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Thursday, 22 July 2010

HEY! HO! AWAY WE GO (22/07/10)

Today was MOT day for the truck I drove it down to the test station. I sat for a while, I smoked for a while, I listened to them running the engine onto it’s governor for a while( six times, that’s the law), had palpitations for a while, went to the loo and then thought beggar it. I’ll go to ASDA next door. Bought new bedding and a pair of trousers……………Think positive when stressed, though retail therapy is not my favourite escape it did the job this time.

For those interested the total cost was £100.00p for yesterdays service and £45.00p for the test.


The tester said never in the history of Christendom had he tested a truck in better condition or more ‘Sparkling Bright’…………..Slight exaggeration maybe……But we are on the road and legal for another year.

It’s grey overcast and ‘orrid here so will treat you to some archive pictures……………..From Whitby Museum.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             This is a Hand of Glory…………In the sixteenth century they were prepared from the hand of a hung miscreant. Candles were prepared from his fat. The complete kit was then sold to his fellow malefactors who upon entering a property would place the hand on a window ledge stick in a candle between it’s fingers and light it. They believed that whilst the candle was lit it kept the house’s occupants asleep and them free from detection. Some hope!


This is a model of a French Man’O’War. it was made out of bone left over from the rations of prisoners taken during the Napoleonic wars. they built these to an extraordinary standard and then sold them to supplement their, presumably, subsistence diet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               Not easy taking pictures on the sly through glass but I really like this. A chess board made of bone, Ammonites and Jet. subtle but fantastic.

I’ll leave you today with an image of a kindred spirit. No two people could be more different but we rubbed along.


A happy chappy was my brother Richard and generous to a fault.

Tomorrow we are off back to Derbyshire, my home, more exactly my youngest brothers home, for the weekend, enjoy yours, I will.


  1. Always a great relief when the transport gets through it's yearly ritual.
    I remember the hand and the shrunken heads at Whitby but don't remember ever seeing the chessboard. Mind you, there is so much crammed in such a small space it was hard to see everything at the same time as supervising 30+ 11yr olds!

  2. I wish you well for the weekend.

    The boat is amazing and beautiful. I have always admired people who could create such things.

  3. John it is the most amazing place. I have never have been so impressed by a museum, despite the cost (£3.50p) I will go back.

    GB many thanks, it is one of several worth a look when you are in this hemisphere and on this side of the water.

  4. Good weekend Adrian, and remember the truck, she is good for another year.

  5. Bob I know, I know. Always a stressful time for a Yorkshireman is the thought of expenditure.

  6. I have this thing about faces - love a great face and your brother's was indeed a great face! The laughter lines around the eyes! Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  7. Congrats on the pass Adrian. Another clear year. :)

    That hand is pretty gruesome lol

  8. Well we did`nt get chance of an MOT (Not Due) we just got our car wrecked by a DRUNK DRIVER, we managed to get oaway with a few bumps and scrapes.
    Don`t you just hate Drunk Drivers.

    Good to see you back Adrian, I hope all is as OK as one would expect my friend.


  9. I love the portrait of your brother; also I'm fascinated by that grisly hand. It was supposed to keep people asleep? I hope it doesn't keep me awake thinking about it.

  10. Pauline , thank you.

    Keith, yes a relief. Criminals are not generally the brightest folk. It is pretty grim.

    Heiko, glad you escaped relatively intact.

    Jolynne, Thanks, I hope you slept, it is a long dead hand.

  11. Nice post Adrian. Glad you are still on the road. Like the hand, but it would keep me awake too! A happy natural shot of your brother. Lovely.

  12. Angie, the hand keeps you asleep!! I didn't take the shot of my brother just got rid of pond life and banged it through interpolation software. Sums him up.thanks.