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Friday, 4 December 2009


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                 We arrived at Stithians Reservoir yesterday, it lies between Falmouth and Redruth. The weather was cold but sunny so we went for a look around. Not for long, hail and driving rain drove us back to the Golden Lion, a hostelry in whose grounds we are parked.

Went out this morning, found a hide overlooking a corner of the reservoir, opened up the portholes, or whatever we birders are supposed to call them and in the mist actually found some birds. As usual with my ornithological images some could be a touch sharper.

Now half of what I saw I couldn't identify, I've numbered them and assistance would be much appreciated. I have named some with a fifty percent chance that they are titled incorrectly.

   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Hide opened up we are ready for some serious action.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Not a lot going on, also a touch nippy, hardy lot are birders, a slot meter and some heating wouldn't go amiss.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Male Tufted Ducks, right, we're away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Black-headed Gull.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        (1) A Duck. A very handsome duck.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         (2) Whatever it is it wouldn't stop still.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         (2) another shot of whatever.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Female and Male Tufted Ducks.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Female House Sparrow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Robin, he was about for a couple of hours posing, vain little devil! For his cooperation here he is again.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        (3) Don't know, some sort of diver, only small about half the size of a Tufted Duck. Always assuming they are Tufted Duck.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Suspect this is another one.

We also saw a wee bird similar markings to a Pied Wagtail but half the size, a Grey Heron, and a Wren.

An enjoyable if confusing couple of hours. Damp and cold but it got us out. Any help with identification will be most gratefully received.


  1. I am pleased you managed to find some birds to photograph at last. My thoughts on your numbers:

    1. Male Teal
    2. Long Tailed Tits (They don't stay still for long do they)
    3. Possibly a Female Wigeon

    I think your female sparrow is probably a Dunnock. Beak is too thin for a sparrow.

    IDs for 1 and 3 are from my trusty copy of Collins Complete Guide to British Birds - beautifully illustrated with large photos, paperback and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

  2. Great shots Adrian..especially like the Robin.
    I suspect they are Wigeon, Long-tailed Tit, Dunnock and Little Grebe.

  3. The handsome duck look likes a Teal to me. Whatever: are Long Tailed Tits; H Sparrow looks like a Dunnock. Great set of images.

  4. On second look the duck is definitely a Teal.

  5. These are really good Adrian. You're taking to this area of photography like a duck to water.

    Some ID's to fill the gaps
    #1 Teal
    #2 Long Tailed Tit
    The 'female House Sparrow' is a Dunnock
    #3 Little Grebe

    The second Long Tailed Tit, second Robin, and first Little Grebe all excellent; great poses and sharp as you want.
    Have a pint on me :)

  6. Beautiful shots.Love the bird shots and its such a beautiful place, i'm sure you had a great time.

  7. John thanks I have the Collins bird book but you have to have a shot from a similar angle. I prefer the nature books with coloured drawings but they all seem to come at a price.
    Trevor thanks, Thought the Robin was going to end up in the hide, brave and cooperative little things.
    Angie, LTT's are tiny things that flit about continuously, need a shot of avian RAID to quieten them, lovely birds though.
    JPT, yes it is, thanks.
    Keith, thanks will put another couple of layers on next time, play some more with aperture and speed, these are my best yet. They say the more one practises the luckier one gets. Thanks.
    Sishir, glad you enjoyed them, a very cold time, but that's life.

  8. I see you've already had them identified. I've never managed to get decent photos of Little Grebe - they're usually very shy.

  9. John, after messing with Long Tailed Tits. Little Grebe, they were easy peasy. How these birders do it baffles me. Fun though!

  10. No point in me giving names I have a book on birds in Egypt and I have a problem with that. I knew the little chappess was not a sparrow. just looking at its beak. not forgetting I have a roof full of the little chaps and chappesses.
    but these are great shots well done.
    are you tempted to catch one of those ducks for the slow cooker if so wait until you find a mallard.

  11. Fantastic bird captures, Adrian! My bird identification rule goes like this...

    If it's smaller than a robin (ours are bigger than what you've shown here) it's a Dickie Bird.

    If it's bigger than a robin I can't usually identify it but if not, then it is a known as NOT a Dickie Bird. lol

    Highly technical you see...

  12. Penny, I follow a few bird blogs in a vain attempt to learn what it is I see. Little Brown Job, or Big Whiteish Blighter doesn't seem to be precise enough.

  13. LOL... big whiteish blighter... haha! Yep, that's about the speed of my bird ident as well. I just look and say preeettttty! ;o)