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Saturday, 5 December 2009




Moved up here this morning to take a look at Padstow and the Camel estuary. OK a mile or two away but a bus once an hour, We are staying at Old Macdonald's Farm. Soft as a brush, I know! It gets worse.

On the way called at Morrison's to stock up on essentials, the Saturday paper, air freshener, and also a slow cooker. A sort of impulse purchase.

PC050007      Twenty one pounds, brilliant. No more will I come in to chopping salad but to a warming stew. After an hour it was finally denuded of shrink wrap, foam and cardboard. No, I haven't cut my finger. Unusually I read the instructions, use cheap cuts of meat. Right, where are you bovine. knife and cleaver are ready.

PC050008    Never find a cow when you want one. So settled for a pile of vegetables and a pack of sausage.


PC050011   Stuffed them in and switched it on.

PC050009      And it works...............Nine hours it takes to work!!! Nine hours, that's slow, really slow.....Man of little brain, yes big and shiny, cheap, energy efficient? The cruncher, it holds four and a half litres. Half a gallon of stew. What am I supposed to do? Start a soup kitchen? Mind you by the time it's finished performing I'll be ready for my share.

As you may have gathered the weather is less than what may be described as pleasant but, regardless, tomorrow we will be out. Brace yourselves for more grey pictures.

Meanwhile I'll sit here and slowly starve whilst the cooker slowly cooks.

All the best and many thanks for your help yesterday with the birds. You can see from today's purchase..... I need help!


  1. Hi Adrian, should it be 5/12/09.

  2. Bob It should, if you want, I'm trying to be with it, make things posher than what they are. Will from henceforth use ISO dating system, I'll look it up and conform. No use paying for something you don't use! Your weather crap as well?

  3. Hi Adrian. I trust it will be a case of 'It looks good, it tastes good, and by golly, it does you good.' Apologies to Bernard Miles. Useful when you do get a fine day and can come back to a ready cooked meal.

    BTW if you made too much I have here a hairy monster who says he will happily lick you plate clean.

  4. Don't fancy the sausages much...

  5. John. can't keep her eyes off it. From intruder to bast friend in a few hours. thanks for your help yesterday.

  6. jpt, neither did I, been lurking in the freezer for months. be OK dog can have them I'll have the veg;

  7. Brilliant now you are cooking on gas. well lecy.
    these slow cookers are just the job for those of us cooking for one person. I have one and its great' but the bangers no such thing here especially pork and they have made it even harder to get any pork by culling all the pigs. swine flue scare. now they have a big smelly problem in cairo its becoming a health hazard.
    more people are dying here after killing the poor little porkers than the chicken and bird flu put together. So pork sausages are off the menu I am afraid.

  8. That all looked very nice, till I spotted the mushrooms.

  9. I believe it cooks more speedily if you ensure the veg and meat are covered by the liquid. (I read my instruction book once as well!)

  10. Tony, been thinking of a cooker for a week or so, like a magpie was attracted by it's being big and shiny.
    Keith, you don't have to put mushrooms in works with anything it appears.
    John, thanks, I'll get there in the end I'm just a little slow....Like the cooker.

  11. I had a giggle reading this post,men are supposed to be the best cooks,according to the amount of them you see on the television,certainly inventive,if nothing else.
    When you do find your cow and cut it in nice cubes,try this------
    brown the meat,put into slow cooker
    fry a couple of red onions,add to meat
    add any veg you want
    add a cup of dark stout and enough water to cover ingredients,plus stock cube,salt and black pepper
    when cooked thicken liquid with a little corn flour
    enjoy !!

  12. Give that a whirl Thank you.

  13. Here we are on opposite sides of the world and we have the same slow cooker! I wouldn't be without it here in NZ because it's fantastic for some of the family dishes. If I'm out all day the meal's cooking whilst I'm out. Then, as dinner can be a moveable feast getting seven together at one time, it's great for keeping the meal hot until everyone arrives. Never done sausages in it though.

    Just can't believe that the WV is FARTMEN

  14. Mine works fine, I just didn't realise it was so big.