    Surely post processing is exactly the same. In the days when people developed their own film they would dodge, burn, saturate etc. as we now do in Photoshop.

    HDR is just another tool to process nice looking pictures with some, to me at least, very pleasant results.

    Lets not forget that if you shoot in JPG then your camera has already sharpened your image and added the amount of saturation, contrast etc that it thinks your picture needed. It's all processing, you just don't control it yourself.

    Look forward to seeing more HDR images Adrian, and more non HDR. A nice image is a nice image, and you've taken plenty of them. Have a great weekend.

  10. Ta for that, we only try and keep on trying.'Very Trying'. It is satisfying, though rarely to pull a good print off ones labours. Failure is costly. Every now and again I have a go. Digital is here to stay and offers so much in entertainment alone it is well worth embracing. Jpeg is for dummies or maybe RAW is the latter gives at least two bites at the cherry. Just enjoy!